Guild Job Fair MAY 2017! [New Hires] [Non-Heroic and New Guilds]


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    We are looking for additional players to join us to help with guild wars. We have about 23 active players, ~9-10M GP, and get 10 stars in the light side TB. We are quite laid back and dont enforce any strict rules. We are close to herioc pit. We have around 10 players above level 80. We are looking for like minded guilds and players (any level) to join us so that we can grow. If you fancy being in an active and friendly guild without the strict rules and regulations, then come join us ! The guild is called 'Disciples of Tulak Hord'.

    Feel free to message me on here, or send me an in game ally request 743-993-135. Hope to hear form you soon.

    Cheers Hoos
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    EVO Legion of Light, 18m gp and 19 members are ready to receive new groups. We are the little brother of EVO Army of Light, a 99m gp guild. We will be doing heroic rancor and naat. When we are close to haat, we'll be receiving the help of our big brothers, so don't wait and join our alliance before somebody else does. You will be part of a big guild.
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    Hi everyone,

    Clan Moran is looking for more active members.
    We have 29 spaces available.
    We have just culled all inactive members.
    Small guilds welcome to join us.
    We have a very relaxed approach to the game.
    As long as your active you are welcome.
    Looking to compete in the territory wars.

    If you are struggling to find our guild my ally number is 882-893-228
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    Force Corrupted Zombies
    Has 2 slots available.

    We are EST zone and 50+ mil GP.
    Heroic pit raids twice per week, soon 3x per week.Earning Raid Han Solo shards.
    HAAT successful last 3 times.
    Earning GK shards.
    We have registered for territory WARSAndCurrently have active participation in

    We have what you're looking for. Very friendly guild with active members, and lots of good interaction on discord. Have any questions, let me know how I may help.

    500 minimum daily tickets
    Pit raid has 0 damage for first 24 hrs
    Discord chat app mandatory

    contact RoboJoe here on forums, or
    RoboJoe#0483 on discord
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    Sinister Force Galactica is an awesome guild looking for at least 5 more guys to compete in Territory Wars.
    Currently home to 30 players and 25M GP. We want players that are active daily and contribute to raid tickets.
    We crush heroic rancor (0 dmg first 24 hrs) and are just about ready to graduate to HAAT.
    We are happy to accept developing players but really want to fill the last few slots for TW.
    No outside chat required. No contribution requirements.
    Join us by searching for Sinister Force Galactica or look me up - Ally code 879-897-469.
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    Hi all,

    Dagobah Jedi is a guild with a solid core of 12 players reaching out and recruiting. If you're looking for a casual guild doing high tier raids (HAAT will arrive once we get the players) and you're interested in doing TB and TW, then perhaps you could find your guild in us.

    We get 10-11* in TB as a reference point. We're not looking for Top Arena Payout Players (though if you are, we welcome you!), but players who may want to develop alongside guildmates with whom a common objective is shared.

    We have 12 spaces (38/50) at current, but this number could easily double or triple with a purge of inactive players. If you're thinking of moving/finding guilds with fellow players, encourage them to join us if you perhaps. We would like players to:

    - Be at/close to level 85 and active
    - Contribute sufficient raid tickets (preferably over 350, something like that)
    - Participate amply in Guild Activities

    We start raids whenever we have the tickets, so don't fret if you're not based in Australia (GMT+9:00 - +11:00).

    Please PM me if you're interested.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
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    We're a friendly guild looking for a couple of new members, we have 48 at the moment. The majority of us are level 85 with a just a couple in the early 80s and one or two padawans. Our guild GP is around 54mil. We do rancor raids on heroic, and I think our next tank will be a Haat attempt. Lots of donations and lots of chat. No major rules or strict guidelines on tickets or certain characters but must be playing on a regular basis and contributing where you can. We communicate via line too.

    Our rancor raids take about 20 mins, tank can be done without a refresh. We have a rule on raids that we have no damage for 24hrs, just to give eneryone the opportunity to get on the board with a zero score as we get through it relatively quickly. Our raids take place at 7.30pm uk time.

    My ally code is 949 699 318

    If you're interested or have any questions, drop me a message
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    Beggar's Canyon Bandits

    Timezones: East Europe to West Coast
    Galactic Power: 23.5 M
    Weekly Heroic Rancor and Standard Tank Raids.
    13* in TB.
    Casual, no daily ticket requirement.
    Currently have 29 members.

    Need a few more active members.

    Search for: Beggar's Canyon Bandits
    Or add me as ally: Ayultuk Meir 859-213-127
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    The Blood is Getting is very weak in the Galaxy.. The Imperial Undead is a New Guild(11/19/2017) that has risen from the bodies of guilds stuck in the past and is now recruiting newer, stronger, players ready to crush our enemies. We would be happy to discuss mergers, and anything that would facilitate better success for everyone.

    This guild is going to be a team based guild. There are admins, but the aim is for it to be team focused, and everything will be placed to a vote. We expect Jedi Mind Tricks From Every Member.

    We are an EST based guild and you should be a player with a level of 85 with a GP of 800k+. We are Heroic Rancor Guild, and Will Be Heroic Tank as Soon as the numbers justify the attempt. We Are a FFA @ Launch.The 24/0 Damage Rule is something we are open to if that is a direction the guild as a whole prefers.

    We want to be a Guild that crushes everything!! But Enjoys Doing it Without all the Pressure.

    What we expect from you is participation, Communication, and 600k Daily. Discord and SWGOH.GG is mandatory. No Mol Eliza's. This is an 18+ Guild. We will not sign permission slips or late notes.

    Check out our Server @ or Msg VengefulCruelty#9264
    My Ally Code is 692-989-614

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    The sons of malachor

    We are a guild of26/50 at the moment and in need of extra players preferably level65 and over to enter territory wars.
    We run heroic and six star pit and normal aat. We are looking at doing (trying) haat in the new year but could make it easier with more players.
    We have a seven day no login rule where if no warning was given then we will boot. But other than that no other rules currently apply.
    If this sounds up your street then come over and join us


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    We have a new but active guild, started recently and looking to grow. We’re looking for players of any level so newbies and veterans welcome. Only current rule is the 24 hour no damage rule on pit raids to give everyone a chance. As we have a mix of levels we are currently alternating between lower and higher level raids.

    Casual players also welcome. We only ask that you try and earn a few tickets each day. We have a discord channel but it isn't compulsory.

    Ally Code: 275-713-298
    Guild Name: xXThoseLeftBehindXx
    Time Zone: United Kingdom (GMT +0)
    Message me with any question. We've been asked about merges but, for the moment at least, the members are keen to give this a go for a while.


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    Hi everyone,

    Clan Moran is looking for more active members.
    We have 29 spaces available.
    We have just culled all inactive members.
    Small guilds welcome to join us.
    We have a very relaxed approach to the game.
    As long as your active you are welcome.
    Looking to compete in the territory wars.

    If you are struggling to find our guild my ally number is 882-893-228
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    Hello all,

    Villains III is the third tier of the the Villains family and we are looking for additional active members to join our alliance.

    We currently have 5 spaces open and another 4 possible from low activity members. We are looking for level 65 and above.

    GP 35 million
    Reset time is 6:30pm EST
    Raid launch time is 9:00pm EST
    400 raid tickets per day average required.
    Line App

    We currently run Heroic Pit and Normal Tank. We run periodic HAAT with the assistance of high level members from our allied guilds as we build towards running them on our own. Last LS TB was 16 stars.

    My ally code is 216-131-155
    Line app ID is lordcandyass

    Feel free to message me with any questions. Hope to here from you!

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    Die Gilde Knüppeltruppe Dagobah sucht nach neue Mitstreiter!

    Nabend Leute wir suchen nach drei weiteren Mitspieler, wir sind eine aktive Gilde!

    Keine Bilder und keine Werbung im Fernsehen genau wie 5.0!

    Unsere GM ist bei 61 Millionen und weiter steigend!

    Was wir bieten:

    3 x Heroic Rancor die Woche(Mo, Do, Sa)
    mindestens 2 AAT (abhängig wann es sich ohne Ticketverlust rentiert
    mindestens 26 Sterne im Helle Seite TB und über 20 Sterne im Dunkle Seite TB

    Wonach wir suchen:

    Aktive Spieler!
    Line App zur Kommunikation
    Mindestens 1Millionen GP

    -Platoon Einheiten sind kein Muss aber natürlich gerne gesehen.

    Bei weitere Fragen schickt mir einfach eine Nachricht hier oder über Line (ID: kantholz90)


    Das Kantholz
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    Approx. 20 member guild is looking for new players to join us in order to participate in some stress-free gaming and help in the new Territory Wars.

    If that sounds interesting .. read on.
    Otherwise, happy gaming!

    • We are 20million GP, doing Heroic Rancor and Normal AAT once a week approx.
    • No activity demands or restrictions (other than to be respectful!), but obviously more active the better.
    • Only rule is to obey the 0 damage 24 hours rule for Heroic Rancor and to be active during TBs.
    • Name : BalkanskaDruzina
    • Timezone : CET (UTC + 1 hour) - Central European Time
    • Communication : we use LINE and Guild Chat
    • GP : 20million
    • Take 10+ stars in TBs, at least 1 ROLO shard
    • Line id : 242-592-874 is my ID
    • As long as you have one 6* character you will achieve Normal AAT Raid rewards!
    • As long as you have one 7* character you will achieve Heroic Rancor rewards (zero damage 24 hours!

    Any questions please ask!.
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    Deutschsprachige Gilde "Deutsche Spezialkräft" sucht noch neue Mitglieder.

    Wir sind offen für alle Levelstufen, benötigen aber momentan noch dringend aktive Mitstreiter für den Territorialkrieg (möglichst Lvl 65+).
    Momentan haben wir eine GM von ca. 18M.
    Heroric Rancor Raid 1-2 pro Woche
    AAT so oft wie möglich
    Ca. 12 Sterne bei den Territorialschlachten
    Line Channel vorhanden, aber nicht verpflichtend.
    Bei Fragen oder Interesse bitte PM an mich,
    per Line an sw_barhis_sontebren oder direkt über meinen Bündniscode 752-257-735


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    Deutsche Gilde "Wächter der Alten Lehren" sucht Spieler

    Liebe SWGOH-Gemeinde,

    bei der Suche nach einer passenden Gilde für einige 2. Accounts sind wir nur auf "tote" Gilden gestoßen!

    Daher der Aufruf für Spieler jeden Levels: Schließt euch uns an!
    Wir haben Neulinge und sehr erfahrene Spieler, die sie beraten, aber in anderen Gilden sind (so wie meinen Main).
    Es geht nur um Spaß am Spiel!
    Keine Pflicht von WhatsApp, Line oder Discord!
    Keine Mindestanzahl von Tickets!

    Bündniscodes: 116-568-923 oder 964-698-137

    Oder per PN an mich bzw. über mein Discord: Karvenh#7206 bzw. line: Karvenh Profil der Gilde:

    Beste Grüße

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    Description: we are a very casual and laidback guild, no rules, 25-30 members, 20 active and strong, regular Pit and AAT, good gear exchange, the perfect guild if you like to play the game with no strict commitments, regardless of your level, you know, live your life in the meantime, but also to get good rewards and progress fast

    Timezone: UK + mixed

    Galactic power: 15 M

    Territory battles: 11*+

    Rules: radical democracy, total freedom, just don’t go away more than a month

    My ally code: 359-312-574

    Search for our guild: Booplesnoot
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    Hi, we are looking for a few more players to join our relaxed guild ASAP to register for the territory wars.

    WE are close to heroic pit, and got 11 stars in the new TB. We take any levels, and provide a relaxed and fun guild to play the game within.

    The guild name is disciples of tulak hord. Come an join us.

    Cheers Hoos

    For info, my ally code is 743-993-135
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    Hello all,

    I'm with Ashes to Fire.

    We currently have 12 spaces open, possibly a few more from inactive players. We are looking for level 85s. Currently we're doing heroic rancor raids multiple times a week. We want to be able to do Haat next.

    GP 44 million
    Raid launch time is reset time. 0 damage first 24 hours requirement.
    No raid ticket requirements. We're all working professionals. Just be active.
    TB: Average 16 stars.

    We're hoping to bump up our power here.

    My ally code is 233-417-967

    Feel free to message me with any questions.

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    Brand New Guild!!!!

    "FNC Force Neutral Clan" just founded today. We are in US Mountain time (guild reset at 4:30 MDT). We are doing Heroic Rancor (24 hr damage hold) and NAAT as soon as we generate the tickets.
    Open to join for now, but will also entertain a merger with a guild looking to build. Join level set at 30 for now.
    Power and lvl not a concern, just looking for active players to build up or players that wish to help others build. Raids not a concern, I solo Rancor and NAAT offers plenty of opportunities for completion.
    We will use another chat app which can be discussed later. Family friendly. NO foul language or obscene will get warned and if it persists, kicked. Drop me a message if you're interested.

    Discord Wookie#7080
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    Forsaken Bloodbath
    Hello everyone, We are currently looking for some active players to help our fast growing guild achieve even greater accomplishments we have 17mil GP and looking at running terrortory Wars.

    About us:
    Heroic Rancor Raid: >60 mins to drop, 1-2 Raids a week. 0 Damage rule for the first 24 hours.(will increase frequency with ticket increase)

    Normal Tank Raid: 36 Hrs to drop, Remains open very frequently

    Heroic Tank Raid: We are gearing and gathering out way there, might be a bit longer to start

    Heroic Rancor Time: 9pm EST as soon as tickets are available (Begin attacking 24hrs Later)

    Normal Tank Start Time: 9pm EST as soon as tickets are available (No wait time, free game)

    We are a guild that has been around for a long time over many different games and have been in GOH for some time. We use a Zero Damage 24 hour rule on heroic rancor, just to give everyone a chance to hit the raid before it drops. But we have professional and experienced players ready to advice on raid tactics to help improve your overall output.

    We have players of all levels but have a strong core of 80-85 players and are finding heroic rancor very easy in general, Perfect time to join if you want Han Solo Shards


    Ideally looking for stronger players to join but we are currently open to anyone as long as they are active and willing to put in the work to improve themselves and the guild.

    Activity is our number one requirement, anything else we can work on along the way :)

    Level 70+: This number will raise as the guild Progresses


    The Main rule is No Drama!

    Contribution to daily tickets is a factor , please be sure to spend your 600 energy a day to help keep the raids open

    Contributing to the raids is required, even if you do 0 damage, it helps you get gear so you can improve and do better

    Damaging the Heroic rancor during the 0 damage time will award the player with a strike, on the second strike the player is removed.


    Sithari : Guild Leader

    Wayne, Cub, Nobel, JesseJJ, Silenze : Officers

    Contact us:

    Please feel free to contact me through message on here with any questions.

    Ally Code: Sithari 794-857-574 Jessejj 915-566-848 Wayne 428-384-786
    Noble 324-399-435 Cub 329-561-584

    Or Search for us under the guild search feature Forsaken Bloodbath

    May the Force be with you and Happy Hunting
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    Hi all,

    Order of the mystical shrimp is looking for more active players.
    All levels are welcome.

    We're a social, helpful, laidback guild.

    Doing raids T4 atm for the lower lvls but will soon switch to T5.
    We will still launch lower tier raids for our low lvl members ofc.

    Got enough points to start tank takedown, just waiting for a couple higher lvl players to join.

    Briktator Briktatus
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    Discord Server @ Ally Code: 692-989-614
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    Devildogs is semi casual guild 29/50
    Is looking to take on more active members

    Guild Gp 26million

    Hpit at least once a week with 24hr no damage rule
    Naat currently , working on getting Haat down

    for communication we use line and guild chat

    LineID empett2000

    Ally code 322-754-477
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    Guild Name - Daft Plague.

    UK Timezone raids launched at agreed to times.

    All levels are welcome, although we are on 7* Rancor and are hoping to get to a 7* AAT before too long. Any lone 85's will be welcomed with open arms (We currently have 10).

    600 tickets a day would be nice, but we appreciate that some players have other more pressing responsibilities, however you will be cut if you have 5 days inactivity and you don't give notice of an enforced break.

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