Inactive players holding you back? Seeking 2 strong 85s to help us with HAAT and Territory battles!

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I'm looking for 2 level 85s who are HAAT ready (or very close) to fill open spots in my guild. We're fairly laid back, although we're getting more strict about being active the closer we get to HAAT (which we expect to be able to do in 1-2 months). All but 4 of our players are level 85, and many of us have a zeta or two. We run pit raids about 3 times per week- noon on Saturday and then 7pm when we have the tickets during the week (Mountain time). We also have a 24 hour no hit rule for pit raid to make sure everyone gets a chance to hit and get gear. And we have a discord set up where we chat and where we post strategies and offer help/opinions/advice. It's strongly encouraged that our members be on discord, but isn't required yet. Likely that will change when we really get into HAAT.

In terms of the guild dynamics, we are a very active, talkative, and friendly guild. We all get along great and love our guild. We offer help and advice whenever we can, and we also are very active regarding donations.
If this sounds like your kind of guild, message me back!
My ally code is 914-412-996
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