[Suggestion] Enhancement to Chromium Packs

Preface: I'm about $500 invested in the game and perceive grand flaws in the current Chromium Data Card Only Character System.

Issue: Spending $100 on Chromium Data Card Bundles may yield you some 4Star Characters... but they are unusable endgame. Unless a person is to spend thousands of dollars to 7star these Chromium Only characters... buying these bundles is a bad move and fruitless. IMO: There should be a middle ground and a way to incentivize people to buy these packs.

Solution: Either utilize the non-Toon shard locations like say 1-D on the Holotable or create another table similar to Holotable that shares an energy type. We'll use a new table for this example. What happens is that every [Insert # Here] say 50x Chromium Packs opened will unlock a random Chromium Only Character that populates a location to drop shards. Basically, you now have the ability to make use of that 4star toon and attempt to level him up if so desired. I'm assuming that there is a history of how many opened, so the total is retroactive... whales rejoice! As the character unlockable for farming is random, spending more has it's benefits. However, this will actually entice people like myself to spend more as there is now randomized potential benefit, whales will still receive the ability to unlock everything more quickly, and it's a win/win for everyone! (It is my belief every $100 in Chromium value should give you at 1x Chromium Only Character Farmable Unlock). From a business perspective, it's simple math: Have say 1000 ppl spend $1000 or have 100,000 ppl spend say $200 on Cantina and everyone is much happier with the system. Win/Win

If my idea is utilized, EA please kindly deposit 1million Chromium Shards to 661-294-242. I am confident this change in direction WILL revolutionize this game and vastly improve the stigma regarding Chromium Packs. As such, I'll consider this understood discrete gesture Payment in Full :)


  • Angrybaldman
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    Not a bad idea, I think the problem is slightly more complicated.

    I've spent a fair amount in chromiums, and have unlocked most of the characters....to the point of diminishing returns. Rex just came out in Chromiums this week and no one is using him....why? Whales (who have 7 starred most of the Chromium characters) are not gonna spend another 1-2K just to 7 star one additional toon.

    My solution would be to have several variation of Chromium packs (how about emerald and sapphire packs) which are the same but feature different sets of characters. This will keep the whales spending.

    As for the OP's recommendation, I like that too. If I've bought 50 packs (which I have) I've earned the right to farm a Chromium character.

  • Caspertricks
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    Character specific purchases would bring the spending in this games power level to over 9000.

    Also something I think would bring in crazy $$$ would be a unique gear slot for each character that you could equip unique gear to example being.

    Different light sabers or blasters ect with different stats so you could have a bit of customization for your toon. You could make many of these exclusive to IAP's
  • Great suggestions. I have spent over $2000 on this game but I'm not spending anymore on chromium packs. If I am going to continue to be a whale I want to be unique in the way of characters or gear. I hope EA IS LISTENING.
  • This would even give an incentive for freel to play players to save for chromium packs. Heck maybe more of them would get hooked and convert to p2w☺
  • Great ideas.... ;-)
  • Etevo wrote: »
    Great suggestions. I have spent over $2000 on this game but I'm not spending anymore on chromium packs. If I am going to continue to be a whale I want to be unique in the way of characters or gear. I hope EA IS LISTENING.
    Nobody is unique in this game. Everyone is a lemming. They all chase after the same level and characters setup. If you want my honest opinion, the whales actually disgrace the real f2p players because if a f2p that able to take first place in arena, nobody would believe em. They all think that's just some random guy who've spend $5000 on a game that focus on farming and killing scripted AI.

  • Kind of like the VIP system Marvel Future Fight has, anything really lol
  • Stok3d
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    I would love to have someone from EA comment on this thread :)
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