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I've always found there were fascinating stories behind how some of us gamers developed our names. Please share them here!

Mine isn't all that fascinating but back when Half Life used to be the big show gaming community, I joined up with a mod called Day of Defeat. Similar to Counter Strike, except for being placed in WW2 era (characters/maps/gear), the object was territory capture. Back then I had the alias "Slaughter" which I was aptly named for being very hard to kill and having the ability to wipe out a team on my own (Much Like Count Dooku in SWGoH). They allowed a player to spray their custom logo throughout the maps back then. Normally, I would mark spots that someone got knifed (which was my specialty!).

During this time, 2 things guided me toward the name WhoVille Sheriff. One was that even though I was in college, I was obsessed with the Dr. Seuss cartoon shortfilm "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The other was the fact that nowhere throughout any of the lore, was there a Sheriff in that story! Thus I became the Sheriff of WhoVille, which allowed me to create a custom spray logo of the Grinch with a sheriff's badge. This also allowed me to pretend to have authority, until I was named admin and moderator of a forum community shortly thereafter.
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