Guild Job Fair MAY 2017! [New Hires] [Non-Heroic and New Guilds]


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    Knights Of The Fallen Empire

    We are a very motivated but casual guild looking for just a couple more daily players to fill out our roster. We are a mixture of F2P and P2P players so no requirements are placed on members to farm specific characters, ships or gear. Our core group of 45 players are very active with most playing daily. We have another 2 or three that are more casual and will be replaced by more active players as they are recruited.

    We believe in keeping things fun so rules and regulations will remain minimal and leadership will not micro-manage. We make investing in our players a priority and our top players are happy to help whenever available. We have a collection of resources on Line including documents and spreadsheets covering raid strategy, buff/debuff details and mod specification/placement. Our 'Education & Development' officer holds regular 'Jedi Academies' that cover one or two topics in detail and allows players to ask any questions they have in an interactive setting.

    We have an active Line channel that all members must join and we encourage everyone to join us on our Discord server as well. Friendly chat is encouraged but not required, the Line app is required to coordinate heroic raids and territory battles.

    If you're more interested in enjoying the game with a community of fun and supportive players than you are big alliances and the leaderboard this is the guild for you. Don't miss this opportunity to join a great group of people committed to growing not only as players but also as a community.

    If you're already an accomplished player with a roster to brag about and the skills to back it up (Lvl 85, 30+ 7 star, 10+ Gear 11, haat ready team(s)) this is a fantastic opportunity to get in, help us reach hAAT and earn your place in the top of the guild. Two members of this caliber would help complete our transition to hAAT.

    We are running T7 'Heroic' Pit raids regularly but will occasionally run lower tier raids if lower level players need it. We haven't done one in several months so it is a rare occurrence and will be phased out completely soon. We are currently very focused on hAAT preparation and of course Territory Battles. We recently attempted our first hAAT and couldn't quite make it but we learned a great deal and with your help we can conquer it soon. We have few rules but they are listed below with the rest of our pertinent information:

    Guild Name - Knights 0f The Fallen Empire Profile -
    Guild Leader - Uriah (contact info below)
    Timezone - Central Standard Time (CST)/GMT-6; Central Daylight Time (CDT)/GMT-5 (Summer)
    Guild Reset - 07:30pm CDT
    Language - English
    Playerbase - F2P and P2P
    Game Communications - Line (mandatory) and Discord
    Galactic Power - 35 - 40 million

    Raid Information - Running Tier 7 Pit raids 2-3 times a week; nAAT every 3-4 days; all raids have a mandatory 24hr no damage registration period to allow everyone an opportunity to get on the scoreboard; frequency of raids is limited by raid ticket generation only, two - three active daily players would increase frequency tremendously; we will have hAAT on farm in the very near future.

    New Member Requirements - players level 80 - 85; minimum of five 7 star toons; install Line application and join guild channel; generate 600/600 raid tickets at least 80% of the time; participate in raids and territory battles; maintain a profile (if needed we will help you with this during the recruiting process); inactivity limit of 7 days without prior notice; minimum galactic power of 1 million; ideal candidates will have at least 1 hAAT ready team and preferably do not have General Kenobi yet; above all treat all members with respect and enjoy yourself

    If interested we prefer you use the link below to join our 'Recruiting' channel on Line but you can also PM '@shakeybob' here on the forum or contact us on Line using the link and contact information below:

    The link below will allow you to join our Recruiting channel on the Line application:

    If you prefer to contact someone directly the information to do do follows:

    Recruiting Staff - Shakeybob
    Ally Code - 462-662-911
    Line ID - Shakeybob

    Guild Leader - Uriah
    Ally Code - 653-564-845
    Line ID - og_uri

    Come help us conquer the galaxy and have fun doing it. Hope to hear from you soon, you won't regret it.
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    Team of Tresh looking for players!!

    Hey all, we are a smallish guild of around 13 looking to expand a little. We're very casual and don't have any formal requirements, yet we are fairly active as well. All levels and play style accepted! DM me or add my ally code: 446-499-124. Join the Treshes!
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    Grey Fox recruiting

    Small but chatty guild

    Great for players lvl 40-65

    Heroic Rancor take a couple of days

    Normal Tank takes weeks!!

    Sociable bunch offering advice, gear and good times!
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    Sentinels of the Force is recruiting!

    Currently around 35/50 members but have a couple of merges in the works after this week's TBs.

    Looking for players of any level, we just ask for all of our members to do their best to get 600 raid tickets per day (and pretty much everyone does)

    Doing T3-T6 Rancor Raid and NAAT

    Very fun group of people. Guild is part of a 3 team alliance with many experienced players that can give you great advice to get you on the fast track to being competitive in all aspects of the game!

    My ally code is 552-456-477, feel free to add me and find the guild a little easier :)

    Team Discord:
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    We are looking for that special someone....

    Guild Name: OB 1 More Round
    Members: 49/50 USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & Mexico
    Levels: 60-85 Welcome!
    Timezone: EST
    Territory Battles: 15 Stars
    Normal tank Raid (Twice a week)
    Heroic Rancor (3 times a week)
    Top 2000 Guild
    Guild GP: 32 Million
    Last Inactive: Everyone less than a day except for that one dude..
    1. We have a 1 day delay on beating the rancor so everyone can get credit and rewards.
    2. We celebrate each other's victories
    3. We help out those who seek to learn and grow together
    4. We share our recommendations on good beer, no fair hoarding it all to yourself!

    The best of the rest:
    Looking for a friendly low stress guild that gets you those Han Solo shards 3 times a week? Want to throw a few drinks back while working on your HAAT team? Well look no further! OB 1 More Round is a US EST reset guild, but all nations are welcome!
    We are looking to take the leap to HAAT raids and could use your help! And if we don't make it, we can always drink to forget about it and come up with Darth Maul puns.
    We can beat normal tank in 1 day (heroic rancor no problem) and open to growing with lower level members.
    Our last HAAT attempt we got 70% through phase 2 so I am sure we will complete it within a month or 2. (next attempt is this week!)
    We know there are other obligations in life (like drinking) so we just ask to try to play when you can and have fun on the chat!
    Message me if interested (we only have 1 spot open)
    Line app is required, but we have both a strategy and casual thread so revel in attack plans or get schnockered in the Keg party that is the Casual Lounge!
    May the Buzz be with you!
    Ally code: 734443458
    Line ID: seantshields
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    Academy of Jedis

    Looking for a relaxed guild to join? A place with no pressures to log in daily. You've come to the right place.

    Currently with 12 members, ranging from lvl 34-69 (with a couple 85s), Academy of Jedis is a guild where you can work on leveling up your characters at your own pace. We don't pressure you to log in every day to make ticket quotas.

    Raids are launched when we have enough tickets to do so. We're currently running Tier 3 Rancor raids. May move up to Tier 4 as soon as members are comfortable with kicking things up a notch.

    Now for the rules,
    Be courteous of everyone.
    Even though you don't have to log in every day, please log in at least once every 2 weeks to avoid being removed.

    Guild reset occurs at 6:30pm CST.

    Send me an ally request and I'll invite you to join.
    Player Name: Tenel Ka
    Ally code is: 638-767-171
    Tenel Ka
    Ally Code: 638-767-171
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    GotW Recruitment Center is looking for 15-20 more players that want to learn and grow in the game. All levels are welcome!

    We rotate T4-6 Pit Raids and have enough tickets to do Naat now, but I would like to fill the guild up before running it.

    GotW is an Alliance of 5 Sister Guilds that all run Haat and Hpit + this Training Guild to learn in.

    We use Line for Guild and Alliance Communications so that you can ask for help when wanted or needed.

    So come have some fun and learn from some experienced folk at GotW.

    You can find me on Line: Johtr

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    Starwolf is an active guild. We currently have 46/50 members and you could round out our squad nicely! We are running about 32M GP right now but that's been boosted by more than 8M in the last two weeks alone! We got 13 stars in TB the first week and 19 last week. You can help us get even more!

    We raid often. Currently, we have Heroic Rancor on farm (24 hour no damage period) and are getting close to HAAT. We strongly encourage 600 tickets a day but we know life happens. The only reason you could be kicked is if you aren't active for longer than 7 days in a row, or you break the 24 hour rule for raids. We raid at 9:30 PM EST whenever we get enough tickets to launch.

    Join us for a fun loving guild trying to get better! You can make a difference! We welcome all players!

    Search Starwolf
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    Hello there,

    I am Dash Rendar. I am an officer for the Dirty Scoundrels. We are a friendly guild that is looking to increase active membership so that we may soon take on the Heroic AAT. We are a good mix of experienced players and some newer ones, supporting each other so everyone improves.The majority of our members are level 85. We have been removing inactive members to make way for new ones. And that could be you!

    Level minimum: 70

    Membership: 44/50

    Time Zone: Eastern

    Raids: 2 Heroic Rancor a week (Monday, Thursday) and 1 Normal AAT (Saturday).

    Communication via Discord.

    Very active guild donations, no required heroes, and 0 damage window on Rancor so everyone can reap the rewards.

    If you have any questions or are interested in joining us on our adventures, please contact me or send me an ally request. We would be happy to have you.

    My ally code is 876-514-682. My user name on Discord is Dash Rendar #5162

    May the Force be with you.

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    Sigma Alliance Chi

    Hello! We're a mainly European based guild (Though we take people from all over), part of the larger Sigma cluster. We have about 15 spots open currently. Currently running T6 rancor, with a guild GP of 18M. Looking to move on and up, and with your help, we definitely can! The biggest reason to join Sigma? If you feel that Chi is moving too fast or too slow, no problem! We've got guilds of all sorts, ranging from 35+ star TB to 10.

    3500 tickets/week
    Discord profile.

    Guild reset is 1730GMT, with 1830GMT raid times.

    Just message me here or on discord, TimGordon#5686. Happy farming!
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    Looking for members. Me and 2 others left our guild to start fresh, we are just looking for anyone active who needs a home. Come join us.
    Guild name: Kaylee
    Id: Menzemer
    Code: 421-476-728
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    Dr Evazan Cosmetic Surgery is recruiting!
    If you addicted the game this is the place for you. We are looking for people who play daily and do the daily guild ticket contributions. We do tier 7 Rancor, tier 6 Tank, and 15+ stars on Territory Battles.
    Rancor Rules:
    - We have a rotation for members to clear the pigs right away.
    - The first 24 hours everyone can do up to 300k damage to rancor.
    - At the 24 hour mark Rancor is free for anyone to attack.
    Tank Rules:
    - Free for all. Do as much damage as you can.
    Territory Battles:
    - Follow guild chat instructions on where to hit and which platoons to donate to.
    My IGN is MasterJediSkywalker, send me an ally invite and once I accept I can invite you to guild.
    My ally code is 273-468-789
    My SWGOH.GG page.
    Our Facebook page.
    Our Discord channel.
    Happy Hunting!
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    Polish guild ShadowOfTheForce looking for active players, we are mostly around lvl 50-70 with some 80+ players. We are making Rancor 3* and 4* stars and tankdown normal. We play for fun, all levels of players are kindly welcome, all you have to do is stay active and enjoy game with us.
    My ally code is: 163-385-453 . Just send invite
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    Baca Squad is an organized free to play guild that is looking for mature and equally organized talent.
    We are seeking level 80 or higher accounts with a minimum GP of 600,000
    We do not enforced a 600 guild bank minimum, but we do track participation, inactive participants will be removed from the guild.
    We have clearly defined raid strategies, as well as a detailed guild daily participation calendar to assure maximum guild currency rewards while maintaining a free to play culture.
    We encourage the use of the use of discord, please feel free to pop in and chat us up.
    We encourage the use of SWGoH.GG.

    We have HRancor on farm and are working towards HAAT, we average 13 stars in the Territory Battles.

    Please PM with you ally code or your SWGoH.GG link for an invite.
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    RESILIENCE is a English/ French guild in GMT+1 (I don't speak french and that has never been an issue) that competes in Heroic Rancor Raids (0% damage for 24H) and for now NAAT. We are trying to get some more active members. We are at about 40 active members right now. Our Guild Galactic Power is 45 million amd we reach at least 18 stars in TB which we want to improve. We are laid back and understand there are more important things than this game. However we would like

    Raid times:
    Heroic Rancor at 21:00 whenever ready
    NAAT at 00:00 when ready
    Never 2 raids at the same time so we have a raid almost every day

    All we ask from new recruits is the following:
    Be level 85
    Have at least 5 G10 or higher characters
    Contribute an average of 300 raid tickets per day

    You can reach me on discord: tsooj#6967 or of course in a reply to this message or a PM in the forms
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    I could come up with a long witty description to sell our guild, but really that is not needed, we will either meet what you are looking for or not, so here is just a list about our guild
    Name : xJedimindtricksxG2
    Capacity : 47/50
    Player levels : 85 (19); 80-84 (10); 65-79 (16); <65 (2)
    Outside game chat : discord 40% of the guild is active
    Guild GP : 26 million and change
    Time zone : US central
    Raid ticket production : +20k
    Rancor : Heroic, Monday @ guild reset, Thursday @ -12h from guild reset. 24h zero damage for + level 80, < 80 can hit from the get go. Bonus raid on alternating Saturdays.
    AAT : normal, cleared in 2 resets, sometimes 1 reset.
    Territory Battles : 14*, with a full guild it would be 17 due to being agonising close to 2* 3 other zones
    Guild requirements : observe rancor rules, 2 day inactivity. Would like new guild members on discord, with sync'd game however these are not requirements at this time

    Looking for : active players wanting to succeed in the game and people who want to work as a team, no minimum level requirement, we are willing to put the time in to grow a loyal guild to take on HAAT and TB.

    We understand that this is a game and people have real life's to lead, so we have no min ticket requirements, don't ask people to farm characters that they do not want, or spend money to play.

    How to join up, 3 ways
    : Look us up xJedimindtricksxG2 and join through the game
    : Ally invite me Bacon Ears 745-686-479 (please leave previous guild first)
    : Send me a message here on the forum with you ally code / discord I'd and I'll invite you along

    Thanks for reading, and look forward to having you in our guild.
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    Hey all,

    Our guild Cheetos has about 14 active members, and are looking to add more. Even if you're bran new to the game, if you plan on sticking with it, we will help you grow. Everyone is really good about donating to newer players, we just need some people who plan on sticking around for the long run. No special rules or anything. Super chill. We even have the dad of one of our guys playing with us. We usually do 6* Rancor (Heroic soon), and that takes just a few days. NAAT takes closer to a week. But we'll get there. Highest stars from TB has been 9, but that will grow with more players. Send me a message if you have any questions or are interested, or just search us up and join and let us know you saw my post.
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    Hello Everyone,

    I have recently taken control of a guild, that i'm planning to build from the ground, this will be my second guild now (Main is a HAAT Guild and 31/45 TB) and i'm looking for a group of players that would be interested in merging into the new Guild. We currently have around 25 spaces open and would like to have the guild filled by the start of the next TB. In the future there may be opportunities to move to our main guild once your roster is strong and the new guild is stable.

    Guild Name: Vader's Apprentices (Soon to be Secluded Empire - Apprentices)

    T6 Rancor: (36 Hours to drop) We aim to move up to heroic immediately after the merge.

    Normal Tank: 3-4 Days to drop, Preparation for HAAT will begin as soon as heroic rancor is on farm.

    Members: 25/50 (We can remove a few should the need arise)

    Communication: Discord add Zaraos#2316 (Primary form of communication)

    The leader and officers from the merge will all be granted officer ranks once they join and have a say in the guilds progression, raid times, rules etc. We are always happy to have people willing to help organise and manage the guild.

    Due to the fact i already own a successful HAAT guild and am looking to build a second guild, please do not send me messages asking if we would merge into your guild.

    If you have any questions or are interested in joining our team please feel free to message me either on the forums or discord and il be happy to talk with you further :)

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    Hello everyone,
    We are a friendly guild looking for new members, currently doing Normal Tank Takedown but we are working towards HAAT. We are also doing Heroic Pit.
    Guild name: Condiments
    Ally code: 571-773-931
    Guild GP is currently around 32 millions.

    Guild rules:
    1.24h 0 damage rule for Heroic raids
    2.Discord and are mandatory for coordination and
    3.500+ tickets per day

    Fell free to contact me here or on Discord (JJ13#4046)
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    Tanaka Clan is looking for a good group of players who like to have fun! We have room for 5-7 players. Our current GP is 54 million and rising fast. We raid in CST and have a 24 hour rule on heroic pit and normal AAT. Raids open one evening and go live the next at 7:30 pm CST. We are on the cusp of HAAT, and are waiting on a few players to strengthen their teams.
    We require:
    - Minimum GP of 1 million
    - 4 teams for HAAT (actively working towards them at least)
    - Energy for Raids, as much as possible
    - Contributes in each phase of TB
    - Discord optional (some use it, others don't)
    - Gets along well with others

    Send me a message on Discord or through here. Discord will be faster and easier.
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    Newer player started a guild with friend from the walking dead road to survival, I've been playing for about a month now. Level 62 with 1 7* and 3 6*. Looking for newer players that wanna learn & play with no limits (for now). Guild name is Void Community. Line isn't required but was used as main means of communication in last game. Also looking for some veterans of this game to help us. Casual as of now.
    Add me on line @Shade_void
    Ally code 932-249-191
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    Guild Name: Bears Beets SWGOH

    We are a casual guild looking for Level 85 team players to progress toward doing HAAT and getting higher rewards in Territory Battle. We do Heroic Rancor.

    Current membership: 35/50

    Guild GP: 37,000,000

    Time Zone: PST

    3rd Party Chat: none

    Rules: 24 hour zero damage period, then free for all on Rancor. NAAT is free for all. Rancor start times are 5 p.m. PST (weekdays) and 1 p.m. PST (weekends). Just be an active player and have fun.

    Open to join.

    My ally code: 794-522-885
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    The House of B1ack and Whit3 wants you

    We are recruiting now to become stronger. We have a good amount of guys who can donate, contribute to activities and most importantly do high damage in raids.

    We are looking for mature and active players to join and help us grow so we can take on heroic raids and become even stronger. If you are interested in joining a growing guild we ask that you fall under these simple requirements.

    Be mature, Be active, Be able to attack 5 times a day in pit and tank raids(minimum tier 6) and Contribute in daily guild activities
    Please reply to this or PM with your friend ID
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    Differences of opinion have caused openings in OFB. We are a guild that has cleared HAAT in the past so we know the how to make it happen. We have experience in farming the correct teams and need to fill only a few spots to make it happen again.

    Our guild values the needs of the many over the desires of the few. That perspective caused us to lose players who were heavy hitters as they sought “greener” pastures. That being said we understand that not everyone will share the main guilds attitude. However, if you enjoy consistent play but want a less cut throat environment and prefer friendship connection over the fast path to that next character level than we want you to join the BBQ.

    There are approximately 4 spots and we are looking for level 85 players who have developed at least one team for HAAT raid or players that have solid rosters that are willing to learn strategy and fill in where we have a need.

    Here are the basics:

    TIMEZONE: CST (but raiding schedule is handled by PST players and runs multiple time zone coverage)

    RAID RULES: Basic 24 hr zero HP on both PIT and NAAT for consistency. We alternate and run back to back rancor when the cash allots it. We like to ensure we have an active raid going every day to keep currency flowing.

    COMMUNICATION: We are a LINE app guild. We don't require chat (it's encouraged) but we do require you HAVE the app and are in the announcement group to receive updates or changes regarding guild plans effectively.

    ATTITUDE: The reason you are leaving your previous guild matters. If you are in a floundering guild then it makes sense to make the move. If you are hopping from an active and full guild because you spend a ton of money on the game and cannot be patient to work with your guild mates then we are not a good fit. No offense to any hoppers out there - it's just not the type of player we want. We are here to forge lasting relationships and interactions. I (on a personal note) have become friends with the majority of my guild mates. If that environment sounds fun then you are who we want to have a part of our group.



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    0rder SithtySith is recruiting. A new guild formed from the ashes of a fallen guild. All time zones welcome. We are serious players, but we know real life comes first.
    Come conquer the Galaxy at your leisure!
    All levels
    Any time zone. Most of us are in the US, Eastern Time Zone.
    No discord required.

    We were founded by the active refugees from a not-so-active guild.

    Search 0rder SithtySith (0rder spelled with a zero) or reach out through me, DarthSebius:
    My Ally Code: 515-171-767
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    Sentinels of the Force is looking to bring in 10-15 new members to round out our guild. We are currently running T4-T5 Rancor and Normal AAT to get gear for members of all levels. We also run a 24 hour no damage rule. We have the capability to run higher rancor pit but we care more about everyone being able to participate.

    Looking for members of any level, just want you to be active and get close to 500 raid tickets a day (most members get 600). We're dedicated to helping the entire guild develop and we have a fun group of people with a lot of knowledge to help make you the best player you can be. DM me on here or reach out via one of the methods of communication below and we can talk!

    Discord: EZC69#8988
    Line: easyc00

    I appreciate you considering us!
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    House of B1ack and Whit3

    We are recruiting now to become stronger. We have a good amount of guys who can donate, contribute to activities and most importantly do high damage in raids.

    We are looking for mature and active players to join and help us grow so we can take on heroic raids and become even stronger. If you are interested in joining a growing guild we ask that you fall under these simple requirements.
    Be mature
    Be active.
    Be able to attack 5 times a day on tier 6 pit and tank raids.
    Contribute in daily guild activities
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    Roguesofcoruscant is looking for new members. We have 46 active players right now and are running t7 raids and normal aat at the moment . Any level is welcome so even if you are lower come by and build up with us! We ask that you remain active and though we don't look for 600 Energy spent daily we do ask that you spend what u have... If we see you at 0 regularly you will be booted... We also ask you participate in raids... If you don't then you will also be booted as well as if you are gone more than 3 days... If you are just let us know. We know stuff happens. We do not use line or discord either. If this sounds like the guild for you look me up at 363-448-974. Hope to see you soon!!!
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