First Zeta

Hey guys just want some opinions here, took some time away from the game for awhile and just curious on where you think I should plop my first zeta. My primary team is Rex(L), Cody, Echo, Fives, and Lumi. I also run Phoenix sometimes with Sabine over Chopper. Was thinking of zeta on Cody and making him lead but I don't know. Any guidance would be awesome!


  • Yea if you're maining clones Cody is where it's at. And a Zody L 5s echo sergeant princess Leia tear up haat p2 or p4 can't remember
  • I wouldn't use Cody as my first zeta. He's not going to help you in arena much at all (Rex is >>> as an arena general leader) and clones aren't very good in Gal War either...and they're ok in TB, but not elite. They CAN be elite and solo all of phase 4 of HAAT, but then to do that you also need VERY good mods and a strong Princess Leia. I wouldn't use it just yet. I'd advise save it for Finn and build your resistance squad up. With that one zeta you can get an arena team that's much more viable on offense than Cody, you get a team that ROFL stomps Gal War, the most elite team in TBs, and the most elite and versatile team in Raids (especially once you have BB8). PX is also a good team to invest in given all that they do and where they are needed, but they are not particularly elite anyway and to max them they need a lot of zetas overall. I'd sit tight with the zeta and be patient unless you have a really specific and immediate need.
  • Could do r2 Nc
  • Finn hands down
  • Cody was my first Zeta and I haven't regretted it once.
    Don't forget the fun factor - Clones are the *most* fun faction to play - a proper Swiss-army knife of a team!
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