What’s actually good

What do you personally like about this game aside from the genre.

For me it’s the music selection. Whoever chose the various John Williams themes did an excellent job mixing and looping. The tracks are pretty long as well, not the usual 5sec sound grab. Some of the arraignments are actually pretty long before the loop starts. The music is what makes Star Wars what it is.

The sound quality is also very clean and crisp. You can hear all the cords over the action happening on screen. I like the special touches to some of the raid and Marquee sounds as well. Rancor making his huff, snarl last breath bubbly noice when defeated, the AT-ST making the proper gear sound as it walks, GG’s annoying metallic laugh, the sound of Ezra’s makeshift saber. Great effort went into the sound and music.

Backgrounds are also very well done. I really like Hoth hanger bay. The art work is very detailed and rendered well. Endor is especially detailed for both the bunker and Ewok village. The cantina is another favorite for the lighting and shadowing effects.

The only annoying thing is the Tron de-rez effect when a defeated enemy falls. I think a tribute Dajarik side game would make a fun diversion. The major complaint about the art is Vader’s Tie in the opening splash. The solar panels are rendered wrong with too many panels. It’s correct in game but whoever did the splash musta been the only non fan on the team. Good job on making the cartoon and animated series people look not so cartoonie as well.


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