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    I can never finish Galactic Wars now. Fix this please!!! Also, I have 60 GW tokens that is now useless because the update changed it to crystals now.. Please round up token up to 100.....
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    I like the new look and I like the addition of Yoda. Odds are that I won't be around to enjoy the new guy though, because the adjustments that were made to the training droids and credit events tells me you guys think I'm stupid enough to treat me like a cow. This way it'll take forever to improve levels on a character unless I throw even more money at you than I do now. There's no way that will happen. I'd sooner quit. Could be my imagination since I'm already ****, but does it take more time to reload cantina battle energy than before? I'll see what happens to the 'adjustments' in the coming weeks and will spend my cash elsewhere if things do not improve.
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    Lots of great potential in this update, but I share some of the trepidations already expressed on this thread.

    My biggest concern would be the new event system. The current yoda event while I expect to be a cool new addition, has a steep prerequisite of having 5 one star Jedi characters even at the lowest level. Sadly as a free player who has been only playing a few months, I only have 2 leveled Jedi, and 2 unleveled Jedi so far. Leaving me a Jedi short. Even with the blatant sales ploy of the coincidental Jedi pack aside, I imagine this event probably excludes the vast majority of the player base.

    Even so, I still like the basic premise of the event system as it will force players to explore using a wider variety of characters. However to make this viable for anything more than a pay to play dynamic, a couple of things need to happen:
    1st: advanced warning of the impending event greater than one day.
    2nd: greater access to farm low end requisite characters.
    3rd: substantially higher ratio of training droids awarded throughout to balance the new demands to diversify

    Next biggest issue would be the now even screwier auto play targeting.

    As far as game balancing goes, people are always going to gripe when their over powered characters get nerfed. But that is both understandable and to be expected.

    Unfortunately the new shard shop is more of an insult than anything else. The current ten to one trade ratio is absurd. Please make it 2 to 1.

    And ofcourse the last thing sorely lacking is absence of new character content. Only two new characters that most players have no chance to acquire is pretty sad.
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    I was battling in Arena and the last opponent was Bobba Fett. He regenerated after I killed him but there was a glitch that prevented me from being able to perform any follow on attacks. The gameplay stopped even though the time continued to go down. I had to wait 2.5 minutes without doing anything only to end up with a draw. I tried switching to auto gameplay mode to no avail.
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    Am I delusional or was there a shard shop exclusive character dropping tonight? Or is that later this month? Can't find the sticky.
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    I'm feeling like all drop rates got nerf'd. So today I did all 3 Rey nodes 3 times each. Normally my drop rates are about 1 per node. I received 0 for all 3 nodes. In Cantina I refreshed my Energy twice today trying to farm Windu shards since I need to 5 star him to unlock Yoda. I did the node about 36 times and only received 3 shards. Then I moved on to running some Blue equipment items for Windu and QGJ. I tried the lowest and on 1 full energy I received 1 of the 5 blue items i needed... So I refreshed and tried the one that cost 10 instead of 6 energy. I received 6 purple and 1 of the blue I needed. I kind of feel like it is lowering the drop rate based on what i'm looking for. If I was trying to get the purple items meaning, I went from the character screen, to the item I needed and selected the missions it shows, then I would have gotten 1 purple and 6 blues since I was not looking for the purple item it gave me that instead of the item I needed. Has anyone else seen this problem? This is crazy I spend about $20 a week playing this and there is no way I would spend anymore. Will probably just stop spending period soon. On top of that I've had 2 characters that had enough shards to bring to 7* but it cost 1mil a piece.... You know how hard it is to come up with a million credits. I tried your new credit event. Almost every one was 8300 with 1 being something like 15k out of doing it 6 times. What a joke. That's not even a fraction of what it cost to upgrade either character. Luckily I made 1.4 mil just from doing the first 4 Yoda challenges and was able to upgrade my HK to 7*. Then on top of that, The star requirements for the Yoda challenge I can sorta understand and i'm not opposed to it. However the GW has only has Lumi to farm which I already have 7*. The Arena only has Eeth Koth. And the Cantina which is the hardest has 3 Jedi. Could you please add another Jedi to the GW or Squad arena. I now have 100 shards for Yoda and don't think with in the 6 days I could 5 star my 4 star Windu and my 4 Star Ahsoka. The other problem is i'm sure not many people have Jedi as they are so weak compared to all of the Dark Side characters like Sid, Dooku, and Kylo. The only Jedi I have that feels pretty nice is Lumi and kinda Barriss.
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    I cannot believe the lack of credits in general and especially after the latest update!

    It has taken me about two months to level up 25 characters > level 60. I was making slow, but acceptable progress using the Keycard events Credits Events. When they became available at level 50 it was helpful, but slow to get the 100k award. I thought that when the 65 level tier II even became available the reward would exponentially increase. This would make sense, because the cost to level up characters exponentially increases as they reach higher levels.
    What happened was you guys only increased the reward from 100k to 110k, which I thought was odd. Wouldn't it make sense that as you level and the cost increase up the reward would match the level and the costs?
    I was expecting 250k or 300k, which would make sense.
    It costs over 2 million credits to level up a character from level 1 to level 66.
    So that would take 20 credit events in about 3-4 days.

    That was odd, but oh well.

    The update baffled me. The changed the credit events to 8600 to -15,000 credits.
    That means that it would take 133 to 233 attempts of the credit events just to level up one character! That would take weeks! And when I have a full time job I don't have the time to waste messing around on this during the day.

    When I saw this I thought you guys must have reduced the cost to level up characters, but when I checked, that was not the case.

    This is completely illogical and needs to change.

    The only way to enjoy this game shouldn't involve charging the credit/debit card for ridiculous amounts.
    Make people pay for crystals, so they can have their instant gratification characters, but allow people to gradually level up on their own accord.

    If a change isn't made, I will have to stop playing.

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    i'am getting Freezes+ (LAG) after the patch. Pls help
    ps:also re-downloaded game Android LgG4Beat = Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 + Quad-core 1 GHz Cortex-A53 & 1.5 GB RAM
  • Drayden
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    Am I the only person that has 8 mil credits and no training droids or anything else to spend them on? I bought EVERY equip shipment (usually 2-3 times a day in 50 days).
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    U GUYS KILLED MY CREDITS bring it back 8,000 per 24 energy SMH CMONNNN

    Dont give X3 . i tried many times (over 10) and only 1 give x2 . that sucks..

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    Should I be facing squads in the GW that are 4-5 levels above me? I did during the fourth battle... I don't have the best squads but I lost two of them. Seems ridiculous since they basically wasted everyone.

    Hah. That's nothing new. I had a full level 60 squad a few days ago, not even halfway through the board, and I was 50 or maybe even still 49. As far as I can tell, it's absolutely random what you get.
  • Achilles
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    I like most of the updates, even when some fixed bugs made my life easier in past (for example Asajj's unintended group-heal ;) or no kill by DoT) ... However, i would like to point at some issues:

    *) Did you lowered the drop rate of character shards? i used 120 cantina energy yesterday on one 8-energy-map and got 2 shards only. today i spent 80 energy (=10 battles) and got 0 shards (zero!).

    *) Auto-Play is worse than before update (the focus jumps around like crazy), IMO it should change only, when the marked enemy died or any other enemy-char taunted.

    *) Akolythin needs a buff, she is terrible underpowered. (i got a Ewok-Team on light side and a Nightsisters-Team on dark)

    *) Its great to see Yoda in game, but there were already 14 Jedis, but only 3 Ewoks (my Ewok-Team needs filler), 2 Jawas, 2 Tusken, 2 Geonosians, 2 (now 3) Clones, 4 Droids, ... Also 5 Nightsisters is a bit sad, because this way, i have no options to choice. (same goes for 5 resistance, 5 imps, 5 Siths, and so on, ONLY) (even with 15 Jedis, i miss Obi Wan and Ki Adi Mundi from CloneWars-Age ;) *hint* )

    *) Why did you add CT-7567 Captain "Rex" as an old guy? Because of Star Wars Rebels? But he is the only char out of this Series ... Ahsoka is young here, no Kanan, no Ezra, no Agent Kallus, no Inquisitor, ... So, why? I'd rather see him in his best age like Fives. (CloneWars-Age)

    *) Why does Ahsoka have synergies to nightsisters? Just because she worked with Asajj together in 1 Episode of CloneWars? This way, Asajj (just as an example) has to have synergies to Siths (she worked for Count Dooku), Jedis (she worked with Ahsoka together and also with Obi Wan when they fought together against Maul and Savage), Scoundrels (because the was a bounty hunter after Grievous whiped the nightsisters out, ...). Also why is Ahsoka that slow? She has very low HP, but high critical rate, however, she is almost useless due to her low speed (93 for me atm).

    *) There are alot of Chars having bonus against Jedis and Droids (Siths, Droids, Scoundrels against Jedis, Jedi and Jawa against Droids), but no char having bonus against Siths, Scoundrels, Ewoks, Jawas, etc ... Why? Balancing?

    *) Dark Side needs a "real" Healer ... how about adding "Darth Plagues " as a 6th Siths, having heal and revive skills?

    More Ewoks, Jawas, Tusken, etc would be great, lets say atleast 7, 8 chars per "faction".

    Need some ideas?
    +) General Grievous !!! Please, please!! :) Guess he should be the master of evasion, due to his flee-/retreat-skills in Clone Wars.
    +) Admiral Trench
    +) Jango Fett
    +) Hondo Ohnaka and some of his Pirates
    +) Sugi
    +) Embo
    +) Seripas
    +) Jabba The Hutt
    +) Bossk
    +) Talzin
    +) Karis
    +) Naa leth
    +) CC-2224 Commander Cody
    +) CT-26-1409 Echo
    +) CT-782 Hevy
    +) CT-3899 Rookie
    +) CT-5385 Tup
    +) CC-1119 Commander Appo
    Left by design.
    The fixed payout times are the worst part of this game and makes it absolutely family-unfriendly.
  • nickalleye
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    I like some of the changes, but why lower the drop rate so hard? eg: 6 HARD matches, 0 shards

    Also, facing teams twice as strong as yours in GW is frustrating.
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    "Fixed multiple bugs that made AI-Talia use her heal improperly"

  • Klocko
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    What a bunch of whiners.

    In GW I haven't lost a toon, nevermind a whole team, since I was about lvl 60. I'm maxed at 70 now. If you're getting destroyed, you're doing something wrong. You can always just retreat and try again. If you attack a different toon on your first turn you will get a different result. Even at mid-50's you should be able to take out low-60's. You may have to put in a few teams of sacrificial lambs to take some chars out 1 at a time, but when you lose and have to put in a new team, their dead stay dead.

    People actually did those stupid key card events? Use half my energy for one shot, twice, and wait 12 hours to refill so I can do anything else? No! I only did each one maybe twice since I unlocked them. Good riddance.

    No, the shard exchange isn't a great exchange rate, but would you rather just be stuck with the extra unusable shards? It costs 300 shard tokens (or whatever they're called) to buy 2 shards from the shop. I turned in 2 Lumi and 3 Phasma and now have 75 tokens. Ok. Better than nothing. As I complete starring chars from GW, I can just keep buying shards there and turn them in for ones I actually need/want (like Vader). I may start doing that now come to think of it. You all didn't actually think you were going to trade 1 or 2 of just anybody for 1 Vader?

    Yoda's event - I have 1×7*, 4×4*, 2×3*, & 1×2*(stupid jedi guardian). Finished the first 4 tiers. Now, I guess I farm the ones I can and wait for the event to come back around since there's no way I'll get enough of them to 7* in the next week to actually finish.

    I have seen no real change in drop rates on shards or gear being farmed. Last night the game was actually being pretty generous to me. I got Dooku shards 4 out of 6 and gear at about a 50% rate. So, to me, if anything they improved the drop rate. I'd guess there was no change and some people got lucky while others maybe had a rougher go of it.

    I've spent not quite $200 ($20 here and there, $5 on Dooku, etc). I'm not a "whale", but I'm certainly not F2P at this point. If you're f2p and you're **** up a storm, then just stop. They're a corporation and your voice will be largely ignored. If someone comes into my work complaining about something without spending anything and with no intention of spending anything, they will be ignored in favor of someone who actually makes the register ring. That's just how the world works. If you've spent and are complaining, then "wow, sorry you feel that way."

    Ok. Rant over. I feel better now.
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    Let's start this on a positive note.

    The update definitely made some things more user friendly. I also like that you can now buy SIM tickets with crystals, which was something I complained about a few weeks ago, and likely others had as well.

    However, to go from being able to earn 100,000 credits in the events, to 8,000 (16,000 if you're lucky), is utterly baffling. Not to mention the change in the chance of gaining shards when using SIM tickets has decreased, as has the chance of getting gear parts needed to level up characters.

    I like the addition of the Yoda challenge, but unless it's achievable by getting shards through game play, it'll be impossible to complete without spending a fortune. I only had enough Jedi to get through the first three levels, but only had three Jedi at level four, which means I only collected 75 shards (Yoda needs 125 to unlock). I won't be able to level them all up to level five in less than a week...

    I've also noticed that many of the characters now have a slower response time, particularly Darth Maul and Savage Opress. The update to Savage Opress' final blow also seems, whilst effective, far over the top, with a hit power of 99,999! It might have been better to spread that out between a few more characters!

    In short, whilst it's a fun game to play, and at times has been competitive, making things much harder, or virtually impossible to progress through without paying shed loads of money for, is having a negative effect on its appeal. Considering you can go out and buy a PC game for well under £30 these days and have the complete game, expecting someone to pay £44.99 for two level four characters, plus some credits, bots, and crystals, is rather extortionate.

    Spending the odd couple of ££s here and there isn't going to break the bank, but it won't help me progress. Disappointing.
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    I have also found that since the update simming battles has become much much harder to get the character shard or gear you are looking for. In the cantina battles I could get a character shard 1 out of every 3 sims or so. I just did 15 in a row with no shard. Pretty weak
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    fruit wrote: »

    Same here - at Ami DuOS emulator. Any hint?
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    about GW ... its heavy unbalanced, but i have no idea why ... im playing on 2 accounts, for the higher one its an easy walk through ... i do most battles without special skills ... the 2nd, lower one faces opponents 10 level higher as itself (player level) ... even the first match was a 6 lvl higher opponent yesterday ... looks like its all about luck.

    shards dont drop anymore for me ... 170 energy used (on hard matches) - no shard ... bad day(s). bad luck ...
    Left by design.
    The fixed payout times are the worst part of this game and makes it absolutely family-unfriendly.
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    Why is dodge rating always say zero?

    If it is zero and Sidious says +35% dodge rating against Jedi attacks then shouldn't it still be zero?
    Why is anyone dodging if everyone's dodge / deflection rating says zero?
    All Heroes stats always say 0 for this stat yet some obviously are more slippery than others.

    If it is an oversight please just add content. It makes it impossible to build teams you want without all the info.

    Do you know what 35% of nothing is?
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