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  • Any guesses? I hope leia or maul
    Any guesses on how many shards a day it will give?
  • I am guessing Maul, Aayla, Tarkin and Rex.

    I am guessing it will give 10 shards a day.

    I like guessing. It soothes me.
  • Leia is at the top of my list as well for current characters. Jedi Luke would make some sense since it appears we will be fighting the Rancor.
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  • LaLiam wrote: »

    It is not mandatory to join a guild, only if you want shipment rewards ect from being part of a guild.

    Forced suggests you have to join a guild or you can no longer play any of the game, please revise your definitions before telling others they're wrong.

    You are prevaricating over a trivial dictionary definition rather than addressing the point.

    The developers are presenting a non choice. participate in social interaction however limited that may be or be disadvantaged. For some percentage of the player base neither of those are appealing options and there is of course only one you can choose and continue playing. Whether you want to call someone in that situation forced or some near synonym like compelled, obligated or necessitated is entirely irrelevant.

    You are the 1% and EA doesn't care about the 1%.
    I had the same issue in World of Warcraft when they introduced Guild Rewards/Perks. I was always in a guild with only myself, because that's how I preferred it.

    Sorry about your issue though.

    Funnily enough I used to work for Bliz, had a guild for just me and my closest couple of friends there. I don't think we ever got that mass res ability. but my experience with them was just that if a player wanted to make a suggestion to us on how to improve the game we had to direct them forums so we could more efficiently ignore them.

    In fact I think I hold blizzard personally responsible for me becoming a misanthrope.
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    I would imagine that one of the nice things about guilds is that you can be guildies with IRL friends. If my friend is on an Android, and I am on iOS, will we be able to guild up?

    If not, then thats just silly.
  • I'm actually hoping for new toons more than existing ones. One or two existing would be nice. I think we can be sure there are a couple toons it won't be (Rey, Veers, Anakin) as they are your bog standard hard node only toons with three a piece.

    Maybe a chromium or two (Leia and Maul would be nice or Tusken Shaman).

    Hoping for some of those toons we are missing - Padme, Comm Cody, Jawa Engineer, a new Ewok (Logray, Paploo, Wicket) and finally R2D2 or BB8 and to wrap it up maybe a rebel/empire/scoundrel, someone like Wedge/Biker Scout/Jango Fett.
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  • Yes you will be able to form guilds across platforms
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    How do you know?
    Is there a source you could cite, please?
  • I am guessing it will be ugnaught
  • They will be cross platform because you can add anyone from your ally list.

    The source is in the guild preview megathread.
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    They will be cross platform because you can add anyone from your ally list.

    The source is in the guild preview megathread.

  • I talked to a friend about a guild that he's already in for SWGOH, but the new Guild/Raid patch hasn't come out yet. Is there any way you can still join a guild even if it doesn't signify anything in game? Cause if so, I'd definitely be interested
  • Yep, just go into the guild section, pick a guild you like and ask if you can join.

    The one your friend is in is a good idea.
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  • You know if anybody feels like they need to join a guil, you can join mine. My arena power is at 25K, but only because I don't want to have an awful time with GW. My top power squad is 28K. I have a 5-star daka to help with dark side missions. Come on , you know you want to use that daka ;). I'll have her 7 star soon enough. Level 72 by the way. New and old players are equally welcomed to fairy tail. Just play consistently . Daily isn't necessary but consistently is. The guild is of 4 people so far but that will hopefully grow. We're all nice and the other three joined for tips and tricks with the game along with help. Join guys just send me a message. ( I have no shame, recruiting people for my guild on somebody's post )
  • But where do I go to do that? I know it isn't in-game, as I've searched everywhere for it and have no luck. Is it in this forums site?
  • On the forum, in the guilds section.

    'Player guilds'
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    This is the second game like this that I have played for a long amount of time (Heroes Charge being the other).

    I was initially very worried about guilds in Heroes as I saw the **** in the open chat forum and didn't want to get involved with it. I was the only person I knew playing the game initially and the guilds did not cross shards so you couldn't join your friends who started after you.

    FYI, everything below is based in Heroes as we don't know for sure how it will work here

    At first I thought I would have to start my own guild and go it solo (don't do this as you will never finish the guild raids without a lot of members). But all the guild currency was obtained through having multiple members, sharing toons, and finishing raids.

    I joined a shard that was pretty old when I got on and was top 100 in their version of arena and top 10 in what they called Grand Arena (my top three five toon teams against your top three five toon teams). Within days of unlocking Guidls you will get requests to join, can review existing guilds and their 'requirements' or description - high level players only, Spanish speaking only, just for fun, adult only. Raid focused, friend focused, etc.

    Used the in game chat to find a nice adult oriented, high level guild. If in game chat exists talk with the guild creator, pick one and join.

    I actually ended up loving guilds, you get to be around like minded individuals, bounce ideas and have fun.

    Guilds just end up being a source of help, fun and a little on-line friendship. I actually kept playing for a month after I got bored with the game just to help out the guild and keep in touch.

    So don't be worried, you'll find people out there that you will enjoy being in a guild with, if I can so can you.
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  • This is probably a dumb question but I have been playing this game since November and have really enjoyed it and spent quite a bit of money on it. I don't play a lot of other games so I have never heard of guilds before. I know I will probably get blasted for not knowing what this is or how it works but.....Can someone please briefly explain what this is and how this is going to work? I realize that the specifics of how it will work here might be different, I'm just looking for the overall concept of what's happening. Thanks in advance!
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    Guild is basically a group co-op for activities.
    rewards will probably be based on how the overall guild does in the event with.
  • Glad I'm not the only one who has never encountered guilds before. It's got to be a group of players that get together to form a larger group. Then they all work together to achieve some list of goals. When the list is done: profit! How this works in practice, I guess we'll find out in a couple weeks.
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    Hopefully not a place guild people can get exclusive gear over non-guild people.
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    I've never played a game with guilds before, so I'm a bit worried. There will be so many guilds I won’t know which one to go for. I know people can advertise their Guild, but will I be able to advertise myself? I always end up on my own in the kitchen at parties, and I don't want the same to happen to my toons.

    My well-equipped, highly starred, very powerful toons, that would be an asset to even the most competitive guild. Hint, hint.
  • Lol I don't think you're going to have to worry about it, they'll either help you find a guild best suitable for you, or give you a chance to find your own guild. Fact is we're starting in when it's first starting, so it should be easy for us to find a guild.
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