Content update 8/9 [Mega]


  • Can I please run the event again for the sheer enjoyment of it - thought one battle would be stifling but breezed so fast through it that the artwork (falcon background, hangar background) didn't even register... Want to see them again...
  • Devs, I'm sure a lot of us would be willing to buy each pack more than once if we are short of only one toon to get CLS. Can't you make the limit to one pack daily instead of one buy only? I'm convinced this would end in more £€$ for you guys...
  • haven't they already done that by having the actual event.... in August ?
  • Klocko
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    If I didn't have him yet, I'd finish Old Ben asap instead of waiting for an announcement. Isn't this how some people will miss out this time?
  • Hskull55
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    The event is really good, but I thought it will last for 2 weeks or something... I've got a 6 stars OB, but I don't think I will get CLS
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  • Klocko wrote: »
    If I didn't have him yet, I'd finish Old Ben asap instead of waiting for an announcement. Isn't this how some people will miss out this time?

    Exactly what I recommend and what I am doing.
    I'm just wondering why the update notes don't mention that the event is ultra/very rare.
    Maybe because it speaks for itself, maybe because this event isn't rare and returning in two weeks ;-)

  • Very good event to play. But it really sucks that he last only 1 week..
  • Woofy_MC
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    I have him at 2/85 5* now. I invest 300 crystals in cantina energy and daily get 5-15 shards out of over 60 node farms which is nothing. The packs are not worth buying since they are programmed to give you the character shards you already have (for the most time) and I dont have the money to buy myself 100 Dollar worth of Packs for one simple character :D So should I stop farming old Ben and continue with Phoenix to get Thrawn? The drop rates for Old Ben and Luke have been lowered aswell for the time of the event so people are forced to buy the packs sadly. This is not the devs fault! They do a great job with the game.
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  • Pyrefly
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    Anton23 wrote: »
    Luke is a login character. The last shards of farmboy we'll get in the end of August. So why Commander Luke's event is not till the end of the month?!

    Ill agree with this. Why give a boost through daily log in when the majority of the shards are after the event
    Because the monthly login rewards cannot end on anything but the end of the month... And because many people, including newer players, will still be farming Luke after this event is over, in preparation for the next go-round. profile: Pyrefly -- Check out my Galactic Power Tables and my TB Phase Info Tables !!
  • I get that CLS is a big deal, and EA wants us to spend money to get him. But putting Farmboy Luke shards as the daily login reward felt like they were giving us a timeline for CLS. So, I put that into my calculations. I spend my crystals on refreshes for Old Ben, and between the daily login and guild store I get my Farmboy Luke shards.

    We only get 10/30 Farmboy Luke shards before the event is over. It's like saying "Hey, here are some things you'll need again in 4-6 months." Yeah, maybe I should have farmed Old Ben already. Then I would have energy to focus on Farmboy Luke. I haven't decided if I'm gonna drop money to get enough shards or not. But I kinda feel like EA pulled the rug out from under me.

    Well, message received. I'm already working on my First Order shards for the Last Jedi release. Don't think they won't do it. Start working those hard modes, because they are a pain to grind.
  • CronozNL
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    439-259-888 I have a bad habit of editing my typo's after posting
  • Klocko
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    Ysah. Probably not. Might as well try tho
  • CronozNL wrote: »

    Short, sweet, and math confirms it lol
  • If old Ben is the only one you need than you'd either need to buy more refreshes per day or buy the old Ben bundle. Unless you have the extra crystals lying around spending money seems to be the only way at this point.
  • Huatimus
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    Including natural energy regeneration, you'd need approximately 4.5 refreshes of cantina energy a day. If that's within your budget and you trust in RNGesus, might as well go ahead.
  • Nope. They want people to resort to the 699-Crystal gamble.
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  • GA_Phoenix
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    If you are lucky with cantinadrops, the shardshop and shipments it ist possible but its a fight against all odds.

    But ... it is not as bad as many people think when you didnt get CLS this time, imho. What i've seen so far in Arena is not metachanging. On Defense CLS ist even worse then thrawn. :wink:


    Btw ... Chirrut is the missing toon in this pic. :smiley:

  • Revi
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    Best update since R2, Luke's journey was fun and unique and he is absolute beast even at G8! Looking forward to T battles.

    Old ben getting the taunt ability was well overdue though as his "if you strike me down" was useless unless you had him L85 G1 no mods.
  • Osh
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    Anyone know when the CLS event will return? I'm hazarding a guess at 4-6 months.

    Was hoping for the CLS event to be towards the end of August to maximise my Old Ben farming time.
  • Yeah I'm wondering the same thing. It has to be at least three months... I can't imagine it being any sooner. My guess would be December.
    The field of battle is like the mongoose. Slow to joviality, but thirsty for morning sunshine.
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  • Izza
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    I'm thinking it will return right before ROTJ Luke release, which will probably be in December. But hey, it's just a wild guess.
  • Great job on Event! You guys knocked it out of the park. Tier 5 was just sheer awesomeness.
  • Osh
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    Think I'm gonna start farming EVERY toon Luke came into contact with in ESB and ROTJ... Just in case.
  • I wonder also as it dont even have info about its a rare event hope it is not one time event ...
  • @MrPosz
    No, it won't be a one time event. I will bet you my 7* G11 Darth Nihilus. Fear not, we will get another shot at it
    The field of battle is like the mongoose. Slow to joviality, but thirsty for morning sunshine.
    -Sun Tzu
  • Anton23
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    Is the event going to repeat in August or September? 7 days is a very little time to get Commander Luke.
  • August (sorry I had to)
  • Yoda- Light Side
    Palpatine- Light side (Rebels)
    Thrawn-Light side (Rebels)
    CLS-Lightside (Rebels)

    Congratulations to everyone that managed to get CLS this time around.

    I'm not bothered that I haven't managed to get him as I can't stand rebels and don't use them (I'm sure he'll work in many hybrid teams as well) , however it would be nice if for next Legendary character we would need a Darkside faction to obtain them.


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