Next QOL update

At first I'm very happy with recent updates, but I'm hoping that you will surprise us with a second QOL update.


The bronziums have been there from the beginning of the game and haven't been updated in a long time.

I think most of us are annoyed by manually pressing next every time to open a bronzium. Would be very much appreciated if you could open multiple bronziums in one time.

Also the rewards for opening a bronzium could use an update:

Get the white and green Gear out of the bronziums.
Add other purple Gear in the bronziums (Cuffs, stun guns etc.)
Add some other toons in the bronziums (Zam Wesell, B2, TFP, FOST, Geo Spy, Jawa Engineer, Gamorrean Guard)

Shop updates

Cantina store: Hoth Rebel Soldier
Guild store: Baze Malbus or Shoretrooper or Sith Assassin or Sith Trooper
Arena store: General Veers
GW store: Scimitar / Rex -ARC / Poe X-Wing
Fleet Arena Store: Tie Reaper / Cassian's U-wing / Kylo Ren's Command

Guild Exchange

There are still some gearpieces from HAAT you can't Exchange with eachother. Would be nice
if you could also request HAAT Gear.

You can only request two rancor raid gearpieces (Droid callers etc.) Why not 5?

Guild management

Would be nice If you could see the average energy spend (the 600 pro day for raid tickets) pro week or so. That way you can motivate people too spend more energy and get rid of slackers more easy.

Mod store

You have 9 slots in the mod store. It would be nice if 6 of them could be buyed with crystals and always 3 with currency. That way you won't get an all crystal refresh.


We all know that there is one challenge that is pretty useless. The TAC challenge gives rewards we all have 2000+ items from and they never get used. Could you possibly replace one item for an item that is used a lot? Anything is better than all lousy rewards for TAC Challenges.


There is one more star left to gain on the Capital ships by completing a mission. Would be nice if the New challenges unlocked by completing this would give at least 1 Zeta. With all the New Zeta's it is difficult for us to keep up with the pace. With the current pace I can only Zeta a toon every 3-4 weeks. Depending on the RNG I get with the droprates of Zeta.


  • You forgot Clone would improve the Quality of life of the Clones :smile:

    That aside, i agree with this post.
  • Nice post.

    Guild exchange - I would love to be able to gift more gear. Recently a guild buddy requested gear I had 500+ of but I could only gift him one or two.
  • Revi
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    All this is useful apart from shops update, just sounds like you want those changes so you can get those toons quicker... lol
  • Rex's ship is in GW shipments. Just rare.
  • I'd like to be able to donate mods in the gear exchange as well to help out the lower level players.
  • Rework mods so that something other than speed actually has value. Right now if the mod doesn't have speed showing as a secondary it is useless to me and I just sell it - even gold ones usually. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Oh, and improve moving mods around. It's just painful and has to be done with up on another comp. Not portable at all. Takes me a solid hour to re-mod a team of five usually.
  • Arena - being able to choose from all opponents in range instead of refreshing 274 times until the best availible is shown, who you accidently skip because you already pressed refresh or you in the meantime is being locked by another person.

    Ally points - a slider to choose how many times you want to spend ally points, so it doesnt take 4 hours to use 100k point.

    +1 This.

    1. There should be a squad management button.
    2. When building the squads, there should be a button to clear all current mods in order to select the ones you desire.
    3. When selecting the squad for battle, you should have the option to pay X amount of credits to swap mods or "keep current".

    This would greatly affect how I play the game because I do not clear off all the mods and then go through and select just the right ones for just the right character. This would be a huge quality of life update.
  • @Revi You're almost right. I'd like to have a couple of those toons 7*. But my main point about adding some new toons to shipments every now and than is that it's not fun that you collect currency and cannot spend it in the shop. I have all the toons in Arena shipments, GW shipments and Cantina shipments at 7*.

  • Some of the suggestions seem to go beyond QOL things. (Not objecting to the ideas, just probably helpful to keep QOL discussion separate from things like improving rewards.)

    Other QOL suggestions:

    Add "Multi Sim" button to ship challenges (as they have for regular challenges). That would save 4 extra clicks per day (and considerably more on Mondays).
    Highlight the guild activity of the day on the main screen. (If it is light side battles, have a little marker/light/whatever on light side battles, etc.)
    Shipments, show how many of the given gear item I have on the base shipments screen (so I don't have to touch the item to find out if I have tons, or still need). Could show the actual number, or just some mark to indicate ones I have less than 100 of (for basic shipments).
    In shipments involving shards - add a mark to show which characters/ships I already have 7 star (or have enough crystals for 7 star, even if I don't have them that way). This would be particularly nice as we get more and more characters and ships, some of whom look nearly identical (jawas, lukes, x-wings, stormtroopers). Then if I want to get excess shards for the shard shop - I know which ones to hit. If I want to check who I don't have in a shop, can see at a glance.
  • Everything that can track stars for completion should be sim-able at 3* (e.g. Credit Heist).

    All missions should allow selections from your pre-made squads (e.g. some special events aren't).

    Get rid of the delay timers on Challenges, or at least drop them when you've 3*'d them.

    Allow squads to be edited even outside of running a mission or event.

    Add filters to squad editor (e.g. show only Jedi).

    In the character screen, add a symbol for gear that cannot be filled so that it's easier to spot completely maxxed out gear vs G11 but can still add a few pieces. There's the yellow-ish X for when you have a piece but can't fit for level restriction. How 'bout a yellow-ish gear piece.
  • The Quality of Life update I would be most interested in seeing is a way to sort your mods by primary and secondary stats in addition to the set type. It would take all the headache out of it for me.

    A slider for purchasing data packs would be nice.

    As would a multi sim button for fleet.

    Improved guild chat would be excellent. Especially if it allowed hyperlinks.

    Detailed raid history would be excellent too. Being able to look at individual attempt stats instead of just absolute damage totals could lead to a lot more people getting the hang of raiding a lot faster.

    Picking your opponent in both PvP brackets would be a nice addition as well.

    It would be nice to see a tweaking of the algorithms that control the random stores so that characters that are already 7 star are less likely to appear than ones that aren't. but that's probably asking too much.
  • It would be nice to see a tweaking of the algorithms that control the random stores so that characters that are already 7 star are less likely to appear than ones that aren't. but that's probably asking too much.

    Heck, I want to see all the toons you have at 7* taken out of the non-random stores (I'm looking at you, GW and Arena).

    Since you can spend 400 tokens to get 5 shards for characters you already have at 7*, and then the only use for those shards is for Shard Shop currency where 5 shards = 75 **** currency, as a QoL issue, just remove every character that a player already has at 7*, and as soon as a single character has been removed from that store, add a button to buy 75 **** currency for 400 Tokens.

    I once bought a toon on my primary account that I had 7*'d but needed on my 2ndary account. If that toon wasn't there, I couldn't have made that mistake.

    Plus there are other toons that I haven't played in a long time, but I have 7*d because they were good during an earlier era or they're good for new players but lose value over time (Lumi). Sometimes I forget that I have a toon at 7* and have to click on the character's picture just to make sure (or I have to click to make sure I'm not thinking of a toon I need on my secondary account while I'm in my primary or vice versa).

    If you pull those toons and put in an **** currency button, mistakes are impossible, the shop is less cluttered, and you can make decisions easier & faster.
  • Good grief. the "****" is censoring out the abbreviation for "Shard Shop" ...presumably because National Socialists.
  • I like most of these suggestions especially the mod preset, and how about a bronzium reward table that scales with your character level?? I mean seriously 700 credits? I can't even switch out 1 mod for that... and the drops for daily completion for a lvl 85 character are weak too... best I can hope for is two pieces of salvage??

    One change that I have always wished for is an auction house for unused mods and gear... instead of giving me a few sheckles for un-needed mods would be great to get what the market says it's worth...

  • Arena opponent selection - if I hit regenerate, show me 3 new opponents. Often it only changes 1 or two of the opponents. Of course eventually it would start recycling, but if give me 3 new opponents with each refresh, would see my options quicker. (Or let me mark which one to keep on the list, then show me new ones in the other slots so I can narrow down who I want to fight.)

    Make it so one can reasonably tell from opponent selection screen (arena/gw) how tough this opponent really is. Make all the hidden extras apparent.
    Add symbol to indicate which opponents have zetas.
    Add some indicator of how heavily modded these opponents are. (e.g. portion of their power score that comes from mods (i.e. what power is - what would be if had no mods) might be a crude indicator)
    I shouldn't have to click through each character and their stat sheet just to get a general idea of how tough they are.

    Or, in arena, have it show average of how I have fared in the past against this opponent. (I often see same people in arena). My results will change as they or I use different teams, but an average of the last few encounters would help me recall who had that really heavily modded team which was so much harder than typical of that composition.

    Fix the censor in the in-game chat.
    Currently it reminds me of a game they play on "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue," in the game they play a popular song, and panelists bleep out words to make an innocuous song sound really filthy. In the same manner, since the in-game censor censors letter sequences that occur inside words, it tries to make normal words like cumulative seem naughty.

    In addition to the filter for squad editor idea, suggested above, add filter to character selection screen when preparing for a battle. As we get more and more characters, it gets really cumbersome to scroll through them all to find a particular one. If I could ask to just see my favorites, or if I know character I want is ewok (burried someplace in my list).
  • We could also do with a Watto's junk shop for trading useless gear. Trade in for better gear or specific character shards that can only be bought through the junk shop.
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    Darkkram wrote: »
    @Revi You're almost right. I'd like to have a couple of those toons 7*. But my main point about adding some new toons to shipments every now and than is that it's not fun that you collect currency and cannot spend it in the shop. I have all the toons in Arena shipments, GW shipments and Cantina shipments at 7*.

    Yeah I can see where your coming from, I also have all Arena and GW 7* apart from mob enforcer and I it is pretty useless having the currency just sat there.
  • Post an automated message when phase 4 of a raid is complete (and you have guild messages turned on), just as happens for phases 1-3. We have some people who can solo the whole rancor raid. If there was a phase 4 complete message, then they could wait until they see that message to finish their run (allowing others to have a chance).
    Currently the message only gets posted at the end of the whole raid, when it is no longer possible to score (not helpful to them).
  • @stohelit

    Excellent point. I've noticed that but it never occurred to me to list it here. +1 on your idea and +1000 to you for being smarter than me.
  • Thanks, MasterSeedy

    Further refinement on squad selection filters - make it optionally only show leaders (those who have a leader ability) for the first spot. (e.g. have a check box in the first spot you can select to only show leaders, but can leave it unchecked if you want to see everybody). This would make it easier to remember who has leader ability, and quicker to find whoever you want.
  • Raid QOL improvement.
    Automatic raid registration: Make way so every active player can get raid rewards. (e.g. Everyone who logged in or did some in game activity during 24 [or 48] hours before the raid ended gets in at the 0 damage tier as long as thy have one or more characters which would qualify to take part.) This would simplify guild management (policing raid policies, etc.). It would also mean one less bit of busywork for people to do to register. If you make it an optional setting, then the guild could decide if wanted to do their own thing (different registration length, etc.), or just use the automated system.

    Guild search/summary:
    • include start time and level of last raid completed. (Adjust the start time to my time zone.)
    • include time of guild reset (adjusted to my time zone).
    • Let me search for guilds based on guild time zone, raid start time, and auto-registration policy. (Specify ranges for times).
  • Id like to see 'Arena' included under the character selection filter and have it display your active arena squad.
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