Mod ideas for KRU?

Im thinkin crit dmg & offense, but am I missing something?


  • when i beat the bonus tier i got crit damage mods. guess ill take the hint. not so sure hell need potency mods at all.
  • I'm thinking offense & health, but, idk...
  • With all the advantage, I guess crit chance isnt necessary either
  • Seeing as he'll be sponging a lot of hits, I'd say crit damage and tenacity. Advantage makes crit chance less useful, and ideally tenacity will help him shake off some debuffs like ability block and buff immunity that could mess with his ability to taunt regularly.
  • I'm going speed, protection, and HP, which basically mean taking my GK mods and popping them on new Kylo. His job is to soak hits, stay alive, and stun people.

    That being said, I do think a crit damage triangle at least needs a look. You'd be giving up 23.5% protection (or 8549 as a number) off of his 36,380 total at g12, but maybe the extra damage/HP recovery would make up for it.

    I dunno, I'm going to wait for people smarter than me to theory craft it, but I do think speed, prot, and HP is the way to go right now (with maybe that CD triangle :)).
  • JahnuRen wrote: »
    Im thinkin crit dmg & offense, but am I missing something?

    Alas, those sets both require four mods, so you can't do both. I'm going with CD and tenacity to start.
  • I modded my FO team earlier today. It was very difficult to pick his, because he kind of good at most everything. I ended up going CD / Health. I went with CD because he is countering a lot, so why not hit harder. Plus his second special actually has nice damage. I am hitting around 19-20k right now with Focused Rage -without- the double damage trigger.
  • I have him at g8, lvl 85 abilities maxxed, no zetas yet. So I'll play defensively. Heath & tenacity sets. Crit dmg triangle & protection arrow primaries
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