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  • KnightGoblin,
    Would love talk to you guys, if you're on Discord Blue89#1590
    Otherwise my ally code 767 574 549

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    New Reckoning Order is looking to fill around 10-15 spots for our guild. We would be interested in a smaller guild or group of individual players who are active daily & looking to join our ranks.

    Our Roster

    Presently we have around 25-30 players who are active daily. There is a good mix of p2p & f2p members. 5-10 of those players are Level 85, have dozens of 7*, and many GL11/zeta toons. We have a few CLS & Thrawn toons, as well as the now standard EP & Yoda. Another 10 just hit Level 85 and are playing catch up maxing out toons. The last 10 are grinding their way into more advanced gameplay. We have a good mix of synergies across our rosters & are constantly grinding new ones. Almost everyone is grinding their daily guild challenges & we rarely don't hit the 15k daily ticket allotment. Our Galactic Power score is over 35 million.


    On average we raid 2-3 7* Rancors a week & 2 6* Tanks. The only rule we ask is to follow the 24 hour Rancor rule so everyone can check in & get rewards then it's a free for all. If we had more high end players we could start the 7* AAT raid, but we're just short on extra damage dealers on P1/3.

    Contact Info

    Search for our Guild: New Reckoning Order
    Add me as an ally: 685-531-367
    Join us on Line chat:
    Join our Facebook group: New Reckoning Order

    Happy grinding & may the force be with you!
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  • 212TH DELTAs 2nd Battalion is a newly formed sister guild to 212TH DELTAs. Looking for 60+ level members, who want to grow with a great guild. Plenty of room for growth and officer positions. We will do as many raids as possible.

    US based - EST time zone

    Members: 2

    Come and have fun!
  • Hi all,
    Our guild is looking for new members or maybe a small guild to merge with.
    We are ~25 active members. Most of us reached level 85.
    Rancor raid is most of the times finished in 1-2 hours. Most of us have 7stared raid Han already. Normal AAT raid is finished in one day. For heroic aat raid we need more endgame players.
    When playing rancor raid, we have a 24h register rule, meaning in the first 24 hours no damage is allowed. So everybody will receive rancor rewards.
    If you are interested in joining our guild, feel free to join or contact us.
    For guild communication we use the in game chat and our own discord server.
    Guild Name: Styler Force Crew 23
    Guild leader time zone: CET
    Guild language: EN / DE
    Ally Code: 171-267-619
    Discord: faiko#9782
    Hope to hear soon from you!
    Best regards,
  • Hey Everybody,
    My guild Liam Neeson Lightsaber is looking to merge with a new guild. We are a guild of players of many levels (50-85).
    We do raids as often as we can. We can finish Rancor Raid 7. We can't finish level 7 tank raid yet.
    We use guild chat to communicate.
    We have around 25 members right now.
    We could probably take a couple more than 25.
    Guild Leader time zone: PST
    Guild Language: English
    Ally Code: 895-514-748
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  • Hi all

    Lightsabers are looking for members to join our guild.
    We are mostly based out of South Africa but have members from Europe and the US and make the raid times work for all.
    We use Discord as a outside chat app
    My tag is: DukEMorne#1499
    or: Elvensky#5651

    We currently do Rancor T6, just nee 1 or 2 more to get us over the hump for T7 and run Normal Tank raids.
    Merging with someone else might also be a option if no takers are found( if I can convince the guild leader)

  • cking
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    Han Lives is looking to fill 5-10 slots with a small guild or group of people that are looking for a new guild. We are a mix of f2p and p2p and are on the brink of HAAT (but would be easy with a few more recruits). We are US based with Heroic Rancor and T6 AAT raids starting Wednesday and Sunday around 630 PST. We are a friendly guild and super laid back, no obligation to send screenshots of 600 raid tickets or a mandatory 3rd party chat option, but we do have a kik channel if you want to chat outside of the restrictive in-game chat. The only rules we have are a 24 hr 0 damage phase for all rancor raids, and to treat everyone else in the guild with respect.
    Add me (Cking) with ally code 954-199-478 or search for our guild Han Lives
  • I have space for guilds between 10-25 players in size. We do T5&6 Rancor and T6 AAT. We are working towards Heroic. We are participating in Territory Battles and have spots to fill. Main requirement is to be as active as possible. You can reach out to me on LINE: dil_domee and Discord: Dil_Domee#6428. My ally code is 472-568-142
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    Rising Heroes - we are a looking for a small number of people to fill our ranks as we've had people go inactive over the last few months. We run heroic pit several times a week and are getting closer to haat. We are a chill group with a mix of f2p and p2p, newer to 2 years+
  • Order of Reapers is looking for good players to help fill our ranks

    Min level of 50
    500 points daily:
    5pm pst raid times
    Current raids are:
    24 hr registration on Heroic Rancor
    FFA on opening of NAAT

    Leader: Reaper

    Line ID: xiluin

    Ally code: 548-433-529

    Looking for small guilds too join up with us and make OOR stronger.
  • BamaJedi wrote: »
    The name of our guild is Jediville 2.

    Our guild leader disbanded us with no warning in the middle of last phase of T6 Rancor and last phase of NAAT and we managed to pull the main core back together but lost several. We have room for any number of people. We would be hesitant to leave our current guild to join another due to what just happened to us and prefer another guild join us.

    We do a rotation of T4-T6 Rancor. T4 and T5 are for lower levels to gain experience and get raid credit. The stronger players hold back but we still finish these in a day. T6 Raid takes us 4-5 days.

    We are currently doing Normal Tank Raid.

    We are casual guild with no ticket restrictions, we have daily players as well as players who play when they have time. The only restriction is to stay active within 30 days or you get kicked. We play for fun and help each other with strategy. We have discord chat but it's not required.

    If anyone chooses to join us the leader and whichever officers they want would become officers. The only task of the officers is to start Raids and invite players. If a Raid gets abandoned by an officer, that officer gets demoted.

    We are mostly level 80+ and 70+ with a couple slightly lower that just recently started.

    Is your guild still available for merging? My clan has quite a bit of room if you would like to assimilate into our group.
  • "Wookies Always Win!" is open to fill 5-7 spots in our HAAT and TB team.

    A few things about us:

    -US-based, raid times rotating between 9 and 10pm ET start

    -Heroic Rancor is on farm (complete in ~10 minutes after 24 hour no damage period)

    -HAAT on farm - we've all got our GKs from HAAT now!

    -Very active, friendly guild (28K tickets/day) - but we also our raids so we do them 5-6 times per week

    -71M+ guild GP and climbing quickly

    You would be a great fit if:

    -You are active, friendly players - 600 tickets is the goal so we can all farm more gear and shards!

    -Target of GP >1.5M per player, preference given to folks with CLS, Hoth Rebel soldier to 5* or higher, and/or Hoth Rebel Scout

    -Willing to use Discord. We have an active server with members sharing information and helping each other

    We are looking to further strengthen our guild by replacing some of our more inactive members, and we would love for you to join us!

    If interested - PM here or find me on Discord (Pyrimis#8522) if interested.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!
  • Baron_1 wrote: »
    Greetings fellow warriors. We are High Counselors.

    We area a US based guild. Refresh is 6:30 CST. We are a fun, casual but still competitive guild. Our chats consist of everything from sports to this game to just things in life. All officers and about half the guild split from our previous guild yesterday. We had several that were not participating or following rules. Mature players prefered.

    We are looking for active players level 80 and up. Preferrably have multiple 7* toons. Preferably geared 9 and higher. We are all level 85 with multiple 7* gear 11 toons. For instance I have 56 7* toons. 5 are gear 11. And I'm average in our guild.

    Pit Raid. No damage for 24 hrs. After that only those that do not have Han maxed may do Dmg and even then it's only one team. Even with these rules pit raid will only last 30-45 minutes after the 24 HR no Dmg time.

    In our previous guild we were completing AAT raid in about six hours. we are close to competing in HAAT but we need members that will work as a team and follow some simple guidelines. Our main objective right now is completing HAAT.

    Daily 600 highly prefered but not required. We all have lives and understand that some days it's hard to get done.

    Unless communicated with officers or leader for special circumstances. No activity in 7 days and you will be booted.

    We use Discord to communicate but not required. It's just a little easier to communicate there than in game chat.

    We are very laid back but love this game and take it seriously.

    My discord is Baron Samedi #1200

    Ally Code 947-152-916

    Also it is an open guild right now so no invite is required just look us up and join. High Counselors.

    Or you can PM if interested.

    Guild Merge. Looking for 10-15 liked minded guild mates to help make us even stronger than we are. We really appreciate it if you consider merging with us.

    Do you have room in your guild for 7 members. I run a guild but we haven't had any success in recruiting. There is 2 of us at lvl 80+ and 1 right behind at 77. We are trying to do hardcore rancor but haven't got there yet.
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    Magic Elements
    looking to fill spots, 9 slots availible
    Discord compatible
    Tank: currently first tier (currently no rules)
    Rancor: tier 6 (24 hour wait time to allow everyone to reserve a place) (starts at 12 am central)
    Full Participation in territory battles is required
    Must be active (inacitivity with no notice for a long time results in a kick)
  • KøRbantis

    We are looking to merge with another guild. We are looking for the top 8-10 players in a guild @ 1m GP+ with some proper TB teams; preferably closer to a 1.5m GP average.

    We can trade our bottom 8-10 that are being replaced for the top 8-10 from the other guild to ensure the lower guild is able to continue with 50 members. Or we can provide space for our 8-10 that would be replaced in one of the other 25+ guilds in the KOR network. Also we could talk about bringing the lower guild into KOR upon merger. For more details contact Eardane on Line chat or Eardane#4544 on Discord

    *65m guild GP and increasing. Could easily be over 70-75m GP if we get 8-10 members @ 1-1.5 in place of our 8-10 low members.

    *One of the top Haat guilds in the KøR network of 25+ guilds.

    *Haat 2x a week hpit 3x a week.

    If you know where I can find 8-10 active players @ 1m-1.5m+ GP contact Eardane on Line chat or Eardane#4544 on Discord
  • @Ghostdogg - Are you still looking for a guild for your group to join?

    We have 13 openings in Rowdy Rancors ( and are trying to fill up with active players. We do 0 damage for 24 hours on the rancor then kill it in about an hour. We are optimistic that we will be able to clear our first haat in the next month or two. Raids start at 8 p.m. ET

    If your group is willing to contribute 500-600 tickets daily and complete the guild activities regularly, we'd love to have you.
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    OweMeOne is recruiting. We are a guild of 23, looking to merge with a guild of similar stature or several smaller guilds. Mostly lvl 85 players. All 23 are active. We are about to start Heroic Rancor and we do NAAT. GP of 15,000,000+. Ideally the new members would get their 600 daily for more raiding and gearing up for everyone.

    Feel free to send me a message on here. Also can be reached on line or discord.

    Line: Asha'man
    Discord: Asha'man#9543
  • Our guild is "Sith Outta Luck" and we're looking for about seven active members to finish out our roster. We do Heroic Rancor and NAAT (getting closer to HAAT).

    Rules Include:

    Discord Requirement (with TB and HAAT strategies, how can we get by without it?)

    Daily Active (No strict 600 ticket requirement, but daily activity is encouraged. 3 days absence=Removal.)

    0 Damage Period on Rancor (This ranges from 20-24 hours, depending on tickets at reset. Specifics are communicated on Discord)

    Heroic Rancor Raid Times are Currently 11 AM EST and 11PM EST. NAAT may soon have a similar schedule as it is typically completed within a single reset.

  • Join the Ghosts of Sparta today!

    We currently have around 7 spare spaces and want to max out for TB.
    We also want people to contribute towards HAAT when we start that.
    We are a friendly guild and our only ask if that you contribute. Hit me up on here if you are interested!
    Alternatively, hit me up on Discord: Don Pedro X#5134
    PS. Please don't messege me asking if we want to join an Alliance or if we want to join you because that's not what this post is asking. We want to integrate 7 into our guild.
    We are good, and joining with us would be good for you.

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    Hello everyone, Chalmun's Cantina is recruiting. We are a friendly guild of 41 with only about 25 to 30 still active. We are looking for a guild of 20 to 25 or several smaller guilds to merge with us. Please do not ask us to merge into your guild. We are also open to accepting single members looking for a guild to join. We are very close to completing Heroic Rancor (with new recruits we should be able to complete) and we do NAAT. Ideally the new members will contribute their 600 daily but won't get kicked if you miss. We ask that if you plan on being absent more than a couple days you let us know in advance. If you are interested, message me on here or on "Line" my username on "Line" is otaku1331. My ally code is 232-964-343. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Greetings,
    We are currently looking to add 1 player to our team, If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and friendly guild without any strict requirements, look no further!
    What are we seeking:
    We have no strict requirements other than to be active and helpful. As mentioned above, we are a casual guild so you won't find any elitist attitudes or strict requirements, only to be near daily active. We are currently farming Heroic Rancor and Heroic AAT.
    If interested, please PM me your ally code, or simply send me an invite in-game via 415-932-197
    Thanks, IronBorg
    Guild: StarForge Alpha
  • Tanaka Clan is looking for 5-10 new guild members who are ready to dominate the holotables. We currently raid Heroic Pit, Normal Tank (close to heroic though), and are doing well in TB. We are CST and both raids currently have a 24 hour time rule of 0 damage to help those who cant get in fast enough. Raids open when enough tickets are present and go live the next day at 7:30pm CST. Our GP is at 49.4 million and rising fast. The guild is super friendly and are F2P.

    What we are looking for:
    Level 85
    4 teams capable of doing at least 2% damage in Heroic Tank
    1 million overall personal GP
    willingness to help guild -> 600 energy (or close to it), gear donations (where you can)

    We use discord and you can contact me at ShadyRage#9071 or you can send me a message here.

  • The Coalition of the Willing is looking for a small group of 5 to replace some of our high level alt accounts as we prep for Territory Battles and a HAAT run on 8 September. We are on track to hit 15+ Stars in the current Territory Battle so that everyone will earn a prize box.

    We formed by merging three smaller guilds over the last few months, and we are primarily based in the USA with some European members. We use LINE to coordinate guild activities as well as share tips and information on the game.

    Guild Reset: 12:30 PM EDT
    Guild Galactic Power: 36+ Million

    Heroic Rancor:
    - 24 Hour Zero Damage Registration
    - Damage period opens 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) at 9 PM EDT
    - One Team attack per person
    - 15 minute delay posting per phase that you solo to allow max participation through damage stacking
    • P1 Solo Runs @ 9:15 PM
    • P2 Solo Runs @ 9:30 PM
    • P3 Solo Runs @ 9:45 PM
    • P4/Pit Solo runs post at 10 PM
    - No back to back Top 3 finishes to share the extra prize box love

    Normal AAT:
    - 24 Hour Zero Damage Registration
    - One team attack per account per phase
    - Staggered Damage periods to allow people to test out their HAAT teams:
    • P1 @ 1 PM EDT
    • P2 @ 7 PM EDT
    • P3 @ Immediately after P2 drops (~7:30 PM EDT)
    • P4 @ 11 AM EDT

    Guild Rules:
    1. Be a decent person. We removed toxic players in the past that couldn't be respectful of other members. Most of us have full-time jobs and families, so we have zero patience for dealing with immature people that try to harass other guild members.
    2. Be active. The expectation is 600 per day, but we all have lives outside of this game so just let us know ahead of time if you are heading on vacation and wont be able to play.
    3. Use LINE so you can receive updates for the raids / territory battles.
    4. Follow the Raid Rules posted above. These rules were implemented to ensure every guild member gets a chance to earn raid rewards and an opportunity to participate in the various phases.
    If our guild sounds like a good fit for you, shoot me a message on LINE and we can discuss things in more detail.

    LINE ID: grantasaurus
    Ally Code: 492-762-819
  • Calamitous Intent is looking for up to 10 members. The core of this guild has been playing for a long time. It's a fun and friendly group.

    We do heroic raids every 2-3 days. We follow the 0 damage rule (first 24 hours of the pit raid everyone only deals 0 damage to the rancor to ensure that everyone gets in and gets rewards).

    We do tier 6 of the AAT raid and we'll be able to do heroic when the Thrawn event comes. Maybe sooner with your help!

    Here's our link to -

    We chat in the app but a lot of the discussion happens in Discord.

    If you're interested you can PM me here or on Discord, I'm dontangg#9117
  • I S1TH MY PANTS is looking for people to join their ranks. We have 26 members ranging across all levels but most are 60 and above. We are looking for anybody who is active and would like to have fun to join us. If you need more room than 24 slots let us know and we can work with you to get everybody in. If interested contact myself, ally code 357-972-517. You can also contact Jon, his ally code is 654-351-728.
  • The Ether is looking for players/small guilds to join us. We have plenty of spots as we are only 15 strong now.
    We just started the heroic pit raid, and will continue that, currently doing the normal talk raid but will try heroic in the near future once our numbers are up a bit.
    We are a very mixed group, from level 23 up to 85, with about half being 85.
    Very friendly group, most are on discord, most ftp. We try to get as much in the way of raid points each day, but aren't super sticklers about it. If you miss a day here and there, no biggie. We will boot you if you go weeks without participating, but we all have lives too.

    Luke#7068 on discord

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    Tight knit group of about 15 (give or take) dedicated players who have been in this game since the beginning. all able to solo heroic rancor, all capable of doing H-AAT. been struggling to find members to join our guild so we all decided to think about a merger. If there are any guilds interested in having about 15 hard hitters join the fight with them please contact me. Our guild currently is great white buffaloes.

    update: we have found a guild and i appreciate the almost overwhelming response! thank you everyone for considering us!

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