What am I supposed to do with 2,147 Mk 8 Electrobinoculars?

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edited December 2017
And I'm sure that many players have far more than that.

But seriously, CG. Did you have a plan for this? Equipping every character in the game only requires 700 of them. Are you aware than the TAC gear challenge is completely worthless for mid- to high-level players?

A few suggestions:
  • Add a new piece of gear that players are often short of to the challenge rewards. This way there's a point to even doing the challenge. (I've heard some players say it's not even worth their sim tickets.)
  • Better yet, add a gear exchange that will let us exchange gear we don't need for other pieces of gear, or even just sell them.
  • And it's been said before, but please remove challenge gear from the AAT raid rewards. It feels kind of insulting to put a lot of effort and time into doing well on the raid only to get a bunch of gear I have thousands of and no use for.



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