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    Please add a way of viewing who participated and who didn't in Territory Battle Combat Missions. There is a small counter saying how many participated that mission, but not who. This addition would really help guild management.
    For example show a list of all that participated, which team they used and how many waves completed. Also show in the list who haven't completed the combat mission yet.
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  • Sewpot
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    Got mine.
  • No. Don't list who did. List who DID NOT. This should be a much smaller list that provides immediate actionable information that does not require additional work by guild officers.

  • That would be very useful. And "GP left to deploy" by individual for the same reason.
  • No. Don't list who did. List who DID NOT. This should be a much smaller list that provides immediate actionable information that does not require additional work by guild officers.

    Good point, updated my suggestion!

  • How many stars your guild has achieved?
  • Close the game and reopen. 1st doesnt matter, everyone in the guild gets the exact same.
  • Boo
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    Did anyone else get locked out of Phase 6 yesterday.

    My whole guild were buzzing about it all day yesterday. The strange thing is that we got at least 1 star in each area of every phase before that.

    TB for us just kept us stuck on Phase 5 all day - is there some requirement or something to progress to phase 6????
  • Nightlores
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    I loved Territory Battles, but why was there no Boss Battle in the end?
    Who wouldn't love battling an AT-AT?
  • It was in your imagination.
  • I hope they employ an AT-AT in the future.
  • Boo
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    I like the new TB feature/Event and do not want to complain about it...But, even after requirements are met for certain missions, the difficulty is crazy.

    Firstly - Difficulty: Missions requiring 5* toons I could not beat with almost maxed 7* team - everything goes fine until battle 6 of 6 and the opponent team seems to pretty much one-shot each of my team members.

    Why does the difficulty in this game always jump from being a manageable challenge to utter insanity? I would understand it being a challenge with the required 5* toons, but level 85, well-modded 7* toons at gear levels 9-11 should be a cakewalk for a 5* toon requirement mission.

    I have to say that the ship missions are fun and enjoyable - but the regular missions are insane and cannot be completed for me past phase 3.

    Please feel free to look at my roster in my signature line. Although I am f2p, I have been playing since this game was released and my roster (for f2p) is pretty extensive I think - I would hate to imaging what impact TB is having on lower end players and guilds - probably not even worth the effort.

    Secondly - Time: The time to complete TB is huge (with all daily tasks etc as well as any ongoing guild raids) and TB is currently released over a 6 day period (1 phase per day) this will destroy family life on a weekend when TB is to run over only a few days (a weekend event) as opposed to 6. This would mean we would be required to beat at least 2 phases per day and as you all know, most phases have multiple areas - this is simply too much time to invest. Some players will not be able to participate (due to this time issue), again, how will this impact players and guilds going forward?

    Thirdly - Rewards: With the amount of time, strategy and guild communication & participation for a massive guild multi-day event, I have to say the rewards were pretty dull. I don't think I am the only one with this issue, given the mountainous amount of other posts already talking about the poor rewards.

    Fourthly - Glitches: As we all know guild chat was a crucial feature to allow communication, participation and strategy amoung guild mates while taking part in this event. Guild chat was glitch through most of this event which prevented all of the above features required for team play.

    Furthermore - My entire guild was locked out of Phase 6 yesterday. We were all stuck in phase 5 unable to do anything. Was this a glitch? I do not remember there being any specific requirement to move from phase 5 to phase 6. Did anyone else have this issue???

    If the difficulty level could be managed in accordance with the majority of the playerbase - rather than just whales, cut the time duration down, provide better incentive to participate regarding rewards and fix all the glitches (despite TB being held back for release due to some known glitches already) I think that TB will be a great feature to the game going forward.
  • I wondering why the whole thing is removed, now that it's over? Because with the other Raids, you can look at the previous results.

    I was hoping the setup was still there, so I can take a look at our Guild's final results from the participants.
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  • Does leaderboard schouldn't refreshing now... he still showing stars from previous TB and not inludes actual progres....

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