Unmasked Pack

Is it worth buying? Many times in the past the odds of getting anything other than the minimum is ridiculously small, but they have the occasional pack that has reasonable odds of getting more than the min. Is this one of the bad ones or one of the good ones? Has anyone purchased it yet? More than one? What were your results?

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  • No. No. No. No. No. No.

    Also - No. No. No. No. No.

    If you end up buying it despite my warning, then please restrain yourself from coming on the forums and complaining about how bad the pack is.
  • Have you bought it yet? I'm asking about the experience of those who have purchased it. If I know the relative odds of getting the different values, then I can make an informed decision on if it's worth it to me to get the pack. There have been some packs that give decent odds of getting shards higher than the min. Unless you've bought this pack you don't know any better than I do. Information is key to making informed decisions.
  • I got 7 and 15 just now. Of course, that is completely meaningless because of small sample size. More than likely, we are still looking at an average of 7 shards per pack.

    That being said, I got KRU to 4 stars on two packs - I was prepared to only get 5 per pack (as one must be!) and to need three packs to get him there, so I'm good to stop and be happy without having to have spent 1299 crystals to get him to 4*s. :)
  • Yeah, the $20 pack is easily worth getting. Just comparing the shard value to what you'd get if you bought the $20 crystal back, the shards alone only cost 28 crystals each. I'm hoping to get a good idea of what I might expect out of the crystal pack. I'd love to get unmasked up to 5*, but it's not going to happen if the average is 5 from the packs.
  • @Jonais I have purchased a full hero before using those packs. Luck aside, you'll average about 7 shards a purchase. 5, 7 and 12 were the most common for me. So if you want to get him to 5*, figure out how many shards you will start with subtract that from 145 and you'll have your remaining shards to figure out how many packs you'll need.
  • The odds are always the same on those 5-330 shard packs. Unless you have $250-$500 to drop on them to 7* ur character, dont even bother.
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    As said, you go all in or just don't go.

    Believe me u won't get anything beyond 10/12 shards at once.
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  • It's not really feedback, but I guess it's got to get buried somewhere...
  • I opened 10 packs and didn’t get any more than 7 out of any of them :|
  • Ok, so it sounds like the average result is 7 shards. Good to know and allows people to purchase with the assumption that's what they'll get.
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    Just check TI Warrior video on youtube, he went to 7* on many other toons, best pull was 15. He said that doing the math, average is 8.1 shards per pack.

    So if u wanna get there, be prepared to spend around $300.
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