Best anti-Rebel leader?

So with the new DS battles, it looks like characters with anti-Rebel kits are going to be in demand. Are there any characters whose leadership ability directly targets Rebels that might give an edge in later stages of TB?


  • Well, to answer my own question, it looks like Emperor Palpatine is the only DS leader that targets Rebels ... "Rebel enemies have -32% Potency and Evasion".

    I thought there would be more leaders that specifically targetted Rebels, or that one would be added (a la ROLO) that would target the Rebel faction.
  • They have quite a few abilities that are specifically Rebel based, but Rebels only have 1 leader ability countering Empire, which is ROLO's lead.
  • Veers is Anti rebel DeathTrooper is as well. I have both at gear 12. I just put a Bayonet on DeathTrooper not even CLS can stand before him. He just destroys rebels. Baze and Churrit is losing ground. I destroyed a Gear 12 CLS Lead team with baze and churrit.
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