Need help on filling the fifth slot

Hello guys, I'm almost finishing my classic rebel squad to 7* for EP event and once I finish them I will start working on my Empire team.

It should be something like EP,Vader,Tarkin,TFP and another one. The problem is that I haven't work on RG (only 2*) and since I'm about finishing Boba 7* (93/100) and Biggs (95/100) I thought that Stormtrooper (Cantina store) or Magmatrooper (GW store) could be a good replacement easier and quicker to farm than RG (only 5 hard nodes per day)

Is it really necessary to have a tank in the squad? Should I go for ST/MT or anything else like Veers instead of RG or just farm hard RG and spend those tokens in other characters?

P.S: Since I haven't worked on phoenix squad, adding Thrawn won't be possible :/


  • You could farm rg from his nodes while using cantina currency for stormtrooper. I found RG served better for his stun on basic attack
  • Why should I farm 2 guys when I just need one? x)

    Any suggestions guys?
  • Stormtrooper is a solid tank. Also if you plan on ever using imperial troopers he is good there. I use to love royal guard but he isn't that good anymore. I still use him in phase 3 haat but there is plenty of options for phase 3 so unless they rework him I wouldn't invest in him.
  • stormy
  • Thanks you all guys, I'm starting today with Stormy, hopefully they buff dark side soon :tongue:
  • Naraic
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    Dont go for magmatrooper because his best feature (tmr on special) doesnt work on tier vii of the event which leaves him a bit of a 5th wheel in the party.
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