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    Hi everyone,

    We have just opened a new guild with others players from a previous guild where the Leader had quit the game.

    Currently, we are 15 players in the new guild, from level 75 to 85 (more players are between 80 and 85).

    We are looking for new players to complete the guild and share our spirit: trying to be competitive without being slaves of the game. :-)

    Actually, we're doing Rancor Raid Tiers 6 and AAT, and we hope to do Heroic Rancor as soon that we have enough players.

    No rating of ticket raid needed to integrate the guild, but we are expecting that our members do their daily activities.

    So if you think that we can interest you, take a look!

    The guild name is: "The lion guidance" (search by "guidance", because the complete name don't match to find the guild).

    If you are on discord, this my ID: masika#5696

    For the guild:

    My Ally code: 984-717-899

    Hope to see you in game!!

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    Mandalores of Deathwatch is an original guild that has 25-30 open spots. Resurrect an old school guild with some super nice people!!

    Currently running NAAT/HPIT

    Please message Wolf on Discord @ WolfsBane1911#5769
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    Malevolence Omega is looking for friendly players to join our guild and help increase our Territory Battles capability.
    We run on Pacific Standard Time.
    We only have a few rules: T7 Rancor- 0 score first 24hrs, follow our team of the month schedule, and follow the plan for Territory Battles.
    We use Discord for general chat, Territory Battles planning and communicating, raid updates, and news updates.
    We generally do one T7 Rancor a week. We're improving our normal AAT capabilities.
    If you're interested in joining, message me here or on Discord (jmankile#6683). Our guild leader is also happy to field joining requests. Contact him on Discord at hippijkr#2636.
    Please allow up to 24 hours for us to process your requests.
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    Guild Name: force kln

    Time Zone : Eastern

    Guild Reset Time: 6:30PM

    We are looking for 8 members to finish off roster

    We do not have a 600 raid tickets per day rule, but we expect you to contribute as much as you can.

    For communication, raid rules and helping each other we use Discord which is mandatory.

    we currently running T7 pit 3 times a week

    naat twice a week

    24 No damage rule for Pit raids. Raid times are Mon Wed Fri 7pm

    Guild GP : 34 million

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me on Discord. My ID on Discord is supa#8477

    Ally Code: 445-185-278

    Hope to see you soon in our guild!
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    We’ve got a couple of spaces come up in our active U.K. 63mn GP guild.

    Preferably around 1mil GP Lv85 daily players but we’re chill if you’re a keen padawan wanting a boost from us and are close to that!

    We don’t mind people missing the odd TB or Raid here and there but in the main we’re active every day. We do require Line as mandatory, where we plan HAATs and stuff but mainly for banter.

    Everyone on our guild is hilarious so someone who is tolerant of dry wit and memes. Most of us been in the guild for ages, we’re loyal and strong players who love this game. We think I’m the only girl so it’s pretty much lad banter.

    If you’re interested, my ally code is: 474-434-374 or drop me a message here or on Line: tahirazehra


    “Trigg3r H4ppy” is our guild name

    Raids at 8pm UK time with 24hr zero score

    HAAT: Finished P3 a couple of weeks ago, we’Be boosted squads up since then and are soooo close to Heroic Tank now.
    AAT: Complete in 3 hours
    Pit: Heroic complete in 15 mins

    Give me a shout if keen!

    T :)
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    Hi guys i would like to see you in our guild whatever your level is or whenever you started doesn't matter i just want to help players also we can use your help to get us stronger.Every help counts ! I just want one thing from you show respect to your guild members and that's all.
    I started like 18 months ago or something im f2p player my GP is : 829.000 i'll be happy to receive your messages you can ask me about game if i do know about anything i'll try to help you. Add me in the game if you wish MY ALLY CODE:173 389 772

    Individually, we are one drop.Together, we are an ocean.
    Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come.
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    Are you a daily player? Do you have in game chat? Do you use discord? Do you have a profile? Do you know how to follow a 24 hour no damage rule? If the answer to these questions is yes, then have I got a guild for you!

    I’ve just kicked 3 players for breaking the 0 damage rule and now we have room for you. We started TB by getting 13 stars on the first one. This time, we have an outside shot at 21 so we’ve progressed nicely. We currently have 43M GP that is steadily growing. We raid every time we get enough tickets. Currently we have Heroic Rancor on farm and we’re getting ready for HAAT. 1 or 2 more HAAT ready players should throw us over the edge. I’m trying to gently guide the guild into being more committed, by encouraging discord, and Even though we’re pushing to get better, we’re still a bunch of guys and gals cracking jokes and helping each other along.

    Our profile is

    Hit us up! Come make a difference and join the fun! Search Starwolf
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    There are currently 2 openings for new members who want to be part of a committed and ambitious guild. We are closing in on being HAAT ready by the new year.

    New recruits are expected to have a account, we need this for our TB Platoons auto-updating spreadsheet, and you need to join our LINE group but no pressure to be active in the chat.

    Average 25k tickets per day. Heroic Rancor raids are every 2-3 days and normal AAT raids are every 3-4 days.
    GP 52M / 26* in TB.

    hRancor & nAAT open for damage: 7:30am, 3:30pm, 11:30pm EST (12:30pm, 8:30pm, 4:30am UTC), register zero damage during the 12 hours prior.

    Guild reset time is 7:30pm EST

    Apart from the zero damage period in the raids we have no strict rules but we do regularly replace the least active members to keep raid ticket production up.

    We have a LINE group where we discuss the game, help each other improve and co-ordinate the guild for Territory Battles and raids. We are a very friendly bunch of Star Wars fans from all around the world, mainly USA and Europe.

    If you're interested in joining send me a private message with your account link or add me on LINE and we'll talk there.

    Stevie Rage
    LINE: stevie_rage

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    Roguesofcoruscant is looking for new members. We have 47 active players right now and are running t7 raids and normal aat at the moment. Level 85 only please. We ask that you remain active and though we don't look for 600 Energy spent daily we do ask that you spend what u have... If we see you at 0 regularly you will be booted... We also ask you participate in raids... If you don't then you will also be booted as well as if you are gone more than 3 days... If you are just let us know. We know stuff happens. We do not use line or discord either. If this sounds like the guild for you look me up at 363-448-974. Hope to see you soon!!!
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    TR Consortium is looking for 5-8 new members!

    We are a heavy, casual guild (kinda like upper middle class).

    We don't expect perfection but we do expect progress.

    Expectations are reasonable:
    -Active daily
    -Participate in all TB stages of course
    -500-600 daily raid tickets. (we usually hit tier vi everyday)
    -Rancor raid: 0 dmg in first 24 hours, One team after that until Phase 4. We want as many guild mates to participate in raids so as to receive reward.
    -Tank raid: anything goes! (usually start in at beginning of new day, 1am depending on your time zone, but most of us don't attack until much later.)
    We usually get about 25-29 TB stars, with 42 members.

    Ally code: 484-792-697

    Guild is currently open to join.
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    Fenix Order (Guild Power 49,495,248) is recruiting for normal AAT raiding, very close to do Heroic.

    Guild Capacity 42/50 (We had to make room for non participating members)

    We are one of the oldest guilds in the game, formed within the hour when guilds were released. Always friendly, we try to help members as much as possible. We have friendly conversations in the game chat and on Discord.

    Guild Name - Fenix Order
    Timezone - Pacific Standard Time (California) but we have members all over America and some Europeans

    Guild Leader: Alandi (Level 85, got 94 characters 7* Level 85 and many others, Galactic Power 2,275,174)
    We have 7 Officers and many members with zeta characters

    Raid Rules:
    RANCOR (Heroic)
    -24 hour 0 dmg rule and then free for all (typically hard hitters will wait for tier 3 or 4)
    -One team of 5 per person

    AAT TANK (Normal)
    -Free for all

    -We are expecting everyone to help with Platoons and at least Deploy if you don't have the time to do more.

    We are expecting only serious players that play everyday. No hard set rule for energy, but try to do 600 energy each day if you can.

    We are a friendly guild, mostly fans of StarWars, that are playing casually but seriously.

    If you are interested in joining, just search for us and join if you are minimum Level 85.

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    LP Padawans League
    looking for new recruits (please do not message about any kind of multi-guild setup we are already linked to a Heroic Guild for advancement)
    All levels and experience welcome.
    LP Padawans League is a casual guild currently working to getting people of all lvls and experience rdy for end game content. We are a secondary Guild for Lifetime Power and as spots open for Lifetime Power Heroic guild you will have first dibs if openings are available.
    We are an EST guild.
    - LINE app is highly recommended for communication and much richer guild experience as you will have the chance to talk with members of Lifetime Power to get help and advice from veteran players.
    - Currently no roster requirements (however having at least 1 7* character is recommended as we are running heroic pit raids)
    - Currently no ticket requirements (although the more you can contribute the more raids we can run)
    Current Raid schedule:
    We are currently running one Heroic Rancor Pit raid every week but will change as tickets contribution and membership increases.

    We Currently have 27 active members an 19.6 mil GP we are completing Heroic Pit with the help of our parent guild Lifetime Power for now but working to soon be able to complete this on our own. We love to help out with questions and strategy and would love to have you join our guild family.

    We try to be a drama free guild, and are pretty laid back.
    PM me here or best to contact me via line chat for faster response
    Lineid: telperien2016
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    We are looking for 1 more active member to round out our guild. We are looking for someone between 700,000-1,100,000 GP. We are not looking to add any whales and most of us have been in the guild from early on when it was started. We do not have a ticket requirement but are looking for very active players who will contribute to guild tickets, gear exchange and participate in raids and Territory Battles. If you are not active or violate the 24 hour zero damage rancor or tank rules you will be removed (which is why we’re looking for a new member). We currently have a group LINE chat going with 45 members on it. We use it because it is easy to communicate on, discuss strategy, and use it to coordinate raids and Territory Battles.

    Our guild is at 48.25M GP and this TB we should hit 25 or 26 stars to hit the benchmark where you start earning purple crystals. Our TB is drama free and has clear directions every day, all we ask is you participate and follow the plan. We don’t require you to farm any specific characters but certainly appreciate it if you’re able to.

    Heroic rancor has a 24 hour zero damage phase followed by a FFA which lasts 10-20 minutes. We alternate raid times between 10:30 AM, 6:30 PM and 2:30 AM (all times Pacific U.S.). This allows everyone to have a raid time that is convenient for them.

    Our normal tanks are also 24 hour zero damage and the FFA lasts anywhere from 3-12 hours depending who’s around to attack. The guild currently has 6 Zylos and a 3 Zavages so we should be okay in phases 1 & 3 when we make the jump to heroic tank. The guild members are currently working on their phase 2 HAAT teams and are acquiring either Zavage or a Teebotine/Chirpatine team so that we’re able to get through P3. We will be making our HAAT attempt in December which we think we should be able to clear. We alternate tank times between 10:00 am Pacific and 10:00 pm Pacific so that everyone gets a shot at different phases.

    If interested you can PM me with any questions you may have about our guild or better yet message me on LINE at tk-421starwars. We have had horrible luck with random members asking to join (they always attack early and never communicate in the game chat) so please contact me before requesting to join the guild. You can also contact me on Discord at TK-421#3856 but I’m on Discord less frequently.

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    Guild Name: the fist of the empire

    Friendly guild that runs low level raids. Always have a Tank Raid and a Rancor Raid going to help earn rewards. We really only have 1 rule to follow. All are friendly and helpful.

    Our one rule: Tank Takedown (Normal) raid and Rancor Raids frequently. We usually do will Lev 4 thru 6 Rancor raids. For 4 and 5 rancor raids, top players will only attack 1-2 times so that lower level people can get more rewards. Top players will attack more often as rancor raid level goes up. Top players attack as much as they want on Tank raids and Rancor Raids 6 and 7. Raid levels will go up as our ranks grow and everyone advances. Always do territory battles and encourage everyone to help. Consistently get 8-10 stars, but looking to get more with growth.

    Our only requirement is to be active and have fun. Very laid back as we want to do well but also understand it's a game. F2P and P2P welcome. We use the guild chat as our form of communication. Fairly active in responding soon. Ask questions and donate when you can. We want to grow as a guild to where we can all do well and gain shards/rewards while having fun.

    Check out the link in my signature for my ally code. We currently have 28 members, most everyone is active.
  • TCS
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    Hello all,

    Sephjet's Squad is looking for some new members to round out our roster. We currently have 40 members and are building towards a Heroic AAT attempt in the coming weeks. Relevant information about the guild is below but we are a friendly, helpful, and social guild. We are always talking about new team builds, character releases, and theorycrafting how to improve our teams, along with other gaming and movie discussion. We have players of all types: Whales, Dolphins, and many Free to Players.

    Timezone: Primarily ET but we have members all across the world and we plan our raids accordingly
    Raid Times: Rotates weekly between 12pm/3pm/6pm ET; 5pm, 8pm, 11pm UTC; 9am/12pm/3pm PT
    Raid Rules: 24hr zero damage for Heroic Pit and Normal Tank
    Raid Frequency: 2-3 per week guaranteed
    Chat App: Discord (required of all members)
    Territory Battles: In the 16 star range

    Please DM me if you are interested in stopping by our Discord to introduce yourself or if you would like more information on our guild.

    TCS (co-lead)
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    Join NUKEM, a fun, laid-back guild looking for active players that will help us defeat HAAT.

    -Heroic Pit: Alternating start times to accommodate different time zones. A 24 hour no-damage policy is used.
    -HAAT: Our last attempt got us just about up to P4. We have a few more Resistance teams in the works that we hope get us the rest of the way.

    We understand that real life sometimes gets in the way of playing (how annoying), so 600 daily is not required; however, we would expect regular participation in ticket generation, raiding, and chat. Strong tank toons are an asset.

    If you’re looking for a chill guild with HAAT aspirations drop me a line here or on Discord: Jeef Skywatcher#5211
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    The Dread Masters is doing normal HAAT few times a week.

    We do heroic Rancor with 24 hours no damage.

    We are 33/50 with 13 stars TB regularly.

    We are 26 m GP.

    The Dread Masters has been around since the introduction of the guild system.

    We need more active 65+ players to want to join our guild to help out with improving stars in TB especially.

    We do accept smaller guilds to merge into us if it's better for you and we will have one officer spot open for your guild leader.

    No, we don't want to be part of multi-guild alliance system or merge into other guild.

    Nocifer Deathblade
    Leader and Founder of The Dread Masters
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    Fun and Friendly Guild - T7 Rancor - T6 Tank - 17 TB Stars

    Dr Evazan Cosmetic Surgery is recruiting!

    If you addicted the game this is the place for you. We are looking for people who play daily and do the daily guild ticket contributions. We do tier 7 Rancor, tier 6 Tank, and 15+ stars on Territory Battles.

    Rancor Rules:

    - We have a rotation for members to clear the pigs right away.

    - The first 24 hours everyone does 0 damage to rancor.

    - At the 24 hour mark Rancor is free for anyone to attack.

    Tank Rules:

    - Free for all. Do as much damage as you can.

    Territory Battles:

    - Follow guild chat instructions on where to hit and which platoons to donate to.

    My IGN is MasterJediSkywalker, send me an ally invite and once I accept I can invite you to guild.

    My ally code is 273-468-789

    My SWGOH.GG page.

    Our Facebook page.

    Our Discord channel.

    Happy Hunting!
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    Original Twelvebacks

    Hiya all. We're a brand new Guild the Original Twelvebacks and we’re looking to get filled up for NAAT and T4/5/6 Pit as soon as we have the gunpower/sabrepower/spookylightningpower.
    We're friendly and casual but are looking for high engagers to bring in the pobble beads each day. Ideally 400+ but no-one will give you grief if you miss that target. New players are very welcome. We’ll help you with advice, ally-shares, gear donations and grown up feelings you don’t understand.

    • Rules are play happily, be nice and help answer questions.
    • We're building up our TB and need some more players to get our Stars up!
    • We don't use Line or Discord
    • All levels and abilities are welcome.
    • No Mercs - thanks!

    • NAAT and T4 Pit starting today

    Join up by searching for Original Twelvebacks in the game or by Allying me at 835-275-528 (I'm Eva Jo Joca and will be your Guild Leader and coffee provider. Might not provide coffee, but will provide emotional advice about coffee.)
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    Ando's stolen kills
    Casual but committed guild (Mostly EST) looking to add a few more members of any level. (Current average level 75) hoping to get members over level 65 so they can help us progress in Territory Battle. We are currently running Rancor 6 and Normal Tank.
    If you're looking for a more casual guild who is passionate about this game, but also understands that life comes first come join us.
    Message me on Discord if you are interested in joining AndoJerkFace#2610 Ally code : 168-959-169
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    Greetings from The Strange Brew! We are a family of players working towards HAAT so we can get those sweet GK shards. We are constantly improving and hope to be HAAT ready in under 2 months. So we are looking for people that are or close to ready for HAAT. We currently have 1 spot open.
    Guild Name'. - The Strange Brew
    Time Zone- EST
    Player Base- Mostly US based but have people from around the world
    Chat app- Line
    Pit level- Heroic(T7)
    - Raid Rules: Tank rotates 9am/9pm EST FFA as soon as it goes up. Rancor rotates 9am/3pm/9pm EST with 0 damage for 24 hours
    Guild Rules-
    1) See Raid rules above
    2) Do your best to reach 600 energy but we understand that people have lives
    3) Join our Line chat
    My Line ID is: urlacma please feel free to send me a message and we can talk about if we'll fit your needs and if you'll be a fit to our guild!
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    The Friends of the Universe is looking for new active players (we are currently 47/50). We are an European Guild (Eng, CZ, SK), 30M+ GP, rather casual but still very competitive, playing normal AAT and Heroic rancor (2x/3x per week).

    * We are using 0 dmg/24hours registration for Heroic rancor
    * 600 tickets per day is not mandatory (but highly recommended)
    * Discord/Line is not mandatory

    So, if u do like SWgoh and are looking for a solid guild that plays Heroic rancor but u are not ready yet for the top guilds with very strict rules, u can join us. (Echo3 officer, 788-852-571)
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    Phoenixx Squadron removed 2 inactive members and is looking to fill those spots as soon as possible. Friendly guild some chat in game most chat on LINE app. Level 85 daily players that contribute 600 raid credits daily or at least close to it. Mostly F2P guild. Only 5 members that Solo HPit but we usually don’t. We want the rest of our guild to reach the top too!! Majority of HAAT is done by 6 of us. The rest contribute what they can and reap the rewards! Wanna get those Kenobi Shards?? You don’t have to be a top contributor, just do What you can and we’ll handle the rest! Message me on LINE: Yoduhhhh (that’s 4 H’s)
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    Born Again Sithlords

    Currently looking to fill a roster either with individuals or a small group

    Looking for members preferably 1mil GP or greater but we are flexible on that.

    MUST have or be willing to create a profile upon joining

    NOT strict on 600 daily but we prefer to see consistent activity and contributions

    HPit capable 24 hour no damage rule

    HAAT not yet but close... should be if we can fill the roster with the right people. Many of the current members have haat teams ready.

    Search the born again sithlords ingame guild search to join or find us on discord
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    The Griffintown Scoundrels are looking for six to 8 members!
    Requirements from our end include being lvl 85 with a GP of over 500k and having a account. Join now and rule the galaxy!
    There’s lots of guilds oot there. Why should you join any of them? We’re a relaxed guild that generates 14-18k tickets a day.
    We’re with the Marauders De La Cosa Nostra Alliance. One of the top alliances in the game!
    We run the Heroic Rancor ( 24hr no damage ) twice a week ( rotating times ) Hiring mercs between TB for Haat. More members and tickets means more raids.
    We do require Discord( a free app ) for communication.
    We’ve got a total of 37 million GP right now, 41 members, more when you get here and got 19 stars last TB.
    Comment from an actual merging member” Wow this is pretty well put together glad I took the merge “ Was in reference to our discord channel and the work we’ve put in to help you and the guild succeed!
    I hate when these things run too long so if you want more info you’ll have to message me. Clubs open as well.

    Ally code: 495-931-537
    Discord: goat13#0149
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    The Corellian Refugees have room for a couple new members after losing some inactives. We just ran our first hAAT and made it to phase 4, so we need just a bit more firepower to get us to the finish line. Perfect time to welcome some new guildmates who can help us crush it!

    We're a relaxed, yet dedicated guild, and are very helpful with game strategy. Mostly US, with a few in Europe & Australia, and most player levels from 80 to 85. GP is over 51M and rising, with 27 stars in the last TB, so we're earning crystals. Looking at 28+ on the next round to get that next level prize box.

    600 raid tix per day is expected - the more tix we earn the more often we raid. We all have days when we miss it. Hit it the next!

    Guild activities reset at 6:30 PM US central time, and we launch most raids at that time. Weekend raids launch at 11:00 AM CST for our guildmates in Europe. Both nAAT & hRancor have 24 hour zero damage limits so all can get in on the loot. :)

    We use Discord extensively (keithereal#8467). PM me here or there for more details, or check out our public channel at Hope to have you join us!
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    Smuggler’s Rise 2

    We are a 37 million G.P. guild that run Heroic Rancors 2-3 times per week (w/ 24 hour ZDR 8pm UTC), nAAT as available (11pm UTC), and 16* Territory Battles and climbing. We have an active Discord family that includes our 2 ally guilds, where someone is online all the time to answer strategy questions, share theory, show off their new xbox, whatever.

    We're looking for HAAT focused players that can put us over the edge of not needing merc help and are willing to meet 350 tickets per day. We're a group that takes it as serious as we can without taking the fun out. Message me or post your account to our Discord recruiting channel (I’m Ffion#4439) and tell us a little about yourself.

    *Discord is required.
  • B_One
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    About us: we currently consist of 2 guilds. Holy Wars, and Holy Wars Messengers. We were recently approached by a guild leader to join forces and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Holy Wars is a Heroic Pit and HAAT guild that earned 32* on our most recent Territory battle. Holy wars messengers is a heroic pit and normal AAT guild. They are currently 32/50 and we are looking to fill that up.

    For merge members must be willing to move to Messengers as the guild is already named and set up. (officer slots would be available)

    Chat groups are designed so that both guilds can help each other with questions/advice etc but also each guild has their own for direction in tb and raids to avoid added confusion

    We will begin promotion from within from messengers only as soon as that guild is full. Any level member can join. We do however want players who are dedicated and want to grow. Promotions will be earned by the following 3 criteria.
    1) 600 a day tickets without a reminder
    2) line app (active user/direction following)
    3) level 85 with at least 1 mil gp

    All interested should message me here or preferably on line. B_one73, or brando-1

    Be a part of something special. Join today
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    We are recruiting new players, levels 25-85, to join us in our training guild. We don't care how "low" your GP is, how "little" you know or how new you are, we just want active, dedicated players who know how to work hard and PLAY HARD, and to find you the most supportive and badass home around.

    Our alliance is full of extremely knowledgeable and helpful players, many of which have been playing since the beginning. We aren't here to ridicule or kick you out for "underperforming," we're here to show you the ropes and how to have a really fun time in this game while still kicking **** and taking names! I never imagined how helpful and amazing this alliance, or family, really, would be. Now I want to give back by inviting you to join us too.

    Requirements are short and simple:

    Discord chat is mandatory
    500 raid tickets/energy daily

    May The Force Be With You!

    LØFÂ Reservoir Dogs Recruiting Officer
    Discord: eejaydee#8969
    Line Chat: eejaydee
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    Wir arbeiten gerade daran unsere Gilde für den HAAT fit zu machen und suchen deshalb ambitionierte Mitglieder die mit uns auf dieses Ziel hin arbeiten möchten.
    Gerne auch Gruppen bis 4 Spieler die ein nettes Zuhause suchen.
    Wer sind wir und was bieten wir:
    Momentan sind wir,wie der Name vermuten,lässt überwiegend Österreicher, doch ist bei uns deutschsprachige Verstärkung aus aller Welt willkommen.
    Wir erreichen 26 Sterne in den TerritoryBattles und wollen uns stetig verbessern.
    Austausch und Hilfe über Discord und Ingame Chat.
    Wir Starten unsere Raids an fixen Tagen jeweils um 21:00
    Rancor Heroisch Start: Montag und Donnerstag
    Tank Normal Start: Mittwoch
    Sowohl beim Rancor als auch dem Tank gilt bei uns eine 24 Stunden Anmeldephase.
    Überschüssige Tickets werden an Wochenenden für Bonus oder Übungsraids verwendet.
    Was du mitbringen solltest:
    Level 85 /GM 900K+
    Motivation und Spaß am Spiel.
    Gezielt deine Teams für den Haat aufbauen.Hilfe in diesem Bereich wird geboten.
    Regelmäßige Aktivität (da immer etwas dazwischen kommen kann,ist längere Abwesenheit kein Problem, solange man Bescheid gibt)
    Raidtickets sammeln 400+
    Discord nutzen, weil der Gamechat einfach Schrott ist.
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen könnt ihr:
    Hier antworten, eine PM schicken,oder ihr erreicht mich über Discord unter:
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