I Love The New Stuff - But Give Us a Breather



  • This is so funny!! I remember someone in another post had said that when there isn’t anything going on we’re like “new stuff”, but when they give us new stuff we’re like “ we need a breather”. What do you people want lol
  • Great post and great thread. At a macro level I completely agree. There are several nuances of this game (GW, etc) that need tweaking but lately content is coming like drinking from the firehose. Content for the betterment of the game is great but when it becomes a pure cash grab it's too much. We see this for what it is. Developers have marching orders from their management. Squeeze as much cash as possible. It's a business. As OP explains, your core group of players will continue to spend money. I'm embarrassed to say that I buy crystal packs for refreshes etc on a consistent basis. However to abuse that only alienates this loyal group. Long story short, there has to be a happy medium between profitability and game enjoyment. The Star Wars franchise is a cash cow in and of itself. Loyal fanboys such as myself will be there. However under the current trajectory, frustration starts outweighing enjoyment and burnout occurs. Personally I'd like to see tweaking/reworks of some existing characters at times rather than a new toon per week. Like OP said, where's the love for those that have been farming religiously from day one? With that said, would love some double drops so I can gear my bloated roster of toons....

  • Lol of course this got moved to a subforum to die.
  • Is there a reference somewhere that explains all the abbreviations used in these posts? I can't be the only one lost at times. Usually abbreviations follow the first full usage of a term. But I'm an old dude so.... There's that.
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    Who the kitten litter is Talzin? That sounds like an antidepressant or something.
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  • Very valid and thoughtful points. Too bad none of it is related to SWGOH in any way, shape, or form. OP, maybe copy it to the Clash of Clans or Candy Crush forums where it might be a bit more applicable.
  • Good thing I farmed GG already and have him at 7*.
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