Feral Rancors! +164M GP HSTR on Farm looking for 2

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Feral Rancors is an established guild looking for a few dedicated players.
We are an independent guild full of mature, friendly, and well organized players.

About Us:
Current GP: 164mil (48/50)
Time Zone: US EDT, but we have members from all over the world.
Avg Arena Rank: 68
Avg Fleet Rank: 42
Raids: 8PM and 9PM EST
More Info: We’re collaborative and team-focused with a superior territory war win-rate. Communication is important. Hoth: 44* LSTB/46* DSTB. GeoDS: 19 stars. TW: 58W/19L

About You
GP: 3M GP OR Focused Roster
Tickets: 600/day

Why Join Us?
We’re a tight-knit group with competitive spirit. We’re invested in winning, but we keep it fun.

My ally code is; 464-597-399
You can find us at https://swgoh.gg/g/20324/feral-rancors/
You can contact me on discord at Lion Harte#2489
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