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  • Alright this thread can live again! Feedback baby! We're moving on horizontally! So what do you think about Kylo Unmasked shards dropping in shipments? I wanted to get ahead of the game this time, got the 640 for 8 shards in my pocket, but my worst fear is that they'll drop him in arena or gw and I'll be like, dang I just wasted all my crystals man!
    Anyhow fight the good fight Vinnie! This game could be so great it just seems like they have one boss who is trying to be Mr./Ms. Monopoly with Park Place penthouses in his eyes...ignore that guy, devs! He/or she going to alienate the fanbase and get your star wars license revoked! We all love Star Wars, we love playing this game, quit gouging us! There's plenty of money to be made
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