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  • gatormatt
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    Tried 4 times and couldn't get past Sid. He kept taking out one of my Phoenix guys. 5th time put it on auto... And breezed through the whole thing. Lol
  • Almost the perfect degree of difficulty! I think the bonus tier should be harder though... I used phoenix squad all gear 8, and uniques omegaed (Hera/Zeb/Kanan/Sabine/Ezra), swapped out mods and was able to complete all tiers. I don't know if if would also help to stress that assault bosses have special to openly state Sidious and Nihilus are immune to stun, but I guess that's what the forums are for!
  • Very cool event
  • I did it with G10 Ezra, G9 Zabine, G9 Hera, G8 Kanan and Zeb.
    Didn't need to switch out Mods at all.
    Since I couldn't stun Sid, I just kept him under my thumb with the staggers. The Zeta on Sabine gives these guys so much more damage potential, to go along with their high survivability.

    Fantastic Rewards! 1.2m credits for the first run is SOOOO Nice!
    Was able to get my 5th * on Nihilus and Scimitar. Five shards away from a 4th * on Sith Trooper.

    Thank you so much for this event!
  • Not sure NS has the clout for the Tier II. I wanted to see if I could, but no dice without the stun.

    Now, I have a feeling if I wanted to Zeta Asajj just for this event... well, then it could be done. But the reality is going to be a TalZZin and I just can't lay down an extra lead zeta for that... c'est la vie.

    Phoenix it had to be.
  • I was auto battling the bonus tier with Phoenix when I noticed I was down a toon after Sid phase and then got blown away. Had to go back and actually play it which was a nice change of pace. I like the events better this go around
  • You have to stagger Sidious with both Sabine and Zeb
  • Oorun
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    I completed all tiers 3 star with g9 ezra and G8 sabine chopper zeb hera team , 2 tm reduction to sidious at start, then you have to be lucky and won't loose any one to AOE , after that you have to take 2 basic attack then 2 tm reduction again it took like 5 tries. Actually i was lucky with nihilius, sabine just started before nihiluous and i deleted tm of nihilus with a lucky chopper assist , after that i could able to manage anhilate and placed hera's revive on anhilated char ( i choose chopper for that , one taunt from event special and another taunt from it self so i can have a error margin if i miscalculate anhilate cd )
  • everyone wanted more mk3 carabanti and this event delivered. I appreciate that the rewards were thoughtful and enjoyed the challenge. In the end it was Phoenix on auto that did the bonus tier.
  • TyloRen
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    Really well made Capgasp, more events like this please! Was a challenge even for a veteran player, it felt rewarding to just beat it.
    The dodges Sid had vs Kanan and Ezra gave me a chuckle, just had to adapt and focus using assists with the other characters. Stagger from Sabine and Zeb was pretty key for me too.
  • Did not receive mk3 carbanti upon completiom of bonus tier.

    Ally code 669-824-738. Please help - the full carbanti was the reason I tried 7 times to beat it!
  • Very good event. That was intresting idea about Sid: imune to stun and very strong. Perfect concept. Rewards are very good( I dont understand why TB rewards are not so good like this event). I would really see hardcore tier where all stages are very hard. Then this event would be fantastic.
  • Javik
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    I have always enjoyed these assault battles. They give good rewards and can be challenging at times. I love the ships as part of the reward like the Sith or First Order assault battle against jedi. I'm stuck on Tier 2 wave 4 with Darth Sidious. His AOE is killer, I have found the best way to control the "bosses" Sidious, Dooku, and Nihilus is using Zeb and his stagger ability. I can't wait to see how a nightsister team with Talzin, Zombie, and Spirit play through the event.
  • Edward
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    Why does Darth Ni have Protection in secrets and shadows? That was pretty amazing since that is not his mechanic

    Hopefully it’s bug along with his immunity from stun, but I would like to point the other more obvious issue regarding the rewards, one piece of Mk 3 Carbanti, it’s really the opposite of generosity for first time bonus tier rewards
  • Edward wrote: »
    Why does Darth Ni have Protection in secrets and shadows? That was pretty amazing since that is not his mechanic

    Hopefully it’s bug along with his immunity from stun, but I would like to point the other more obvious issue regarding the rewards, one piece of Mk 3 Carbanti, it’s really the opposite of generosity for first time bonus tier rewards

    I believe you are a little mistaken, first time bonus round awards a FULL mk3 carbanti, ..
  • Is Sidious Immune to stuns in this event? Is that a confirmed bug? My Daka isnt landing any...
  • Developers this game is in need of a platform where players can home in a good chemistry of Squad characters by testing them there is no current platform to do that it is only trial and error in which you never get to experience what it's like to do battle without consequences. some sort of training room is definitely required so we can play and enjoy different character teams against other players or handpicked squads, mock battles will also give more to game play
  • @CG_CapGaSP - Mother Talzin (5*, g8) actually worked well with the Phoenix squad (Ezra g11, Hera, Sabine, Zeb g8). I'm excited to really see what she can do down the road!
  • I beat it with G8 Phoenix and it's not a bad event, but it takes the "Ride the RNG train to victory" mindset to a whole new level considering the only way to beat the Bonus tier without a super powered team is to just auto your way through the first 3 waves and wait for a time when Sidious decides not to use his AoE.
  • I really enjoyed the event difficulty was just right had to use Phoenix squad though ns wouldn't cut the mustard
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  • Loy
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    Managed to beat t2 with full NS squad (everyone g8, lvl 65-78, Talzin lead). Usually Sid oneshotted everyone but Talzin and initiate, but after like 50 tries I finally find the way around. I kept Daka out of harm so she got some protection left.Just before Sid's turn, I used taunt skill ON Daka (it gives defense up) and she managed to survive. Talzin and initiate also left standing. Next Daka rezzed Assaj and Talia, and Sid only had his normal attack once before succumbing to plague.

    Next wave I've lost Daka to DT, but still managed to beat it to the end. Spectral blade was crucial for revives. Nihilus was easy compared to Sid.

    So don't give up.

    And respect to the devs for this event.
  • Liked the event, nice rewards first time around; received 0 Carbanti 2nd time around, T1, T2 and bonus round :s but I’ll survive :D
    Used Phoenix to complete, using Sabine and Chopper while benching Kanan. Ezra g10, Chopper g10, the others g8.
  • Kanan0017
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    Love this event, mechanics are cool. Rewards are great too.
  • I liked this event.
    It provided an interesting challenge, like a puzzle, to solve (namely the Sidious wall, with an unconventional way to get through it). I liked that it wasn't a walk in the park, but wasn't near-impossible either, and was playing according to "rules" (i.e. immune to stun, super high AoE damage,...) that were discoverable (unlike for instance the similar Separatists event, where the droids were just going crazy on the TM).

    I also liked that it forced me to use a faction I seldom use (Phoenix), even though those get really pushed a lot at the moment. I would have loved to clear it with Nightsisters, I tried a few times but they just got all wiped out by Sidious. Seems much trickier to do it with them.
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  • Nerf that Sidious or at the least make him stunnable.
  • Kithryn
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    I liked the event, even got past the bonus tier. However, I noticed a few things. There seemed to be a lot of random chance involved in beating the bous tier, sometimes Sidius would start out with an aoe that would take out 2-3 characters and sometimes it held off or did wildly less damage. Sometimes Nihilus came off the start with an annihilate and sometimes he waited a few rounds like you would expect, and like others points out Sidious could not be stunned.

    This may be all working as intended, but just in case. And maybe someday have rewards for super hard bonus tier hand out stuff based on what we are missing rather than having the chance to simple give us currency for the shard store!

    Fun event thanks!
  • I see a lot of questions revolving around the Boss mechanics, so I'll clarify:
    • Yes Sidious and Nihilus are immune to Stun. That is not a bug. Most of the time Bosses in events like these are immune to stun and ability block so they can't be trivialized. Especially in this case where Sidious is solo and both allowed factions have lots of stun potential.
    • The super-high protection is also WAI. Part of Assault Battles is that the bosses have special mechanics to discover and master (typically by analyzing the units you can bring and finding the right strategy). How would YOU beat a high Protection low health unit with the allowable factions?
    • It is WAI that you can revive from Annihilate in wave 8. Again, what do the allowed factions bring to the table to interact with this?

    That said the overall sentiment seems to be that everyone definitely enjoyed the event. Thanks for all the feedback!
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  • Agreed! This was a super fun event and I've liked a lot of the updates from this month. The Sidious wall was probably the most fun I've had in an event like this because as noted by others, it was difficult, but not impossible. Took me a few attempts to play with the turn meter control of my toons and what specials to attempt in order to get through.

    Thanks Devs!
  • @CG_CapGaSP

    Thanks for the event, and the notes on clarification.

    I have a very specific question about the mechanics, however, which is very hard to answer merely through observation: Does a stunning attempt on Sid (or Nihilus) trigger the TM gain from Mother Talzin's leadership?

    I don't mind the immunity to stun - stun lock is an easy way to defeat One Big Bad levels, and I appreciate the challenge. But it seems to violate the spirit of the special ability of the character we just went to great effort to unlock and gear (at least those of us who love the NightSisters) to have the bosses auto-resist AND to deny the benefit that normally comes to NS toons upon an enemy's resisting of a negative status effect.

    Because I didn't see the "resisted" text display on the screen, it seems likely that you simply turned off stuns in this level. But if they don't process, that takes away from Mother Talzin in a way that doesn't exactly seem fair.

    Could you please look into this, and, if it's true that players running MT aren't getting the TM bump that they should, could you please do something about it before the event comes round again? I really appreciate this, thanks.
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