The struggle is real...

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Liath
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    Try using your arena mods.
  • I've moved them over but it feels like I need a little extra
  • Anakin_Skywalker
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    edited December 2017
    Do you have any triangle mod with 36% crit damage primary, even if it has no speed? If not try second best: 31.5 or less crit damage bonus triangle
    Put them on all your attackers: TFP first, then EP, then Vader
  • Also never use tarkin aoe early. use it when enemys are starting to fall apart
  • Thanks a bunch guys just completed it tonight! I upgraded a few mods and pieces of gear on TFP and that made the difference!
  • I had a tough time with it the first time around with a similar team. The problem is that magma trooper is almost useless on T7. Low damage and the turn meter reduction doesn't work. Congrats on making it through though.
  • No doubt, he did next to nothing.
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