ZNT is now Recruiting!

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"Hello there! Come here my little friend, don’t be afraid…"

The Z Nuttz Tossahs (ZNT) is a focused (not totalitarian) group that nets 27-Stars (LSTB), 22-Star (DSTB), and about to be 2 - 0 in TW. We run both Heroic Rancor & HAAT Raids. ZNT is open to any player that has reached a minimum level of 80 and contributes daily. F2p and P2p welcomed, no one is judged on how much or little they spend on the game, it's about utilizing what you have and using teamwork and strategy to conquer challenges, not brute force. We are invested in helping members refine their roster and find success.

We are looking for TWO active, level 80+ players, with a minimum of 500,000 GP; no minimum arena rank required. Ideal members are registered with swgoh.gg, are able to communicate with us on Discord and are willing to work with toward achieving Guild-centric goals. We are open to players that are at a lower XP/GP level if said player is extremely active and progressing fast.

If you are interested in joining us, contact Zag Nuttz#1519 via Discord with your interest!
For more please visit: https://znutt.wordpress.com/about/
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