We need new dark side characters!!

Need a Jabba the Hutt Character like the Hermit Yoda- Doesn't attack, maybe taunts and can take huge damage, but grants huge bonuses for scoundrels. Maybe a "bribe" special that prevents opposing scoundrels from landing attacks (they can use their specials but they are guaranteed to miss for one turn). Also let's see a Jango Fett. We need new battle droids too as playable characters- with synergies like the imperial troopers have. I love the rebels but there are way too many now!


  • Jabba is to big. However, Jango and Hux are the obvious, but there's always;
    Darth *insert name (excluding Revan) here*
    Triple 0
    Kir Kanos (might be hard to distinguish from a normal RG)
    Finish out the Geos and Tuskens
    Mother Talzin
    Destroyer droid
    Separatist rework
  • A hard counter for CLS would be Darth Bane with his orbalisk armor he was almost impossible to damage
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