[Resource] [Community] The Players Handbook on Acronym's in SWGOH

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Welcome again Holo Table Heroes!

We took a short end of spring break, as players were heavily engaged in a certain blue mastermind... and to get back into the swing of the Academy , lets dive into the most honored of military traditions the ACRONYM!

Have you ever wondered what exactly a TFO is? Or who NRAJ is? We here at the the academy realize that we use a lot of these TLDR descriptions ;) and we need YOUR help to crowd source the definitive handbook!

From Now until next Thursday the 29th, be the first to post the term (no more than 2 per day per player!) , so everyone can get in on the fun. we will then turn the top post of the archive into a permanent handbook post for players to have access to in the future on this crowd sourced project!

I am looking for the creative even lesser known ones, maybe the most obscure will be featured on an upcoming spotlight!

With that, fire away troopers!

Wicked Sith Queen with the Pink Saber


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