Mythic Event [MERGE]


  • It probably loaded and they beat you so fast that you didn’t even notice.
  • clear the app data, and let it be downloaded again, always helps
  • I finished first try too with g11 Finn poe rt and rey. Bb8 wasn’t geared or levelled. They had their first turn and basically once they finished they didn’t get to go again. Mind you rey was only hanging on by a sliver of health.
  • +1
    Game is best it's ever been
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  • OP must have received their DS TB rewards from last month. Those of who still have not.... are kinda a little skeptical of all of this things you praise.

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  • jhbuchholz
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    I really liked this event and here's why:

    It is challenging in a way that highlights the strengths of the Resistance synergies. Sure the loaded TM is a bit gimmicky. And the FO TM gains are unrealistic. But we already know that event characters and teams are tweaked. CG has said main characters, like Thrawn, in the legendary events start with reduced cooldowns. This isn't much different.

    So you face a barrage at the outset and an enemy that gains TM very fast. Resistance is great at controlling a battle through TM manipulation. So if you survive the first 20 seconds you have to use the very thing the team is good at to succeed.

    And what about that initial barrage? We'll, the event does suggest G11 toons. That seems to be focused on surviving until you can get a turn. If you can do that, which is possible with a little luck at G9 or G10, you can use the mechanic introduced by this event, BB-8's Illuminated Destiny, to rebuild protection and survivability.

    It's been suggested that increasing tenacity on the FO team would have been a better way to make this event challenging and I disagree because without the exposes it's just a slug fest. Why even use Resistance at that point? It would be even more RNG dependant. Poe doesn't expose anyone on his first turn? Retreat.

    For anyone looking for strategy ideas:
    I completed tier 3 with a very mediocre, mostly G9/G10, team on the 4th or 5th try.

    G9 zFinn (L)
    G12 R2, 260 speed - use smoke screen ASAP to focus attacks on R2
    G10 Poe
    G10 Trooper
    G8 BB-8

    R2 is there to take a beating until Poe can go. And his stun is incredibly helpful too. Between him and Finn you can potentially stun everyone. And finally, his AoE Improvise can load the team with TM in a hurry if two or three exposes are present. Other than that it's the typical Resistance strategy.

    Thanks for reading!
  • First try, with g12 Poe and zFinn, g11 BB8, RP and RT
    “When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” George R R Martin
  • The third time through took me, 5 tries
    “When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” George R R Martin
  • Gwonk
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    Agreed. It makes me smile seeing a big list of events over the next week. Nothing worse than looking in events and it being empty.
  • Gwonk
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    I enjoyed this event. Nice to have something that is a challenge from time to time.
  • OP must have received their DS TB rewards from last month. Those of who still have not.... are kinda a little skeptical of all of this things you praise.

    I think most have received by now...
  • JediMasterGibs
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    Mythic events are fantastic! First and second tier are gimmes, is thanks for that.

    Tips for tier 3: use R2, not billy club Rey. Have R2 stealth everyone, and not himself. He can take all the hits and it’s gives others some time to get rolling. I did it with poe at 202 g10. Other resistance is g10. R2 is g12. Totally doable

    R2 also pops ALL exposes with his special, so that gets you some quick TM even if the FO is mid face stomp on your team
  • Loky
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    Mine loaded, but it's impossible. I have a pretty crazy, fast, two zeta resistance team, but the enemy starts with full TM and I don't even get a turn
  • plindboe wrote: »
    Did it on my second try and my resistance is rather weak (except for R2). Went in with zFinn (g8), Poe (g8), RT (g8), BB8 (g8) and R2D2 (g12).

    My R2 has 245 speed and 70k combined health and protection, so my strategy was for R2 to use smoke screen to sacrifice himself. Once they had pulverised R2, Poe finally got his turn. And that was it. Once Poe goes, the rest is just the usual resistance strategy.

    This! I just posted the same strat! My R2 isn’t even as tanky as yours.
  • I am still waiting for my ten missing Chewie shards from over a year ago. May the force be with you on your DSTB rewards.

  • Interesting that this post wont get moved :) Everytime there is slight criticism in the forum it gets moved to the feedback section or merged, but of course the mods/Devs wont move something positive right? Pathetic...Im sorry as much as I like the game the forum is hilarious.
    +1 to OP tho.
  • Rujedi
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    Last stage is a joke I have g11 and 12 res and I can’t come close what a horrible event
  • Oh man. I beat this first try and then looked at forums. Have to count my blessings.
  • Beat first 2 phases fine. Try to do 3rd phase and it sits on a never ending loading screen. Anyone else having this issue?
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    I am still without my rewards from the DS TB last month... so again, for those that have, it is easy to appreciate all the new content. For those that have not.... still skeptical.

    December 2016 Arena Shard
  • Re installing the app worked lol
  • So the bonus tier of the bonus event that explicitly recommends gear 11 and god mods in bright text is tough? They have bonus stats? The event was designed to counteract the broken (but at this point, un-nerfable) functionality of the required team? Tell me more.
  • GP2C12 wrote: »
    The event is not challenging at All. Did it after 3 tries with g9 poe zfinn bb8 trooper g12 r2

    Nope not tier 3 w that
  • I did it on the 4th try, not a fan of them taking "100 turns" first and hoping RNG is not screwing me to have a chance.
  • larstheemokid
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    Well it did take me quite a few tries, scratched my head after the first couple and was like "uh oh this is hard," but eventually waited til poe survived the onslaught then, like old GW against cls teams, etc, it doesn't matter once the expose chain is up and running.

    It's def tough, but for the reward you get, it SHOULD be this tough. For some reason was hoping for some better received reviews for this event. It repeats and is of a decent difficulty. The rewards at all levels were great. So much complaining. Enjoy the challenge for a change peeps

    Well done devs thanks for my zetas :D
  • The veterans drop rate is a atrocious. Both days on double drop thus far ive refreshed 3 times and have gotten miserable drops. Just a couple each day. What am i even paying for? Its ridiculous. Wasting my money just to get frustrated. Obviously i dont expect to get them every sim but its a little much. It feels like half a scam. Telling us about the rey event and then making the characters needed impossible to star in time. Even after giving my penny
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    Really like this event. Challenging and fresh, and allows veteran players to still enjoy legendary events. I didn’t even get any good mods but I’m happy with it (the potential for better drops in the future is good tho).
  • Rujedi
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    Finally beat it but lousy mods drop doesn’t seem worth the effort and Tks to jedimastergibs
    Tried his strat and it worked
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