Phoenix Zetas coming (rising from the ashes ... stronger)



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    1) Where does is say he's back 10/7?
    2) They don't have to ramp it up for Zetas, but they made them overall just better in general.

    For the record I don't think they will boost it's difficulty. Other than the ramped up Yoda event (which somehow I beat) it was the hardest of the Legendary events in my opinion. No need for a boost.

    It's been datamined. Look around off-site and you'll find the info. But it was also made obvious by the hint in the last content update: "A team rises from the ashes stronger as a familiar foe returns." Phoenix Squad is a team and became stronger with the re-work. A phoenix rises from ashes. Their familiar foe is Thrawn. Familiar foe RETURNS. Season 4 of Rebels is about to begin with Phoenix Squad facing off against their nemesis from last season, Thrawn. Some people try to make this stuff way more complicated than it is.

    The only boost that Phoenix got were zeta on abilities that they already had. There are no non-zeta improvements to Phoenix Squad listed.
  • Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say it: what about every other faction that needs a rework? Like Separatists, Jedi need one, Nightsisters, Tusken raiders, etc.? but nah lets give the rebels more. Thanks.
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    But then they announced Nightsister nonsense.

    Also, when has a Legendary event not started on a Thursday?

    Talia was made the log-in character...that's it. They didn't announce anything else about Nightsisters. Phasma was the log-in character last month and there was no FO re-work. You may have assumed that a Nightsisters re-work was incoming....but they never announced anything like that.

    I'm just telling you what was datamined. Doesn't mean the date isn't subject to change in the system...I'm sure they adjust dates all the time in their system, not hard to do. You can sit here and play devil's advocate all you want but it's pretty clear that Thrawn is coming back. Thrawn, CLS and BB-8 were all announced AFTER the start of the month that they were released...none of them were included in the initial monthly calendar of events.
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    Also, when has a Legendary event not started on a Thursday?

    Answer: This one. There ya go. Now the "is Thrawn really returning?" debate is over.
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