What's your favorite Star Wars game?



  • 100%Kotor
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    Battlefront 2
    Jedi academy, battlefront 1&2, SW galactic battlegrounds, force unleashed, swtor.
    Kotor on queue...
    Then swheroes
  • Other
    Kotor and republic commando by far

    Finally someone else said republic commando...I don't think anyone else here played it lol.

    Lol, right? No one else mentions them. I really would like for one or two of them to be added, specifically ones from Delta Squad.
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    Do you even know about Shadows of the Empire!?
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    The original KOTOR was an amazing RPG and the blueprint for other EA games.
  • Other
  • Other
    Tie fighter best game ever.
  • Phipps
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    The Old Republic
    Can play KOTOR AND KOTOR 2 tons of times and it always amazes me. 2 of the best rpg games of all time.
  • The Old Republic
    Knights of the Old Republic 1 followed by Rogue Leader.
  • Other
    Both KotOR games and the original Tie Fighter game a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (sorry about that)
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  • Other
    Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast!
  • Rogue Squadron is my fave
  • The Old Republic
    Knights of the Old Republic is my favorite.

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  • LordStyling
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    The Force Unleashed
    i should have chosen "other"

    Star Wars: Rebellion, from the 90's was my favorite game to play. I'd still play it if I took the time to download a Mac compatable version

    That game is awesome!
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  • Knights of the Old Republic is my favorite.


    And Rogue Squadron hahah
  • Galactic Battlegrounds was great too. Literally Age of Empires, but with a star wars.

    (and Shadows of the Empire, and Rogue Squadron, N64 ftw!)
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    Kotor of course
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    Jedi knight 2 or bounty hunter
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    Where is kotor 1 and 2? Then id have to say jedi knight:jedi outcast and then republic commando. Battlefront EA doesnt deserve to be called battlefront, because its the furthest thing from a battlefront game
  • Other
    Knights of the Old Republic is my favorite.

    This. I was surprised it was not one of the options actually.
  • Pure_Pazaak
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    What the heck are these choices?
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    Who made this pole and left out Kotor!? The best SW game ever
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    DashRendar wrote: »
    Do you even know about Shadows of the Empire!?

    YES! Loved that one too
  • The Old Republic
    I play ToR still, played swg before and after NGE (i actually hated both), havent touched battlefront yet or any of the others except for Unleashed 1 and 2 (which I loved). Wish they had a up to date version of the mortal kombat one they made of Star Wars (I'd have to pull my old PS2 out to see name of it again).
  • Ouchie
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    You can get KOTOR for free on Amazon Underground for Android!
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    No Dark Forces?

    That was the first or second SW game I ever played and the first pc game I ever owened and played.

    My other favorite was always Shaddows of the Empire for N64...I ordered the hardback book and a Shaddows of Empire soundtrack with music by Williams, which I listened to while reading.... (15-16 years old back then)
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