Going for R2

Do you think I could go for him 5* next time?
My empire squad: https://swgoh.gg/u/balrogg/collection/?f=empire (Vader 60/65)
Maybe I could get it leveling and gearing these toons? I’m working hard in FO for BB8 too, so Empire wasn’t a priority, but I’ve read R2 5* could be fine.


  • Waqui
    8402 posts Member
    Who would be your 5th? Veers? Or Palpatine?

    Farming Veers' dark side node every day is good anyway, since the gear drops are great there too.
  • No rebels ready for Palptine
  • Yes. start farming Stormtrooper from Cantina token store
  • So priorize Stormtrooper above Veers? I already have Veers 3 stars...
  • I would recommend that yes. First because Veers will take longer unless you farm him from guild shop. And also Stormtrooper is a good tank. I didn't use Veers in the event so I can't really tell how good he would do.
    My team was Tarkin lead, Vader, TFP, RG, Storm: G10, 10, 9, 8, 8 respectively. High Critical damage from TFP & Tarkin's offense down debuff & the two tanks were the only things that I relied on.
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