Ship-arena: Ivin/ Jediknightbiznatch/ Huatimus/ Lun/ Gab Mc/ Inyak Solomon/ LadySatofa/ Molee/ Xargo

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Hi ship-arena!

I am looking for the top 20 or more of our shiparena.
If you are in this arena, just tell me your timezone and if winter/summer to set up a list.
There is also a discord Server only for shipsarena if you want to join:

Name Guild
Ivin Ukraine
Jediknightbiznatch Team Explicit
Huatimus ANZGC
Lun FTB R0gue N0ne
Gab Mc Round Table Knights
Inyak Solomon Rebel Force Mandalore
LadySatofa ???
Molee Knights of the Dragon
Xargos Polish Warlords
kappachino Harloff Minor Trading Co
Schladdy Daddy Protectorate
FO Theorose FO Division Black
AxM Mol Akadia AxM Perihelion
Msmaug Lordes da Tormenta
Azrael Outcast Revolution Pro
Emeth Gibbor Elite cartel

Feel free to join.
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