Assist question

When an assist is called what does the assisting person use to attack? Is it the same as the person calling the assist?

Q1) GS uses physical damage so does who you call also use physical damage
Q2) QGJ uses special damage do does who he calls do special damage
Q3) do the chances included in the basic attack apply when called as an assist. (I know Passives do). So if GS calls resistance pilot does she have a chance to gain turn meter from the basic attack on the assist.


  • Or can doku get his bonus attack when called as an assist?
  • Greg1920 wrote: »
    Or can doku get his bonus attack when called as an assist?
    Yes, Dooku can get extra attacks. Sorry, I don't know the rest of the answers
  • As far as I can tell the assisting character always uses their basic attack and it acts the same way as if you used it yourself. So Dooku has a chance for a bonus attack, 5's can apply slow, Daka can stun and Barriss could heal your team.
  • It is their basic. I have been running Geo for a while, and I have never seen any of his assists use their special.
  • Thanks. I think that makes resistance pilot viable as a DPS on and QG GS team.
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