The Miserable Arena System

Hey there.

I can´t believe how you guys can seriously follow through on with the existing arena system.
I play this game since about 8 months now, i like it very much and so i spent a little amount of Euros on it.

But every day when i play arena, at the end of the fights there is a window that says "ERROR, game must be restarted" - i think you know the window. ITS LIKE THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY! You do 3 fights against the same guy, the first two fights are wins and there is an error. The third fight is a loss an there is NO Error (no, my internet connection is not the problem. It is always very good).

The other thing is the arena system itself. There are many people playing and paying for it, so i think this is a serious issue you should IMMEDIATELY eliminate.
The fights are "blocked". Every day. You simply can not fight, because you are in fight, or your opponent is in fight.

Is it overmuch demanded, to get a serious arena system with a weekly score to ascertain the winners and the rankings, for example? I mean, you are really comfortable with this cheek of a system that does not even allow opponents in the ranking to have a fight at the same time?
That forces all part-taking people to spam the "fight" button on and on and on every day to get a fight at the right time?

Sorry guys...

Even at the risk of repeating myself:

The arena system you are providing is a lousy cheek, a bad joke and something you should immediately change for the better. Remember who pays your meals!!

Cheers, gold.


  • I like it. It's navigable. Just need to watch some videos and read some threads to get the hang of it.
  • Mzee
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    I really dislike the system, and I hope they change it at some point. You can sit in 1st for hours, and then someone beats you in the last minute before payout knocking you down to 5, and you can try to lock yourself out, but someone is already fighting you and knocks you down etc. The rush to lock people out before they lock you out needs to be changed in my opinion. I personally hate it. It has caused players to form Discord groups for their shard just so they can coordinate payouts, as the design leaves some to be desired.
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