How does my squad look for R2?

I hope to get R2 at 6* (I won't have toons at 7* in time). I plan to have the following at lvl 75 and glvl 7 or 8:

Palpatine 7*
Tarkin 6*
TFP 6*
Royal Guard 6*
Snowtrooper 6*

Will I be able to complete tier 6 with that team comp?

I have enough Tarkin shards to get him to 7* and I could possibly get TFP to 7*...I just may not have enough credits to do it in time.


  • Sith1
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    You should do fine with the team comp. are you looking to run ds or ls? If your going for ds gear them up all the way if not I would save the gear and add if needed. Make sure you add decent mods as well
  • I'm running a QGJ squad in arena.

    What abilities should I prioritize?
  • Sith1
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    So looking at your profile your pretty strong with your jedi I would would stick with them for sure eventually they will get a rework and you will be in a good spot. As for empire to get r2 you want ep lead omega what you can with him the rest you want to focus on stun and ability block so tfp
    And RG omega their special. But Like I said with gear do the same with omegas hold till you need to use. Just remember rng plays a big factor r2 was pretty easy for my self I did have high gear for my empire cause I use them but I also got thrawn with g8 Phoenix took me awhile but rng finally worked out.
  • Creepioo
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    If you've got ally points sitting around you could potentially get lots of RG and snowtrooper shards from bronzium, I have 6* snowtrooper basically just from lots of bronzium over time
    Looks like the you'll need all the help you can get with those only 3 and 4 star

    And I definitely think you'll need atleast gr8 if possible
  • I was hoarding shards. I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the credits to promote. Since getting some feedback, I've gone ahead and done that. Those toons are now 6* except Snowtrooper. For whom I'm 60 shards short at the moment. Shouldn't be a problem by the time the 26th rolls around.
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