4-L defense against thermal detonator spamming?

Anyone find a good defense against storm troopers slamming you with 3-4x thermal detonators in the first round? They are killing me faster than I can heal and keeping me from 3 star :-(

Feeling frustrated!


  • I know that feeling too good :)
    Like in other games, if you get to an opponent which you can't defeat, you have to become stronger. Stop this mission for now and do it later when your heroes have better gear, higher levels etc.
    And in this particular case, gather all healers and heroes with the highest hp together, maybe some attack debuffer or defense up buffer too.
  • Just farm a bit, focus on dailies and upgrading you characters.
  • I really hate those grenades. Focus fire and try timing your heal…and level up as others have suggested.
  • It feels like the encounter is bugged because they start attacking right away so no chance to pick one or two off first. I'm in the same boat and will revisit this later. I can go in with three healers in the squad and it doesn't even matter because they're dead before they can heal. The game is still new and so hopefully they take a closer look at the encounter.
  • It feels like the encounter is bugged because they start attacking right away so no chance to pick one or two off first.
    This is not a bug, they just have higher speed stat. Just upgrade you characters, that's all you need.

  • Chewbacca with an upgraded leader skill will really help, each hit gives allies a chance to gain defence up for 2 turns, really helps to lessen dmg and let healers catch up.
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    Yeah, I don't get this fight. I have all my Light side characters @ lvl 36, Chewbacca is my leader (with leader ability @ lvl 3), all of my healers in the fight, I choose a healer ally. Despite this, grenade spam kills my entire team before I can even kill 2 enemies on the first encounter. All of the enemies go one after another through their entire team before I have a chance to take a single action and (except for one) they all throw grenades every single turn. Either my game is bugged or grenades are *way* OP since there doesn't seem to be any CD on them
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    Sry for my bad english.
    I have cleard it now, after many tryes. But u have Time.U have to bei lvl 43 to unlock Map 5.
    My Team was on 37. I had Barris Offee as Team lead. Max equiped and Every Attacke on max for this lvl. (The normal Attack on rank 4 is very importent) Ima-gun di is the best choice for the help char. With his spezial Attacke Every Char gets a shild for 2 turns and 15% chance for counterattack is very strong against this enemys.
  • Even with I-G-D I struggled. Just gotta grind and gear up your characters and its down to luck on how many grrnades are thrown your way! xD
  • Yeah, I got it too -- after grinding up my characters to level 34, mostly 3rd or 4th equipment tier. Plus, I used Luminara as an ally. Definitely hardest battle so far
  • Oh and instead of I-G-D I was using "fives" with upgraded counter attack
  • Obi-Wan and Jedi Guardian did well with ability to block use of the detonator. Took me three tries to get it to 3 stars. My other 4 (borrowed Obi-Wan) were Barriss (leader), Consular, Luminara, and Ahsoka.
    "That is why you fail."
  • This level is total ****. I went in with all level 37 guys and. Borrowed level 39 Baris and got wiped out in the first round. They should not be able to spam those grenades on every turn.
  • Borrowed Ally was Old Ben. Leader is Ashoka-then Jedi Con, Biggs, Clone and Chewie. All my Characters are Lv 39 with Lv 4 to 5 for Gear. Use Ben and Clone to suppress the grenade Ability and hopefull the clone ability will reduce their turn meter so you can go again. Use the right tactics on who to knock out first. The Jedi evasion should help and hope Ashoka can Crit hit to help heal as well. 3rd round is a piece of cake if you can save your whole team till then.
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