New Jedi Order wants YOU (Heroic Sith Champions; 150m GP; 44/45*s in TBs) 1 Open Spot

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And what do YOU get out of this?

Well for one, a free T-shirt (currently being designed). And wicked loots!

A little about us

*Guild Refresh is at 7:30 EST. We have players from all around the world and rotate raid start times so it works for everyone.
*We run raids as often as possible as we have the currency

**What we are looking for**

*Players that are active and interested in all modes, specifically the STR, TWs and TBs.
-Galactic Power of 2.8M+

*Players that hit their 600 daily.
*Also we need players that are on discord to help us communicate for Territory Battles, Wars and the Sith Raid

Any questions, feel free to ask!
-Castor Troy (Discord Castor Troy#1641)
New Jedi Order (41*; 102M GP) - Recruiting for Territory Battles
NJO2 - Recruiting all levels of players for Heroic AAT and Rancor
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