General Grievous/ Commander Luke oddities

So I've been taking CLS solo in to fight GG for some time now and it's been going quite well.

However, for the last 2 raids, I have noticed that General Grievous is resisting tm removal either every other swing or every 3rd swing on average. I know that RNG is a part of this, but since the first thing I do is land tenacity down on him, it should be more like 1 out of every 7 or 8 hits on average.

Now, like I said, I know this is RNG based, but when I retreat and reenter 20 times to try and get good RNG and it happens every time, it doesn't seem like RNG to me.

If this wasn't bad enough, I start off my rotation by hitting GG with tenacity down from CLS's special. Now it is a 3 turn special, but every time I enter the raid today, I hit GG with the special, and the next turn, it has a 3 on it... It should be a 2.

Not only is General Grievous resisting way more than he should according to the way tenacity/potency and tenacity down react, CLS's special is taking 4 turns to come off of CD after the first use.

Neither one of these should be working as intended.

Now I know there is a separate site for bug reporting, but that is not what this thread is for. I am making it to see if any other players have experienced this issue as well. If they do, then I will make a bug report, but for the time being, this is NOT a bug report thread, so please don't move it where people can not respond.


  • Noticed the high resist rate during tonight's raid as well.
  • I did notice that my CLS was often not procing TMR on GG during our last hAAT. But, I don't get time to retry; our raid moves way too fast for that. So I just chalked it up to bad RNG and moved on. For our next one, I'll try to remember to test it in the zero-damage period.
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