How does this team stack up?

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Hey I am working on my Empire team and curious how it will work and what I should focus on between now and then. Primarily gear levels and what skills to Omega. Obviously these mods are not final as I will switch my arena ones over.

The team I am running is: Thrawn, Tarkin, Palp, Vader and TFP. Are these 5 good? I know there is no tank but curious if this can do it or if I should start leveling and gearing up ST or RG? I am expecting all to be gear 8 and some 9 or close to it.

I want to try and minimize Omega abilties. I am planning on putting Omega on all of Thrawns abilities. What other ones are key?

Also Thrawn or Palp lead?

Here is a link.


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    Palpatine lead I guess. And omega TFP's AOE, Tarkin basic. I don't know about palpatine's omega much
    Edit: looks like you want all 3 omegas on Palpatine. Shock duration+1, cooldown -1, 20% tm gain are all good.

    However Tarkin AOE omega won't do anything because you know, tm reduction doesn't work.
    Same for Vader AOE. speed down will not delay enemy turn

    But I wouldn't omega any of the abilities yet. I think your team is more than enough to pull it off without omega. Thrawn is too good Palpatine is good TFP is decent too. You have 3 effective characters. So it must be cakewalk. I would save omega a little bit and give it to the abilities I recommended one by one, if you really can't figure it out w/o it

    Ps. Tarkin's debuff is irresistible for Rebels so it is very useful. With his debuffs, the Rebels won't do any significant damage besides R2's burning. Because R2's burn is based off 15% of health. So once you fracture R2, you can either take down Han, Leia, FBLuke systematically, or just take down R2 first. I prefer the latter method, but either way you are gonna make it.
  • just popping in here instead of creating a whole new discussion

    do you know when the r2 event will be back again?

    Also can you give me an idea of who i should focus on so i can unlock r2?
  • No one knows when R2 will come back. Everything is speculations, including
    I guess that it will come back in late February. and again in late April, shortly before the next CLS event.
  • Thanks for the advice!
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