Forum Feature Requests

I have 2 features I would like to request be added on this forum that would greatly reduce reposted topics and frustration associated with the forums.

This forum has lots of useful information that is split into subforums appropriately, but that doesn't help users much if there's no way to search by subforum. We really need an advanced search tool like most forums have that gives us access to search refining tools. It would make finding information on these forums SO much easier. Please add this feature!

Most other forums also have a link that shows the most recent posts on the forum in order. If this was present on this forum, all the threads being removed from general discussion immediately would have no bearing whatsoever on the exposure of said thread (threads in other forums seem to vanish into oblivion). People could see what the hot topics were in one spot, while they were sorted into their appropriate category as well. It's a win-win feature. Please add it!


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