Survival Mode

Idea- You take a toon. You have to fight in an endless onslaught of duels against toons like Vader, Nihilus, Maul, Dooku, QGJ. Difficulty rises with Player Level. Your toon will gain a ability called 'Medpac' Cooldown 5, which heals 30% of toon's max health, 10% of max protection, 50% TM and dispels all debuffs. You will have only one toon, and difficulty rises over time, so eventually you will have to fight toons like zzihilus G12 Level 85 with Raid AI.
Rewards- 100,000 Credits X Battles won, 5 of each gear piece in in the H1-01 if you finish over 30 battles and 1 Zeta Material, 2 Omega Materials and 5 T3 Materials X Battles Won divided by 2.
1...2...3! You're dead!


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