Assault Event Points

Excellent events. Fun extra play with nice rewards. Some thoughts:

1. Please fix the health bar animation where the enemy has a low percentage but visually you see zero health on the bar. Maddening. It's happened to me during the event play roughly 2,387 times.

2. Nothing but Gar Saxon and Teebo shards for two days of play. Are you trying to tell me something?

3. If you're having trouble. AOE 1 and 5. Basic 2, 3, 6, and 7. Kitchen sink 4 and 8. If that isn't working for you by phase 4 you can't beat it.


  • Sewpot
    1425 posts Member
    Top right corner has a picture of whom you are attacking and a health bar that much easier to read.
  • I would add to your point 3, manipulate your TM bar. Especially at the end of stages 3 and 7, but useful elsewhere too (and in stage 8 when you kill Elder).
  • Kyno
    26592 posts Moderator
    When talking about the health bar, if you are in the Forest Moon event, EP has abilities that can damage but not kill. This may account for 2,386 of those times. Still not sure about the last one.
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