Character and ship combat needs more tactical depth

For those of us who enjoy a tactical challenge, the game seriously needs an improvement over its tactical depth.

Pre combat, the mod customization on characters adds some variation and planning, albeit the speed stats seems to be oveshadowing the other stats by a a lot. However, once you are in combat there's not much variation on what you can do.

A simple feature that would add much more to this would be the ability to "Pass turn" or "Delay turn" maybe coupled with a couple defensive bonuses when you pass or defend.

I cannot even remember the number of times that I had to make a forced unfavorable attack with a character that has no means of not attacking, or his attack would make much more impact if delayed after another character went first.

Ships on the other hand suffer from stat streamlining, no customization here at all (hardware abilities coming soon?!? really? what's your definition of "soon", it's been over a year). Coupled with the fact that there's not many ships to go around, ship combat feels even more limited and repeated, even though it has the reinforce mechanic.

I am not dictating to the devs when and how to add features, but when there's a tag saying "soon", players expect something in the near future, maybe change the "soon" into "whenever we feel like it".


1. Pass or delay turn would add much more tactical depth
2. Stat formula needs rework so speed stat is not everything that matters
3. Ship customization would make the combat more varying/interesting


  • It takes tactical depth and strategy to plan your attacks and targets to appropriately manipulate the TM order, though :wink:

    I would not be opposed to a pass-turn passive ability (perhaps a toggled button that can be revealed through the options, like Auto’s Basic option), but certainly no buffs or healing. I think that would sort of be breaking the game, and opening doors for people to take advantage of stun-locking and taunting entire battles until it goes exactly the way they want it to.
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