I just completed the Thrawn(tier 5) event with:
5* G7 Ezra
5* G7 Hera
6* G6 Zeb
5* G6 Kanan
5* G6 Chopper
(I'm also surpised how I got Thrawn with mostly G6 team).

I was told by my friend that I can also use the Phoenix team for Emperor's Demise.
If I can, any advice on how to move forward(example: Gear up Kanan, promote Ezra etc)



  • Emporers demise is a bit easier than thrawns event. I would continue levelling them to 7* and gearing them to 8/9 So you can end up with both Palpatine and thrawn 7*
  • Anakin_Skywalker
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    I think you will have no problem for Emperor Palpatine event.

    But in my experience T7 Thrawn event is a whole different thing. It's just not in the same line with T6, not to mention T5. Oh my I'm so relieved I got it in the end
  • Palpatine is much easier than Thrawn (released a long time ago when Lv80 was the max and there was no Zeta). You'll be fine with your Phoenix toons. 7*/Lv80/Gear 8/Skill7 should be enough to get the old man bite the dust on Tier 7
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