OweMeOne open to join

We are a guild of free 2 play players who are level 80+. Looking for 20 players to join with us and grow with us. We are close to doing Heroic Pit and do Normal Tank Takedown. Depending on strength and number of new members we could try Heroic Tank takedown. We are US based.

Members are easy going and help each other when asked for advice. Discord is not mandatory but I have it. Feel free to send me an ally invite or message on discord.

My ally code: 654-361-757

Discord: Asha'man#9543


  • Hey Asha, I sent you a discord request. I am interested in working with you
  • Got your message. Still accepting new member.
  • Hi Asha_man, are you still looking for a merge? We at Sarlaccs revenge have 30 active players.18 of them are level 85. We are doing heroic rancor, but due to numbers aren't really at HAAT stage. Of course we would prefer that others came to us, but our leader is open to discussion about shifting either way. We are in the game for fun, but are realistic enough to know that we can't be competitive with the HAAT or get the the maximum rewards from TB if we don't have a bigger group of players.We use discord channel https://discord.gg/GDJ89MG, and our leaders discord is thejayhaykid#2456.
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