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  • Guildy McGuildstein recruiting for TB!

    We are a small family of 3 guilds and are opening our 4th guild in EST zone we are prepping for upcoming TB. We have been merging and expanding, collecting the Hoth brothers and leveling our CLS. We have a few spots open and are wanting to get all of our guilds ready to go. We will restructure once TB shows up to have the greatest success in all of our guilds.

    2x HAAT raids per week on Sunday & Tuesday
    Reset is 7:30pm CDT (UTC-5)
    We use Discord to communicate

    Minimum requirements:

    HAAT guild: 600 tickets/day, 1 viable HAAT squad, Discord

    Training/Casual guild: Must log-in daily (unless you give notice), Discord

    Contact on Discord: Benvanobi#2551
    Contact on Line: benvanobi
  • Hello, I am the leader of The Emperor's Royal Guard. We are preparing for territory battles and are looking for active players who want to win in this upcoming game mode and receive all the rewards it has to offer. If you are a smaller guild looking to merge into a large guild with plenty to offer we are the perfect fit:

    We have room for a maximum of about 15 players, however we can make room for about 20 if necessary.

    We are very proficient on heroic rancors and our only rule on them is a 24 hour no damage posting time. We raid normal AAT's but hope to do heroics as soon as possible. We hope to be doing heroics within 6 months.

    The majority of our guild is above level 80 however we would be happy to take in lower level players who are dedicated.

    We use the app Line for communication

    If you are interested in joining us let me know either as a message here, or for better communication message me via Line: Bakasuraerg
  • Omeck
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    Territory battles

    Looking to find possible recruits to bring into TB guild or to get on waiting list for TB guild. We require 600 daily, top 100 arena, CLS, line app, account, and Hoth soldier and scout at least unlocked (Prefer stars on them). If interested please PM me and we can discuss any thing you're wondering about. Right now we have 41 CLS in guild. (Obviously have HAAT on farm)
  • Gabriel13dr
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    The Romanian Guild "Romania Force Alliance" is looking for new colleagues:

    - who want to have fun and are already playing for some time
    - level 50+
    -Line to communicate with the group
    - 450/600 to have raid energy
    - there are no limits to activities

    Refresh: 19.30 (GMT+2)
    The raids start with 24h 0 dmg

    Heroic Rancor & nAAT
    My ally code is 281-391-785 and my Line I'd is gabi.m.13
  • TK_421
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    We are looking for 2 more active members to join our guild. We are looking for members level 80+ who have at least 15 characters at 7* or higher so that they’ll be able to participate in heroic tank and heroic rancor raids with full squads. We are not looking to add any whales and most of us have been in the guild from early on when it was started. We do not have a ticket requirement but are looking for very active players who will contribute to guild tickets, gear exchange and participate in raids and the upcoming Territory Battles. If you are not active you will be removed (which is why we’re looking for a few more active members). We currently have a group LINE chat going with over 35 members on it but it is not a requirement. We use it because it is easier to communicate on, share strategy, send screenshots of the game, and will use it to coordinate HAAT raids and Territory Battles.

    There are a couple of very experienced members in our guild who are able to guide you along the way or answer questions that you may have. Our guild has members from all over the world so we know how to balance raid times so that everyone is happy.

    Heroic rancor has a 24 hour zero damage phase followed by a FFA. We alternate raid times between 8:30 AM, 4:30 PM and 12:30 AM (all times Pacific U.S.). This allows everyone to have a raid time that is convenient for them.
    We are currently knocking out normal tanks in just over 1 day. The guild currently has 4 Zylos and a Zavage so we will be okay in phase 1 when we make the jump to heroic tank. The guild members are currently working on their heroic tank teams for phase 2 and are acquiring either Zavage or a Teebotine/Chirpatine team so that we’re able to get through P3.

    If interested add me at ally code 977-185-135 and I’ll send you a guild invite or you can PM me with any questions you may have about our guild.

    Oh yeah, an added bonus is that we have a few members with Commander Luke Skywalker so if you join feel free to ally request them to ‘borrow CLS’ for battles. One CLS is already zeta and G11 which is a huge help to clear the Light Side table.

  • Oldroper
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    New guild recruiting for tier IV and V pit raids and normal tank raids: a collection of noob and more experienced players looking for more noobs and experienced players to join with us and rule the galaxy as father and son (maybe not the last bit)! Looking to have fun smashing up some raids and building towards a more ordered universe...

    Guild name = Suisith Squad
    Time zone = GMT (UK)

    No hard and fast rules other that try to make your 600 raid tickets each day, stay active and contribute to the guild as much as possible. Lower tier pit raids are zero damage for 24 hours for players greater than lvl 70 so noobs can build faster!

    Now using Discord for guild chat and info: reach me at Oldroper#3598 if you'd like to join or discuss anything guild/game related.

    Currently doing tier IV and V pit and NAAT raids with a view to building towards Heroic.

    Feel free to contact me on Discord or on here if you would like to join...I'll be glad to hear from you!
  • Had to remove a couple inactive players so……
    Galactic ENIGMA is now recruiting two players Lvl 70+! We are currently farming Heroic Rancor so come get your Han Solo Shards!
    We are an up and coming guild with active players who are looking for like-minded individuals to join with us for the growth and benefit of all! So if your guild is inactive or you are just looking for a challenge, we might just be what you've been looking for! So come and join with us! Become a part of the Great Mystery of the ENIGMA!
    **Currently 2 spots open!**
    Guild Leader, CollinnOfENIGMA Ally Code: 412-724-126
    Currently, joining our Discord is requested strongly for keeping up on Announcements and raid communications.
    Raids: We are farming Heroic Rancor and we also run 2 Normal AAT raids a week. All Rancor Raid launch times are Noon PST. We do have a 24/0 damage rule on all Rancor raids so that all may benefit! Tank raids are Free For All immediately upon launch.
    We look forward to welcoming you into our family….
    And as always…
  • mingtheinsatiable
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    Our guild, Edge of the Void, is looking for a couple recruits.

    Guild Name: Edge of the Void

    About Our Guild: Our guild has been around for about a year now. We currently have 46/50 members, having purged a couple players who couldn't comply with raid rules or went inactive. All but one of our members are level 85. We've got a good mix of high-end players along with a number who are developing their teams. Everybody gets along. We've got a lot of generous donators, and our crew is great with roster-building advice and battle-strategy. We're looking to fill out the rest of our guild with active, impactful players. Our members average approximately 29 7-stars each, and just over 918,000 Galactic Power per member. The daily refresh is 6:30 p.m. pacific.

    Rancor Raid: We currently run Heroic Rancor Raids exclusively. We typically rotate starting times of 10:00 a.m. (pacific) and 6:30 p.m. (pacific). For Rancor Raids, our only raid rules are: (1) Mandatory 24-hour Zero Damage period on Rancor Raids, followed by free for all; and (2) players with a full 7-star Raid Han must stay out of a top 3 finish to allow everyone to acquire Han.

    Tank Raid: For AAT, we typically run normal AAT (and finish in less than 48 hours, closer to 24 hours). We have also occasionally dipped our toes into HAAT and completed with some assistance. No restrictions on AAT raid.

    Roster Requirements: We don't have super-strict requirements, but we do want to make sure that anyone joining is a good fit for our guild, and that our guild is a good fit for each new recruit. To that end, we ask that any new recruits have a minimum of 10 7-star characters and a minimum of 650,000 total Galactic Power.

    Activity Requirements: We're looking for players that play no less than daily. We don't have a strict raid ticket requirement (we understand that life happens), but do evaluate each player's contribution on a weekly basis and ask that people generate a minimum of 400 tickets/day. Raid contribution is highly encouraged. Territory Battle (when that rolls out) contribution will be mandatory, as rewards are based on each player's contribution. Players who are inactive for more than 2 days without notifying the guild are booted.

    Mol Eliza Policy: Our final rule is: no Mol Eliza's. We are sick of seeing that name and find that people who don't take the time to make a unique name usually don't participate socially or follow rules. If you are currently a "Mol Eliza" and want to join, think up a cool name and change it.

    Third party chat: We use Discord for offline chat. Discord is not mandatory but it is highly encouraged.
    If you're interested in joining up, message me through the forums or on Discord or shoot me an ally invite through the game:

    Ming the Insatiable
    Ally Code: 182-733-465
    Discord ID: MingtheInsatiable#9687
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  • I have a guild with just under 40 daily players and am looking to fill those empty spots we do normal tank and are running t-5 _ t-6 pit in rotation we do have a 24 hour wait but other then that no other requirements we have players from allot of diff time zones if you would be interested in joining just sent me a ally request or message me on here with ally code 469-456-353
  • Hello all! I'm looking to fill a couple of spots in my guild. We're looking for very active level 85 players who are close to being HAAT ready (Galactic power of 1 million+, preferably a zeta or two already). We currently run normal tank, but are working hard towards HAAT. If we get strong enough players, it should only be a month or two before we're ready for HAAT.

    All but 4 of our players are level 85, and many of us have a zeta or two. We run pit raids about 3 times per week- noon on Saturday and then 7pm when we have the tickets during the week (Mountain time). We also have a 24 hour no hit rule for pit raid to make sure everyone gets a chance to hit and get gear. And we have a discord set up where we chat and where we post strategies and offer help/opinions/advice. It's strongly encouraged that our members be on discord, but isn't required yet. Likely that will change when we really get into HAAT to help us organize attacks.

    In terms of the guild dynamics, we are a very active, talkative, and friendly guild. We all get along great and love our guild. We offer help and advice whenever we can, and we also are very active regarding donations.

    If this sounds like your kind of guild, send me a private message with your ally code.

    My ally code is 914-412-996
  • Tangolians is recruiting!
    We are a very casual guild with a mixture of f2p and P2P players. We are taking all players of all levels who want to have fun without rules.
    We are currently on t6 rancor but believe we can do a heroic but have not tried. We complete t6 aat in about 8 days. But we hold back usually because of raid tickets. About 8-11k raid tix produced a day. Most of us are based out of the US but no requirements. Also we have several chatty players to help out if needs!:)

    My ally code is 495-995-666 if you are interested in joining please come over and see how you like it!
  • Hey

    I'm a representative of the guild Empire Strikes Front. We are looking for people to fill up extra slots on our guild.

    We are a UK based guild that raids every few days at 9pm UK time. We have a 24 hour period of 0 damage on the rancor with one team allowed at 9pm the following day. We are also looking for help in HAAT. On our most recent attempt we were only 10% away from completing it but due to the lack of members we could not. Our next HAAT attempt Is tomorrow.

    If you are still looking for a guild and are inrested in joining us please message me back.

    My ally code is 782-355-577 if you are interested.

    Thanks and may the force be with you

  • Hi,

    We at Galactic Civil Empire are a social guild who are all about getting better and improving while having a good social experience (it is a game after all :smile: ). We are looking to recruit some more players, short term to help with Territory battles but long term to help us clear HAAT.
    We are a mixed guild with both European and American players so we do what we can to accommodate both time zones (such as rotating T7 pit start time).

    We don't have many rules, all we ask is that players are:
    • Have fun
    • We have a 24 hour no (minimal) damage to rancor rule so that everyone can tag it
    • Try to get as many daily tickets as possible
    • Enjoy yourself and help guildies where you can
    • When the time of the White Frost comes, do not eat the yellow snow

    We don't use discord at the moment (although this may change with TB and HAAT) but if you are interested in joining and have any questions then feel free to message me.

    My ally code is 424-449-522 and I hope to hear from some of you soon.


  • Hi,

    We at the Galatic Civil Empire are a social guild who are all about getting better together and having fun while we do it (it is a game after all :smile: ). Currently we regularly clear T7 pit and AAT and we are looking for new players to help us out, short term with Territory Battles and long term with clearing HAAT.
    We have players from both Europe and America so we are accommodating to both time zones (for example we change pit start time on a rotor so all can hit that ugly thing)

    We don't really have much in the way of rules but here is the main ideas:
    • Have fun
    • There is a 24 hour no (minimal) damage to the rancor so that everyone has a chance to tag it
    • Try to get as many daily tokens as possible, we know that we can't all get 600 every day
    • Enjoy yourself
    • When the time of the Withe Frost comes, do not eat the yellow snow

    We do not currently use anything specific to chat (i.e. discord) but this may change with TB and HAAT. If you have any questions or would like to join us then please message me and my ally code is 424-449-522

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  • Hello

    Our guild, Forceful Entry, is looking for level 75+ active members who are active and get 400+ tickets a day. We run heroic rancor and normal AAT around twice a week. Given a couple of months, we may be able to run HAAT.

    We are a casual, fun learning guild who realize that this is just a game and real life happens. Most of us are based out of the U.S, but we have a few from other countries. Tickets are required and it would be helpful if you join our Discord server.

    My ally code is 529-593-189 for those interested.

    Good luck to all in the Arena!

  • Hello,

    My guild, which I lead is The Galactic Uprising. We are a midcore guild. For those not familiar, it's between casual and hardcore. Whether you are F2P or P2P, you're welcome with us.

    Basic information?

    We're about 30 members but not everyone plays, to give transparency. Would love to switch in active players if possible. Also, level 80+. Alternatively, if you are level 70 and have a lot of gear 8 and 7 star characters, I will consider you, you'll just need to message me. Based in CDT.

    Our policy on tickets?

    I ask that you get 600, but would minimally ask for 500. That's doing every energy refresh if you're at 80. As for our usual daily ticket gain, we create about 10k a day.

    Raid and raid rules?

    We typically do the heroic pit and normal AAT raids. For the heroic pit, there's the 24 hour no damage policy in place. You get one warning. If I say it again.. well I won't be saying it again, you'll just be booted. For the aat raid, go ham. No set rules, we've not needed them as of yet.

    Come join us, make more of your characters beyond just gear 8, help us grow as we help you grow. Come help us earn tickets and unlock Han Solo and eventually General Kenobi. But we'll certainly need a few helping hands. Message me on here for info, and for my discord link.

    Should you want to see my roster my link:
  • It's Only A Flesh Wound is looking for several players to make up for all the limbs we've lost to date.

    We have a mix of F2P and whales. We're running heroic Rancor raids 2-3 times per week. Raids are usually launched at 6pm Central.

    We don't have strict rules. Many of us are older and work. Play when you can play. We're active in chat, but I don't make anyone speak up. Our guild members are helpful and happy to help newer players and discuss strategy. We may go to line or discord chat when territory battles launch.

    Ally code:366-414-697
  • Hi,
    We at the Galatic Civil Empire are a social guild who are all about getting better together and having fun while we do it (it is a game after all :smile: ). Currently we regularly clear T7 pit and AAT and we are looking for new players to help us out, short term with Territory Battles and long term with clearing HAAT.
    We have players from both Europe and America so we are accommodating to both time zones (for example we change pit start time on a rotor so all can hit that ugly thing)
    We don't really have much in the way of rules but here is the main ideas:
    • Have fun
    • There is a 24 hour no (minimal) damage to the rancor so that everyone has a chance to tag it
    • Try to get as many daily tokens as possible, we know that we can't all get 600 every day
    • Enjoy yourself
    • When the time of the Withe Frost comes, do not eat the yellow snow

    We do not currently use anything specific to chat (i.e. discord) but this may change with TB and HAAT. If you have any questions or would like to join us then please message me and my ally code is 424-449-522

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  • OORGuildVideo_zpsfbu1rmhp.gif

    Min level of 50
    500 points daily:
    6pm pst raid times
    Current raids are:
    24 hr registration on Heroic Rancor
    FFA on opening of NAAT

    Leader: Reaper

    Line ID: xiluin

    Ally code: 548-433-529

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  • Drake10114
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    Welcome to Special Forces Guild

    Timezone: CST/PT/EST

    Guild requirements:

    -We use Line to communicate. You must be a member to our announcement room, our chat room is optional.

    -Official instructions that are posted in our announcement room must be followed.

    Activity Requirements:
    - 600 energy daily and be an active player.

    Currently raiding Heroic Rancor and normal AAT

    Raid rules:
    -Rules will be posted in our announcement room.

    -Failure to follow directives will result in a voluntary removal from raid to forfeit rewards.

    Note: We are almost ableto complete HAAT, so we are looking for strong player accordingly. We are also preparing for Territory Battles as well.

    If interested my ally code is
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  • Hendrix
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    Guild Name: OB 1 More Round
    Members: 49/50 USA, Canada, Asia & Mexico
    Levels: 50-85 Welcome!
    Timezone: EST
    Normal tank Raid (Twice a week)
    Heroic Rancor (3 times a week)
    Top 2000 Guild! Lol not sure if that is good:)

    Why Hello There!

    Looking for a friendly low stress guild that gets you those Han Solo shards 3 times a week? Want to throw a few drinks back while working on your HAAT team? Well look no further! OB 1 More Round is a US EST reset guild, but all nations are welcomed!

    We are looking to take the leap to HAAT raids and could use your help! And if we don't make it, we can always drink to forget about it;)

    We can beat normal tank in 1 day (heroic rancor no problem) and open to growing with any level members, we have even have a few padawan level 40's we have incubating;).

    We just attempted HAAT for the second time and got 70% through phase 2 so I am sure we will complete it within a month or 2.

    We have a 1 day delay on beating the rancor so everyone can get credit and rewards. We know there are other obligations in life (like drinking) so we just ask to try to play when you can and have fun on the chat!

    Message me if interested (we only have 1 spot open) we use both the in game and line app
    May the Buzz be with you!
    Ally code: 898224215
    Line ID: hendrix9

  • Guild name: 212TH DELTAs
    Time Zone: EST - US based
    Members: 42 active, looking for 8 strong players for getting to HAAT
    Raids: 2 T7 Heroic Pits and 2 NAATs weekly
    Rules: Be active, contribute as many tickets per day as you can, 24 hr 0 damage on T7 Pit
    Communication: In game, no 3rd party apps
    Why choose us? More importantly, why not choose us?
    We are like most others, fun, chill and helpful.
    What sets us apart: competitive, active and experience.
    Come and check us out!
    My ally code is 624-277-882
  • The Empire is a growing collection of some of the most active, sociable, knowledgeable
    SWGOH gamers that together run four raiding teams under The Empire umbrella. Kashyyyk
    was a member of the Republic since its inception. However, as time passed and Kashyyyk's period in the Republic began to fade, it was time for a new power to rise to bring peace and stability to the galaxy and so, from the ashes of the Republic, the Empire was born. We are all about family, unity and working together to overcome any obstacle/new content the game can throw at us.
    Almost all members are level 85 and
    members are primarily based in the US, and Ava and Nihilus, the Empire leaders, are in the
    eastern time zone.
    Empire Hoth has a casual environment, but would like to see motivated individuals who would like to raid and help others, donate, and constantly strive to 600. We promote hard working raiders to our HAAT guilds. Empire Hoth is currently is raiding at 4pm US Eastern.
    Key Questions:

    What is the most important thing to know about being in The Empire?
    We believe that communication is important from both the guild leadership and the guild
    members. We've set up a Charter for all prospective members with additional guild information,
    which is available to view here: >>>
    0/edit"]Empire Charter[/url]<<<. Our goal with the charter is to help set expectations and reduce
    confusion/uncertainty. Thus, we have information on the Imperial Community at large, raid
    times, and more within our charter. We created a concise and
    user-friendly document as our mission, and as always, is to help others grow in a fun and
    welcoming environment. Also, we really like blowing up tanks and decapitating rancors. So
    check out the charter and let us know if you have questions or would like more information.
    Now what are the Empire Hoth's requirements you ask? Pretty simple;
    * Be on Discord
    * Be a positive influence in the community (and donate ~1 pieceof gear/day)
    * Have fun
    Feel free to contact our Imperial leaders through any of the below means:
    Visit us on Discord >>>HERE<<< and let us

  • Driven is recruiting. We are a guild of 40 working towards HAAT, looking for players to get us there.

    We are Pacific Time Zone, all raids start at 7:30pm .pst. Average 2 Heroic Rancor and 2 T6 NAAT per week. Both raids are now ZD24, so everyone is guaranteed rewards. Rancor finishes in an hour or less, NAAT is about 15 hours, P1 and P3 take the longest.

    We are looking for level 80+, min 15 7* gear 10 players, contribute 500-600 tickets per day. We will look if you are close.

    We use in game chat and Line for communication, Line is preferred for TB's, but not required.

    Come join a great group.

    Ally Code 135-773-978,
  • Asha_man
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    OweMeOne is a small guild of 20 F2P players looking to add active players. Most of the members started playing this year and 18/20 are level 85.

    Do your Daily's and help the guild in the Pit and HAAT. we are about to start doing heroic Pit. Adding a few more players to the guild will let us do more Pit raids a week and finish it on heroic. So if you're a newer player who plays daily and want to join a guild close to your level feel free to join. Depending on how strong the new guild members are we could look at doing heroic HAAT.

    Ally code: 654-361-757

    Discord: Asha'man#9543
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  • Hi everyone I'm an officer in the black acid giuld. We recently decided to cut the dead weight so we can progress. So now we have 12 spots open and want players level 75+ who want to grow with us. Were a mixed group of levels and abilities and do heroic rancor with a 24 hour 0 damage period so as many people as possible get rewarded. We do normal aat nut are getting quicker. We are UK based but have several players from other parts of the world and a great friendly group on the line app. If we sound like a good fit for you please reach out to me on here though line or in game.
    Line ID 19matty86
    Ally code 952 553 968
  • Wenqualto52
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    XJedimindtricksxG2 is in search 2 new members to fill out our roster to replace some inactive players, we have no level limit.
    Who are we - We are an offspring of a guild running both heroic raids. Until recently we were getting some assistance in Heroic Rancor from our parent guild, but have been doing it on our own for over a month. We run Heroic Rancor each Monday and Thursday launching at the guild reset (7.30pm eastern), and normal AAT, completed in 2-3 resets. Rancor we send in 1 person (rotation) to solo p1, then it is a 24 zero damage for over level 80, under 80 are free to hit away to take advantage of the door.
    Guild requirements - follow rancor rules, and game activity, and hopefully have a little fun along the way.
    Feel you want more, we do use LINE app for general game chat, and share what we learn, and can also tap into our parent guilds line group for advanced advice. Although it is not compulsary, we do encourage the use of LINE and as both are a helpful resource.
    We welcome players of all levels, currently we have 19 who are 85, 22 between 70 and 84, and 7 below 70 and usually produce 20k tickets per day. We have regular gear gifters to help our new players gear up easier.
    So, if you are currently in a floundering guild (been there) and want a change, you can either message me on LINE (search Bacon Ears) or look up my ally code 745-686-479, and ill send you an invite.
    Thanks for reading.
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