Budd and Nerfs 17.12


Yes we have much changes Ingame.

Barris - its a hart Nerf, a very hard Nerf. So Barris i think is not better than the other 2, and the Buffs to Maul and Sid have a chance that we dont need Barris as a Leader.

The Nerf from Obi Wan is hard too. So i see no more chance to be in a Top Arena Team.

Many Chars becomes Damage Buffs the hardest Buffs are Maul and Sid. To Jedis they so sick now. I have a 7 Star Sid and so lucky of that. They hit Jedis so **** hard.. Mauls Attacks crazy to, but he have so less live that they first Target and the Buff will be not so effectiv. He need more life!

I Have Kylo Ren at lvl 6 Equippment and lvl 3 Spells. He is good but not sooo good. His live is in the middle from all Chars, and the Attacks are ok but not to strong. I dont know if you realy need him for a Arena Team. The other Charakters i havent tested, i have no more Traindroids.

So what you thinking abaout the New Characters, the buffs and nerfs and was the best Arena team now?
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  • Sidious Buff is awesome!!
    Can't beat POE and aren't willing to change strats to defeat him? Cry nerf lol
  • It is terrible for any game to take a char almost everyone already uses and buff them so they are now basically mandatory.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Kit Fisto is supposed to do more damage, Right?

    Well they managed to reduce it by almost 30%...
  • Here comes the after patch "it's game breaking!" threads...

    Honesty, if you want to judge a character, get the skills to level 5/6, gear to VII, and level 60. Some characters are better/worse along the way there. I can see kylo and the first order team having some very good synergy, don't write him off just yet. Maybe a week or 2 later, when someone finally gets the team setup right, it just might be the FOTM.

    Additionally, since day 1 of global launch, experienced beta players told everyone to get Sid. Even though we watched them nerf the crap out of him right before global, he was still the best F2P char in term of all rounded usability. So I kindof expect majority of the players to be really happy with Sid now. His pathetic aoe is finally usable. They didn't buff anything else.

    And I think they explained Barriss Nerf. She outperformed other healers greatly, has a mountain of HP, great leader skill since jedi are mainly tanks and healers, and a chance to heal on attack. Reducing the heal amount (while keeping the equalization and letting it go thru heal immunity). I don't think they nerfed her as hard as people believed. But a nerf is a nerf of cos, don't expect her to be as great as before.
  • The basic purpose of a healer is to heal. The secondary passive heals don't matter when her basic heal is essentially useless. Especially when they buffed Sith AoE attacks.
    They didn't just reduce the percentage, as others have pointed out. They made the percentage based on the recipient's HP instead of Barriss's. This means that in some cases she now heals 2/3 less than she did before.
    It's excessive. And it's wrong to do to a character right after putting her in a premium $$ package.
    As for Sid, I'm level 54 now, I am farming him, and I stand by my comments. Buffing a character already used by 90% of people so now it is used by 100% of people is bad design.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • I don't really care about the AoE buff on Sid, but the 35% dodge is ridiculous. There is no way to counter dodge in the game so having anyone at such a high amount would be frustrating to play against, especially when they come with one of the best debuffs on their basic attack.
  • Right. The only way to deal with him before was to burst him down quickly and now they've made that nearly impossible.
    It's just a flat out bad move. To be honest, before this I thought this game was pretty sensibly balanced. The moves today really have me shaking my head in disbelief.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Didnt see that Sid buff coming! :|

    Barris nerf seems fair. She was already dropping out of pvp anyway. Pve she still rocks.

    That Maul buff. Jeeeeeez. Guess they wanted to shake the jedi out of the pvp tree. Does any jedi team stand a chance against a sid/dooku/maul team now? And where's the sith counters?

    Least they left droids alone!
  • Sry but Maul ist good, but the have to less live to be really strong. Now we have Mixed teams Jedi and Sith with Sid as leader i think.
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  • You can still hit Sid with non jedi characters. I guess we have to just wait and see how things will work out.
  • I am shocked they upped Sidious' stats but if you are pure SW Canon, then Sidious is technically one of the most powerful Jedi in all the films. He would have ate Luke and Ben for lunch if he were in all the movies and Yoda was his only competition, surprised he wasn't released by the way!!!

    What is unfair is that many paid big bucks to farm Bariss and upgrade her and when I was in the Arena, 80% of teams had her as leader so this will surely hurt the paying players and many who were once top of the forum will now be humbled unless they have more money to sink in and many don't and this bothers me. I'm thankful I didn't buy anything, EA has really screwed their paying customers on this forcing them almost to spend more when they've spent enough in my view looking at the prices of stuff and it's outrageous, like the new SWTFA package for $100 which is insane, I'm crazy, La-La land pricing....
  • yes
    Mein YouTube Channel mit Star Wars Heros Videos
    Teekanne - German
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