Home One or Executrix?

My main question is about those two capital ships, but I realize that the answer depends somewhat on the other ships one uses. So for context, in Fleet Arena I currently run Home One plus Biggs, Vader's TIE, TIE Fighter, FO TIE Fighter, and Slave One (with Wedge, GS, and Ahsoka as reinforcements; I also have Poe, Resistance X-Wing, and JC that I could potentially use.)

Anyway, I've been having some doubts about Home One lately. I like the protection and crit damage boosts, but Master Plan isn't working out for me. Granted, my AA isn't great (only g8, the rest is maxed), so speed is likely a problem. But I'm finding that even when I do get Master Plan off, it's not a guaranteed win. And if it's been a close battle and I only have a few weakened ships left, then even with Master Plan out, the opponent just kills my ships before they can use it.

On the other hand, I've seen battles where I think I definitely have the upper hand, and I might even have Master Plan already out, but then Tarkin completely demolishes me with Imperial Assault. It's like an instant win in ways that Master Plan often isn't.

But leveling up another capital ship is a huge investment. What do you guys think? Which capital ship of the two do you prefer? Does Executrix have some serious flaws I haven't seen?



  • Ya I'd recommend executrix. It's far better and needed for zeta challenge in ships. I use endurance myself with a similar fleet at high end. If I get target lock on everyone endurance gets constant turns with red volley. But between executrix and home one I'd go executrix
  • In my experience the Executrix performs far better on offense and on defense it isn't that shabby either. I have yet to bring up the Chimaera to full power (only 5*, level 74 so far) but that and Executrix sit on the top on my shard.
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    Home one is the weaker of the four capital ships. Ececutrix has dominated the top of my shard for several months. The idea is to get Imperial assault off before your opponent.
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    So here's a question...I've got one of the few 6* capital ships in my shard, which is Home One. I have Executrix at 5* because I don't have enough 5* DS ships to even attempt Tarkin's 6* challenge. So with that said, would you guys still use a 5* Executrix over a 6* Home One? My Tarkin and Ackbar are roughly at the same gear/ability/level so you can take that out of the equation.
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  • Executrix is imo the best (though I wouldn't discount endurance) free capital ship. Home one is necessary for thrawns ship soooo.... still keep it upgraded, but executrix is pretty good.
  • 1. Executrix has the worst basic of original three(HO, Exec, Endu)
    HO: random assist: guaranteed damage from both HO and assisting ship
    Endu: Target Lock: TL itself is key feature in fleet battle. many abilities can attack every ship with TL, including Endu's AOE
    Exec: Expose: some other ship should attack Exposed ship or it does nothing
    I use Executrix as my Capital Ship, and I often wished Exec applied TL instead of Expose

    2. Executrix is only about offence
    Among 4 Capital Ships available(original three & Chim), Executrix is the only one without any defensive ability.
    HO: health/protection recovery on target ally
    Endu: taunt, crit immunity, and protection recovery on target ally
    Chim: health recovery on all ally and foresight/defence-up on support/tank ally
    Exec: every skill is about applying more damage or applying debuff accept AOE which gives TM to all ally.
    without tank or support or heal, your glass cannons will be wrecked real soon.

    Executrix is an amazing capital ship, my rank went up since I switched from HO to Exec. but you should be aware of those drawbacks.
  • The main issue with the light side capital ships is that their ultimates require most of your fleet to still be alive to be effective, while the DS ships basically require you to hang on until the ultimate can trigger. You can win with 1 ship left under executrix. I've been up 5 vs 1 and lost with Endurance because of this. But on the other hand, I've also evaded the executrix tie swarm with careful counting of turns and good timing of the damage immunity. But home1 offers no such protection, so I wouldn't choose it over executrix. Chimera has a similar, slightly weaker ultimate, but is better in general on offense.
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  • Went from fiddling around in 100-150 bracket to top 20-50 changing from home one to executrix.

    The damage increase to the tie fighter alone is impeccable, never mind the insta-win button
  • Home one is the worst capital ship. If you do get towards the top of your shard with it your also a target because everyone gets sick of battling against tarkins ship. I run maces ship and get attacked more because it's a change if pace for tarkin users.
  • Agree with most posters here... ships is not well offense/defense balanced except the unlock events. IMO and experience offense wins most of the time.
  • Executrix is the best capital ship. Absolutely go executrix
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