Rule of Fifty - ~525M GP - Fully Independent guild - UK time based

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We are a U.K. time based guild, fully independent, created since the inception of guilds, with some competitive standards (not hardcore) that all members must put an effort to accomplish.

Endor raid in the 208M reward tier. We have soft attendance rules (do the 8 attempts your roster allows).

RotE - 34* (near 35*)
We have attendance rules for TBs (do the battles you can and always do the final deployment according to the instructions).

Registration not mandatory but if you register you need to help properly on both phases.

We use Discord for guild communication.

The minimum requirements for joining us are:
• Daily play with 600 tickets energy/day (exception made to real life stuff like holidays, etc...but not making it should be the exception).
• Roster with GP values higher than 9.5M with a decent number of chars on relics, at least 5 GLs + 2 top fleets done and working on more. Exceptions possible if you are close to this requirements and you also have a focused roster.
• Attitude and willingness to help on the guild features goals - a good roster isn't enough, we want good spirit, commitment and teamwork.

What we have to offer:
• Lots of game experience and fair environment.
• Respect for all members. We only replace members if they fail to commit to our basic rules.
• No micromanagement or mandatory farms. We can advise and help following paths but it's your account.
• Good organization and communication.
• Sharing of game information and experiences.
• Long term members.

If you are interested in joining us please post here or send a PM to “AceCV” (in forum) or using Discord (id= ace7103) and I'll get back to you.

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