Hermit Yoda

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I am extremely excited about Hermit Yoda. I have wanted this toon since I have had this game. So in honor of his release some Kit Speculation.

Hermit Yoda(Support, Jedi)

Curious Prod(Basic): Yoda Deal Physical damage to target enemy and have a 60% chance to apply daze for 3 turns. Zeta: Grant 30% TM to target ally.

Judge Me By Size, Do You?(Special): Stun all enemies with Daze for 1 Turn. Hermit Yoda has a 20% chance to deal Special Damage and inflict Daze to all enemies without it. If CLS is present he is called to assist. Starts on cool down. (Cooldown:4)

Jedi Training(Special): Grant all allies Padawan Buff for 2 turns. Also grant 5% Speed and 10% Critical Chance (stackable) for til the end of Hermit Yoda's 2nd turn after this ability is used.
Padawan: This grants the toon with this buff 15% Max Health, 50% Critical Chance,
and 10% Speed. (Cooldown:4)

Size Matters, Not(Special): Grant target enemy Max Health Up for 1 turn. All allies gain health equal to 15% target enemies max health.

The Great Master(Unique): Jedi gain a new Special ability, Training in Hiding: Grant Stealth to self for 2 turns and grant 10% TM to target ally. (Cooldown:4). If CLS is Present he gains the Special ability, Hope for the Jedi: CLS gains Damage Immunity for 1 turn and Critical Hit Immunity for 1 turn when that Damage Immunity expires. (Cooldown:5)

The kits OP but this is my 3rd favorite Jedi so I think he deserves it.

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Thanks. God Bless. May the Force be with you. And Farewell.
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